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Mar 25, 2014
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Leeroy Bradshaw
30. gym teacher. ISFJ. asexual/panromantic. single.
At first, leeroy comes off as a stoic, intense man. He doesn’t say much beyond shouting instructions across a busy gymnasium unless confronted one-on-one. Here, you’ll find he’s a genuinely warm person, and cares for each and every one of his students. He’s just shy, and struggles to connect to people due to his power. He has yet to have a relationship, as he focuses on his career and finding the cure for his power’s biggest weakness.
Coming soon!
Lovers- Leeroy has never been on a date in his life. He needs someone to open himself up!
Coworkers/Colleagues- Leeroy is kind to his fellow teachers. He's willing to help out with problem students, at least.
Loralei Bateman
21. student. ESTP. pansexual. married.
As fiery as she is mischievous, Loralei has a big personality. She doesn’t accept bullshit from anybody and is quick to put up a challenge. She’s a talented genie who uses her magic to her advantage, making her a bit careless to danger. Of course, she has a soft spot for those she ties herself close to, and her loyalty is a force to be reckoned with. She also has a daughter, Aubrey, who can be roleplayed with separately.
Carl Bateman- Husband
Customers- She's willing to spread her magic to people that need it. But be careful what you wish for!
Cyril and Lyric Sullivan
17. students/fast food workers. INFJ/ENFP. heteroflexible. single.
Despite being quite literally joined at the hip, these conjoined twins couldn’t be more different. Lyric is a quiet, withdrawn boy who prefers to let his brother take charge in confrontations. This is because Cyril is loud, sarcastic and stands his ground despite being powerless. The two struggle with feeling different but not different enough, which explains their hesitance to make friends.
Coming soon!
Love interest- The twins operate separately, but still function on one body. Dating would take some work, but having someone close could open either of the boys up.
17. student. ESFJ. ???. single.
Don’t let this package of pink fool you- Pearl is some pig. She’s resourceful, bold, and caring to those around her. She’s a pig of few words, but is full of things to say. She expresses herself enough to have others (mostly) understand her. Though she is fine with her small body, she has considered getting a human shape charm. It would make calculus easier, anyway.
Coming soon!
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