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Rada Volkov

22, 23

January 15th






College Major:
Culinary studies(Part-time)

-173cm; 5'8"
-Muscular and athletic, has wide hips and a C-cup. Has a sixpack and slightly tanned skin, has small bite marks all over her upper back and neck.
-Delicate features, defined hawline, pointy chin, button nose. Has freckles on her cheeks and nose, amber eyes with dark long lashes.
-Short, golden brown hair with a slight red hue, has a messy and windswept look to it, doesn't listen to gravity.
-Wears simple clothing, that's easy to move in and durable, like t-shirts, shorts and loose jeans. Prefers to wear oversized jackets, that are easy to conceal weapons in, and sturdy leather boots.

Has problems with authority
Considerate in a blunt way
Has a temper
Acts before thinking
Is smart and intelligent but prefers to hide it and surprise others
Social and talkative
Shitty sense of humour
Has clear goals
Toughened up
Things don't get to her
Shows no weakness
Doesn't care what others think

Shifting: Rada can shift into a wolf at will.

I See You: Rada has the ability to see the future movements of anyone within 20ft of her. This ability, when in passive state, works as a kind of movement sensor and Rada always knows if someone tries to sneak up on her. But Rada can heighten the sensitivity of this ability at will, so it tells her how her opponent will move within the next 10 seconds. She doesn't have to have a visual of the person, they only need to be within 20ft of her and Rada will know.
-Strength & Speed: In her human form Rada can lift up to 500kg and run 50mph, and in her wolf form she can run 75mph and lift up to 800kg.
-Heightened Senses: Rada has the senses of a wolf.
-Telepathy: Rada can receive telepathic messages from the members of her family, that are genetically related to her even slightly. She cannot block these messages and cannot send any back.
-Toughness: Rada's skin is tougher than normal and it can block a slice from a kitchen knife.
-Minor Regeneration: Rada heals three times as fast as a normal human.

Omega Pheromones: Rada is biologically predetermined to bear the position of an omega in any pack she joins and this shows as special pheromones she spreads around her. These pheromones only affect other werewolves or other canine shifters. These pheromones inform that Rada is an omega and their effects include the urge to show dominance towards Rada. And if you feel sexually attracted to Rada the effects can also include the urge to sexually dominate her.
These pheromones are a part of Rada's constitution and they can't be shut off. Her emotional and physical state affect the quantity and intensity of the pheromones Rada spreads around her. When she is neutral the pheromones are enough to merely inform others about her status as an omega and their range is small(about 2 meters). But when she's on her period, in emotional turmoil or sweating significantly the pheromones intensify and they spread in a wider range(5 to 7 meters). This is when the people that are affected feel the urge to show dominance and even attack Rada.
The effects of the pheromones can be fought back with willpower, and usually if Rada douses herself in water it momentarily lessens the spreading of the pheromones.

Empathy: Rada can sense the feelings of anyone within 20ft of her. She doesn't have to have a visual of the person to feel their emotions.
Silver: In all her forms Silver is poisonous for Rada. When she is in its immediate presence Rada will feel nauseous and weak, and upon touch it will burn and drain Rada of power. If silver enters Rada's system she will have spasms and vomiting and ultimately she can go into a coma and die.

Full Moon: During full moon nights Rada will be forced into her wolf form, and stay in a feral state where her wolf side takes over during the whole time the moon is entirely out. Once even a small part of it is behind the horizon Rada will return to her senses and gain control.

Rada was born in Russia, on a rather large pack of werewolves. The pack was deeply involved in illegal business and operated like a mafia. Rada's family was that of the current alpha's, and she was from a long line of alpha wolves. But their genes hid a secret that was rarely let outside the immediate family, and that was the fact that sometimes their family produced genetically determined omegas. It had been almost 100 years since the last born omega and many thought the trait had died. But the moment Rada was born all the werewolves near her smelled, that she was an omega.

For the first 12 or so years of her life Rada's nature was kept a secret, and she wasn't let near the rest of the pack outside her immediate family. The rest of the pack knew of her existence, but was told she was seriously ill and couldn't leave the premises the alpha family lived in. The alpha of the pack, Rada's father, said he didn't want Rada to be treated unfairly because of her trait. But in reality he was just ashamed that his own bloodline had produced an omega. Especially since Rada happened to be his firstborn.
Rada soon got more siblings, and none of them were omegas like she was. But despite her being the oldest child Rada got picked on by both her siblings and cousins, and she was a crybaby and submissive. But when Rada turned 9 her mother gave her a talking that stuck with the young child. Rada's great-grandmother, her mother's grandmother, had been the last known omega. Rada's mother told her how her grandmother had refused to be treated unfairly just because her genes said she should. She had been a fierce woman that had not allowed anyone to look down on her based on her trait. Rada was told all about her great-grandmother, and she became the girl's idol and muse. Rada cut her previously long hair short, started working out and moving more and even asked one of her uncles to teach her boxing.

When Rada was 12 she, without asking for permission, snuck out of her family manor and into the woods, that surrounded it. Before Rada had only been let into the gardens, but the young girl, who had now turned her whole personality around, wanted to see more and had decided to go run around in her wolf form. But she happened into the woods at a bad time, since the pack was out hunting and happened to smell Rada's trail. She was tracked down and surrounded, and since Rada was scared the pack was affected by her pheromones and attacked her. Rada fought back furiously, but she received a lot of grave injuries before one of her cousins joined the hunting group and saved her. Rada was brought back to the manor, and her true nature was told to the pack members. This lead to a surge of insubordination and some of the more powerful betas of the pack tried to fight the alpha for his position. Rada's father won, but he lost his other eye and got other big injuries.
Rada was also punished for leaving the premises by putting her on house arrest, and it was decided she would become the pack omega when she turned 20. Naturally Rada protested, but she was shut up by one hard hit from her father.

Rada started studying the position of an omega in addition to her homeschooling, and she was isolated from her siblings and cousins so nothing unneeded would affect her training. Even though she was afraid of the wrath from her father Rada was more rebellious and openly skipped and avoided the omega lessons. She started hanging out with the lower case members of the pack, and sneaking into the kitchen, where the cooks started teaching her how to make food. Rada's mother, who was in charge of her omega lessons, allowed all this, because one of omega's jobs was to bring stressed or divided pack members together. And what better way to do that than gathering by a well-cooked meal, and connecting with those that were usually not seen. Besides, Rada's mother hated the idea of her being an omega almost as much as her daughter did. She wanted her daughter to be able to protect herself.

This training continued all the way until Rada turned 22, because she was simply too stubborn to allow herself be in the position of an omega. But Rada, after being repeatedly beaten by her father, was eventually forced to take on the position. Most betas in the pack knew of Rada, and also of her reputation as a violent bitch. So they dared not mess with her, especially when her intensified pheromones were a sign that she was pissed off all the time. But before long Rada's oldest little brother, the future alpha of the pack, got the thought in his head to put Rada back in her place. He only remembered her as the small child that he had teased, and his confidence was boosted by the thought that Rada remained that way. But when he tried confronting her, at first with words and then physically, Rada beat him almost half to death.

Rada received a severe punishment from this, but her father was also disappointed in his son. He was the future alpha, and yet he had been beaten by the omega. The little brother was given a task to redeem himself. He would go to Manta Carlos, that was known as the center of supernatural community, and make a branch of their mafia operations there. He would take Rada with him, and he was to break her spirit and make sure she was a proper omega when she'd eventually be sent back to Russia. The brother got no choice in this, and soon he and Rada were shipped over to Manta Carlos where Rada was enrolled into the college to better keep an eye on her.
Rada now works at the restaurant and bar that her family runs as a cover for their mafia business, and has gained some freedom so she doesn't have a bodyguard tailing her constantly.

Lives in a large house with her brother, few cousins and some underlings
Receives some money for herself from working at House of Volkov as part-time head chef, is mostly supported by her family
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Mar 24, 2018
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Name: Rada Volkov
Apparent Age: Early 20s
Gender: Female
Species: Werewolf
Height: 173; 5'8"
Build: Curvy and athletic, clearly muscular and trained

Notable Features:
-Has scars at the back of her neck and upper back
-Short golden brown hair
-Amber eyes

Physical Quirks:
-Russian accent
-Loud voice

Abilities Summary:
-Can become a wolf
-Can sense movement in her near area and can heighten this sense so she can predict movement 10 seconds to the future
-Strong, fast and tough
-Heals fast, has wolf's senses
-Has pheromones that tell other werewolves that she is an omega. These pheromones intensify when in emotional turmoil or sweating, makes other werewolf want to dominate over her. If an individual feels attracted to Rada the urge might have a sexual component
-Empathy, can sense emotions

Reputation: None as of yet

Misc Information: -
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