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Jul 3, 2016
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Name: Quinn
Age: 170ish
Birthday: ???
Gender: Genderfluid
Species: Starbrood
Category: Citizens
Career: Unemployed

He stands at six feet tall, strong athletic build, toned muscles. Black hair and blue eyes. Usually wears business casual style clothing, suits, dress-shirts, etc.

She stands at six feet tall, strong athletic build, toned muscles. Black hair and brown eyes. Usually wears business casual style clothing, suits, dress-shirts, etc.

Quinn is a unique person. Upon meeting them you'll note that their very calm and collect, they enjoy people watching, taking in everything around them. Despite being a calm individual they do have a temper that can be quite bad and they are willing to be confrontational if they see fit. They're friendly enough but are used to being alone, despite lacking memories they do get the sense that they've always been alone. It can take time to get close to them, for them to open up to people as he's used to having to hide what they are from people.

•Blade Growth: They're able to sprout metal blade from any spot of their body. They're as strong as high quality steel and can currently grow to be two feet long. They can remove the blades to use as knives, they do not fade after removal. They can sprout as many as needed as often as needed.
•Genetic Healing: They're able to heal pre-existing conditions related to genetics and DNA. In order to heal the damage he needs to be within five feet of the person and be able to fully focus on them. Upon the damage being healed any negative affects it was causing will begin to be undone. The amount of time it takes depends on the extent, it can take anywhere from a week to a month. Example: They heal someone with Sickle Cell Amenia, the healing process above fixes the genetic cause of the disease, after which any negative affects the person is suffering from fades away in time.
•Sex Shifting: They can shift their sex from male to female and back at will. The shift is completely instant.

•Immortality: They no longer age. Injuries heal quickly, with most flesh wounds healing in a few minutes, broken bones in a few hours. They still feels the affects of poisons and sickness but cannot die from them. Their muscular system also stays at peak human levels.
•Detection: Their species cannot be identified via any ability.
•Genetic Detection: They can sense genetic damage as long as it's something they're capable of healing it. They can detect more extensive damage just by being within ten feet of the person, if the damage is more minor he has to be with five feet of the person or looking at them.

•Memory Reset: Their mind currently still functions like a normal human's. So it's developed a safety function to ensure it remains healthy and functional. Once every seventy years it wipes all their memories, to help them cope with living forever. This only affects personal memories, names, events, etc. general things like how to talk, drive, general knowledge and function in society remain unaltered. The erased memories can still pop up as dreams/nightmares, with him only retaining vague details of said dreams/nightmares upon awakening.
•Alcohol: They're very vulnerable to all forms of alcohol. While they cannot die from alcohol poisoning they are eternally a lightweight. A single shot of common beer is enough to get them very drunk. Alcohol in higher proofs also affects gin more quickly, it won't kill him but getting it in his system is very painful and all negative affects happen much quicker. Pure alcohol (such as ethanol that hadn't been distilled) also causes negative affects upon contact with his skin, causing bad burns that heal slower than other injuries.

They're currently receiving unemployment benefits and staying in a small apartment until they can find work.

•They were born William Atretos in the mid 1800s, to a family in the northern U.S. Their family was relatively wealthy, owned an estate, life was good for them.
•Then on their thirteenth birthday they sprouted blades for the first time, it was in front of servants and so rumors spread fast. The more frightened servants began to scheme and plot something. Eventually they attacked the manor, claiming the child was the son of a demon. The manor was burnt down with the family inside.
•William however survived the fire, the burns healing quickly, he fled the area. Taking on a new name he began to wander, lost and alone without purpose.
•At age sixteen they discovered their ability to change sex. Finding work in a household, they'd sneak out in female form, pretending to be someone else. It seemed like they could start a new life, but it wouldn't last.
•Soon the American Civil War began and they found themselves recruited into the Northern armies. The war was long and bloody, he'd loose friends and brothers in arms. Eventually he'd fall in battle, with many of his friends witnessing his "death." He of course survived, waking up in the battlefield he'd escape into the forest.
•His "death" meaning he could never continue his previous life he returned to wandering, he'd realized that he could likely never have a normal life.
•Years went buy, they fought in wars, saw death and life go by as they remained unchanged. Every seventy years they'd lose their memories, only seeing their past through dreams and nightmares, leaving them with only a vague recollection of their past.
•In their current life they were living in a logging company, living dual lives using their male and female forms. During this time they saved a group of loggers from a very angry bear, having to use their blades to kills it. Rumors of this spread, and eventually scouts found them, offered them a place on the island. An offer they accepted.

•If their genetics are ever examine, their DNA will be found to have the DNA of many different unknown species wrapped around and bonded to it.
•They've has several names and aliases over the years. Quinn is the most recent one.
•A Starbrood is someone descended from humans experimented on by aliens. They contain the DNA of many different species of aliens.
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