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Female; She/Her





College Major:
Magical studies; Magic theory(major), Athletics; Martial arts(minor)

Ria is a Pixan, which means she is quite short. Ria’s height reaches 1m; 3'3" and she weighs around 25kg(55 pounds). Ria’s body is kinda like shrunk version of a human body, slender and quite curvy. Ria’s breasts would be around C- or D-cup were she of full size and she has wide hips. Ria is very muscular and upon touch her body is quite tough.
Ria’s entire body is covered in thin, short fur that has a silky texture and is very pale blue coloured. It’s a lot fluffier around her ears. Other animalistic characteristics in Ria are her big fox-like ears, sharp canines and total of sixteen digits across her hands and feet, with four tiny black clawed appendages capping each of them.
Ria has a tiny bit big head compared to her body and she has long, thick hair that’s light blonde. Ria normally keeps her hair in big twintails. Her face is round, almost everything on her features is round and cute. She has a small button nose and big round eyes coloured bright pink. Ria’s eyes have a sharp, suspecting look to them nearly all the time.
In clothing Ria prefers sports attire that’s easy to move in and can get dirty and sweaty. This usually means t-shirts and tank tops, leggings or loose sweatpants and sport sneakers. Ria rarely bothers with colour coordination so her clothes are mostly either grey, black or white.

Human charm:
With human charm Ria's height is elevated to 165cm; 5'5". Her body is still curvy and athletic and she is quite muscular.
Ria appears human and her skin is pale. She still has long blonde hair she keeps in twintails and her eyes remain bright purple with long lashes.
Ria is very pretty in her human form and she has round, delicate features. Her mouth is narrow with small, plump lips and her nose is small and little upturned at the tip.
In clothing Ria still prefers the sporty style with tight tops and leggins.

Ria has always been headstrong and protective. When she cares she cares deeply and Ria cares deeply for her family and sisters. Ria’s protectiveness can sometimes border on obsessive and naturally she tends to be way too overprotective. But Ria values what she loves and wishes to protect it. No matter what.
Ria has problems to connect with people due to her strong opinions and views. Because when Ria decides something is right or wrong it stays that way. She can compromise but not often. You need someone as stubborn to make her yield. Or someone she cares deeply for.
Ria goes by the concept of tough love and she can be harsh on the people she loves. But she does it all out of affection and if you know how to handle Ria it won’t be that bad.
Ria is different from the rest of her brethren because she is brave by choice. She feels fear, and the need to run, but she fights against them and wants to stand her ground against her enemies. Ria tries to challenge herself and if she meets someone strong she wants to try and test their strength. But Ria is not stupid and will run if she deems it right but initially she wants to face the threats head-on.
Ria is temperamental and she could get angry or at least irritated fairly easily. But because of her natural ability she has learned to control her feelings and has a good grasp of her temper. But sometimes even Ria needs to let it all out, and then she either finds a sparring partner or punches something really hard. Because Ria is the type that yells and hits it out.
Ria thinks the world, and people, as black and white. She knows there are grey areas, of course, but she believes that those grey areas can become completely black very quickly. So Ria has automatic suspicion towards anyone new, thinking everyone has ulterior motives, and it might require some time to attain her trust. But when you gain her trust and affection, at least to some degree, Ria will be loyal, selfless and protective.
Initially Ria is blunt and little rude to people. She says what she wants, period. Ria doesn't care if other people do the same with her. But blatantly insulting her, or her sisters and family, will get her going and make her show that temperament of hers.
Ria is in fact quite smart and intelligent and her thought process is fast. She's a good strategist and in combat she can make both bold and sneaky approaches. Ria wants to be efficient and strives to be as good as possible in the things she starts. So overly emotional people exhaust and irritate her, since Ria deems emotions often a hindrance.
Ria avoids blatant displays of affection or strong emotions in public places, and deems them often useless or too soppy. But, unexpectedly, she likes cute things. Many times has Ria held herself back from awing at a cute squirrel or puppy when there have been other people around. But she will definitely give her sisters big bear hugs whenever she wants.

Quoted from Jii's(Goblin) profile
Located largely in the rather harsh environs of northern Canada as well as several other smaller communities across similar ecosystems, the Pixan people are a generally secluded and non-integrated race, often misunderstood to be xenophobes or otherwise prejudiced toward the outside world by the odd wanderer that happens to take notice of them. In reality, these diminutive, vaguely elfin people live in fear not of the civilized folk outside the boundaries of their snow capped pines, but simply of the non-sapient predators that lurk within the forest's shroud. Pixans are largely nocturnal, taking up residence in elaborately intertwined treetop structures woven together into highly suspended communities that can span anywhere from a small smattering of ten or twenty huts to the massive (to them, at least) two square miles that their capital of Lyko City takes up.

In terms of their general culture, Pixans, or their overall society of Pixia, has been somewhat derogatorily referred to by several less than tolerant observers as 'a bunch of hippies'. Crude, but not entirely off the mark, Pixans in the grand majority of cases are non-violent, (more than 88% of them being strictly vegetarian as well), and they tend to value tranquillity and a warm sense of community above all else. This attitude can be best observed in their monthly gatherings known colloquially as jamborees, where Pixans of all walks of life come to revel in song and dance celebrating their familial bonds, friendships, and perhaps most importantly their attunement with nature. What is found to be difficult to be expressed in words is invariably found to be understandable through the shared rhythm of song, and as such the Pixans hold music and dance in extraordinarily high esteem.

Once every two years the most anticipated and well-loved instance of these celebrations occurs in Lyko City, known as the Rikke Festival, with Pixans travelling from the furthest corners to take part in the festivities, some even travelling upwards of a thousand miles for the party. As can be easily noted at such gatherings, Pixans abstain from donning footwear of any kind, believing that baring their skin to both the harshness and bounty of nature is how one tethers their spirit to the world we see, with the soles of their feet representing the root of said connection.

Empathy: Ria has the ability to tune in to someone else’s emotional level, usually one or two people at a time. The person Ria tunes in to has to be within close proximity of her. When she tunes in Ria can simply feel how the person is feeling at the moment, and it won’t change her own emotional state.
Ria has full control over this ability and can choose when to use it.

Knowledge Tapping: Ria has the ability to tap into the knowledge of anyone within 17ft radius of her and she can transfer knowledge through that bond both ways. This tapping requires that the one Ria receives knowledge from or who receives knowledge from Ria agrees to it. Ria cannot steal knowledge or force it upon someone.
For the tapping to happen Ria has to have eye contact with the one she is tapping and they don't mentally resist her. Ria and the one being tapped both need to think of the thing Ria wishes to gain or transfer knowledge of, and then Ria either takes the knowledge or inserts it into the other person's mind. During this process bot Ria and the tapped are in a kind of trance and cannot think of anything except the knowledge that is being transferred. The transfer may take anything from 10 seconds to several minutes, depending on how much knowledge there is to share. Ria can stop this process at any time and if too much knowledge is transferred at once it can lead to the mind overflowing and, at worst case, losing consciousness.
When Ria receives or gives knowledge the knowledge won't be lost from her or the person she receives it from, it is merely duplicated. Within 6 hours of the transfer Ria has to express the knowledge she gained by either writing it down, saying it outloud or in any other way for it to stay in her mind. If she lets the knowledge sit it will disappear. This rule also applies to someone who received knowledge from Ria.
Speed And Dexterity: All Pixans have been designed to a life spent on treetops, hopping from one branch to other. They can perform jumps that would normally be impossible for creatures their size. Unfortunately Ria has been passed in the sharing of this ability and though she still has excellent eye-hand coordination and balance she is clumsy with her hands and cannot jump as well as her brethren.
The highest speeds measured among the Pixans are close to 37mph in a full sprint and Ria’s maximum speed has been measured to be around 30mph at full sprint, making her a bit slower than average.

Heightened Hearing And Sense Of Smell: Ria has really sensitive sense of smell and hearing, and they can be compared to those of a fox.

Protective Coating: Ria has a natural ability which can be described as a passive protective layer right on top of her skin. Ria cannot control this ability in any way. The layer is kind of protective magic and is usually invisible to the naked eye. People with abilities to sense or see magic can see it. It looks like a thin layer of white silk that envelops Ria’s body.
The coating gives Ria toughness, impact power and endurance. She is much more durable than the rest of her kind thanks to this ability, and she can take a punch from a creature like human with ease, she won’t get cuts or bruises that easily and it gives her resistance against magic attacks. The coating, when Ria is agitated and the layer is visible, gives Ria's punches and kicks more power upon impact. In addition Ria has greater stamina because of this ability since it preserves her muscles while she is doing physical activities. So even when a normal person would collapse from exhaustion Ria can still go for a couple more hours.
Normally the layer does not affect other people and just has an effect on Ria. But when Ria gets highly emotional, like when she’s angry or sad or in some other negative mood, the layer grows and becomes visible and affects the people who touch Ria or the area really close to her. The effects range from simple pain to electric shock or feeling of drowning. It all depends on the mood Ria is in.

Strength: Ria in unusually strong for a member of her species and her body contains much more muscle mass than the body of an average Pixan. She can lift 260 pounds. It might not seem much but when you consider Ria’s size it’s a lot.
Suspectible Thoughts: Ria is weak towards any kinds of mind reading abilities, and she has no resistance against them.

Human shape charm

Ria was born and raised in a small village along with her two younger sisters. When her sisters were born Ria fell in love with both of them on the first glance. Ria, who was temperamental and protective from the start, in her child’s mind decided to forever protect them.

Ria always had an interest in physical activities and roughhousing, maybe due to her natural ability. She always had more energy for playing outside than the other kids, wouldn’t get scratches or colds and had a tendency to be maybe bit too violent. Ria was branded strange early on because of this, and because she wanted to hone her fighting skills. But Ria did it all because she loved her home and family, and wanted to keep them safe from danger. Because when grandfather Wickham told stories about the world her sister Jii found wonder in them. But Ria found threats. Threats that should be prepared for.

So Ria spent her childhood and teenage years training, gaining strength and trying to find anyone who had knowledge about fighting skills. This was hard since the Pixans were a physically weak and peaceful race and fighting was unheard for them. It was in their nature to dodge and run, so when Ria wanted to confront her fears and enemies people were baffled, even shocked. But they left her be and do her own thing. Ria was not safe from rumours though and a lot was said about her around the village. Ria was isolated by everyone but family, and this was fine with her. She did not train herself to gain affection, she trained to protect what she loved.

Ria became very strong indeed. But then came a day when her younger sister Jii wanted to go to Manta Carlos and see the world and Ria couldn’t stop her even with all her strength. Jii left and Ria was sick with worry. So she soon followed after her sister, wanting to protect her from the corruption and dangers that lurked in the outside world.

Ria moved to Manta Carlos and now lives in the dorms and studies magic theory and physical education, trying to find a way to control her sisters' passive abilities and maybe her own as well.

Lives in the dorms
Gets supported by the academy
Works part-time at Club Orpheus as a bartender
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Name: Ria
Apparent Age: 20
Gender: Female
Species: Pixan
Height: 3.3ft; 1m. In human charm 166cm; 5.4ft
Build: Curvy and muscular

Notable Features:
-Covered in short, light blue fur
-Bright purple eyes
-Big fox-like ears
-Blonde long hair she keeps in twintails
-Wears sports outfits, usually
In human charm:
-Very pretty with pale skin
-Still has long blonde hair

Physical Quirks:
-Tends to glare at people

Power Summary:
-Super strength(for her species)
-Good hearing and sense of smell
-Has a protective coating on her skin, a kind of protective magic. Can't control and it's invisible(except if you can see/sense magic). It gives her toughness and stamina. If she gets highly emotional the layer becomes visible and hurts people who touch her/are very close to her.
-In human charm all powers are nulled

Reputation: Might be known as the hardworking but cranky girl by the people in her major. People also might know her as Jii's sister

Misc Information: Jii's sister
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