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Mar 24, 2018
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From a dollmaker


Pon Durrett







-152cm; 5'0"
-Thin, looks underweight, decently muscular. Has scars here and there, most noticeable ones are one long slash under his right eye and big burn scar that covers the area around his left eye.
-Narrow eyes, that glimmer in many different colours like a diamond that light shines on. Has a mean, stoic look to him.
-Light grey short hair, that's messy and barely reaches over his ears.
-Wears simple clothes, usually just black shirts or t-shirts and jeans, has one pair of sturdy work boots that are too big for him, won't wear any other shoes, sometimes goes barefoot.

-About the size and shape of a lion.
-Scaly all over except on his stomach, scales are made of gems of all colours, is very colourful and shiny.
-Has long, thin white claws on all feet and spikes along his spine and on his elbows. His front legs are also his wings. The skin on his wings is see-through and has the look of glass.
-Has long, narrow snout with needle-sharp teeth. Has two long, pointy horns on his head, a long neck connects the head to the body.

Hesitant to try new things
Tries to avoid showing too much emotion
Doesn't react to insults
Speaks in short sentences
Avoids physical contact
Scared of large men, shows fear as aggression
Wild and instinctual

Shifting: Pon can shift into his wyvern form at will.

Gem Bullet: Pon can shoot his scales as fast as bullets, and the moment they hit a target they shatter and the small particles ricochet with the same speed. Pon can shoot as many times as he has scales, but it takes at least 10 minutes for a new scale to grow in place of the old one. Pon's largest scales are about the size of a birch leaf, and smallest scales about the size of a pinkie fingernail.

Golden Breath: Pon has the ability to breathe golden mist, that envelops whatever it touches and hardens within seconds, forming a thin but hard cover of pure gold. The mist won't stick to Pon himself. Pon can either simply breathe the mist out and form a cloud of it, or blow it out at a specific target. In this case the range of the gold breath is about 5 meters, and beyond that the mist begins to spread. In either case Pon can at most breathe out enough mist at a time to fill a 2 by 2 by 2 meters sized room. The golden mist won't harden if it isn't touching something and after few minutes it will fade away.
After using this attack Pon's throat is sore, and he cannot speak or use this same attack in few hours.

Wish Granter: Pon has the power to grant one great wish during his lifetime, and using this ability will instantly kill him and turn him to dust, for good. The wish can be anything outside bringing someone to life or taking another person's life.
Pon can, with the consent of the one making the wish, share the damage this ability deals with the person making the wish. In this case both will become more than half dead and have about 25-30% chance of surviving.
Immortal: Pon will stop aging when his body reaches its physical peak, and will be unable to die from aging or sickness. If he does die a small part of Pon's body will detach and burrow itself into the ground the first chance it gets. Within few hundred or so years somewhere in the world an egg will sprout, that contains a baby wyvern with Pon's exact DNA but none of his memories.
If Pon uses his Wish Granter ability his whole body turns completely into dust and he will never be born again.

-Speed & Strength: Pon in unusually fast and strong in both human and wyvern form. In human form his top speed is around 45mph and he can lift 250kg. In wyvern form his top speed is around 60mph and he can lift 600kg.
-Heightened Senses: Pon's senses are on par with nature's greatest predators.
-Regeneration: Pon has a high regeneration rate and he is able to heal broken bones in few hours, or regenerate a missing organ in an hour or so. If his limb is severed Pon can regrow it in about a week.
-Golden Blood: Pon's blood is partly made from pure 24 carat gold and it is of equal value.
-Jewel Scales: Each of Pon's scales is a pure jewel on its own, and each scale is a different kind of jewel. Pon is basically a walking gem mine, and each of his scales is more valuable than the other. Some of his scales are even made of priceless minerals that can only ve found in few dimensions.
-Priceless Bones: Pon's bones are made of a mix of rare, very valuable minerals and metals that can only be found in his body
-Healing Innards: Pon's internal organs have very high nutritional value when eaten and they have a healing effect when first dried, then boiled and the water the organ was boiled in becomes a healing potion. When ingested in large amounts(about 2 liters) it is enough to cure even cancer, and if a person bathes in it for longer than 2 hours all but extremely severe injuries will heal.
-Infertile: Pon is unable to impregnate anyone or otherwise have offspring.

Nature's Treasury: Every single part of Pon's body is valuable in some way, and he has an aura that tells that to everyone. Anyone within 10ft of Pon will get the distinct feeling, that he is important in some way they cannot pinpoint. Draconic creatures and people with a deep connection to nature, such as elementals, nymphs, fae etc. know how and why he is valuable.
Weak Link: There is one single scale in Pon's body, that is directly linked to his heart. If that scale is removed Pon will die instantly and his whole body will turn to dust. The only way to discern this scale is its colour, which is slightly darker than the rest of Pon's scales, and only he knows which one of his scales is his weak spot.
In human form this scale remains in the form of a scale somewhere on Pon's body.


Pon was raised by a wyvern couple, that was on the run from their home dimension. They were one of the few wyverns of their kind still left free, the rest had been imprisoned, dead or were still unhatched. They wanted to protect their adopted son, Pon, who had only recently hatched from his egg. The couple had taken his egg from hunters, they didn't want another one of their kind to be born to imprisonment.

The couple had fled to Earth dimension, and tried to blend in to the normal human crowd. And for a while it worked, and Pon could live almost a normal early childhood. Yes, they frequently moved from place to place and Pon had to wear sunglasses almost all the time, but he got to meet other children and had as much fun as he could.
But all the while Pon's parents taught him what to do, if strange men that smelled like blood came. They taught him to hide, to not look back, and to run. And Pon listened, and all these lessons were engraved to his very core.

The men never came, not until Pon turned 6. And then, one night, he heard unfamiliar steps and smelled the blood of his kind. Those signs were the ones his parents had warned Pon about, and he did as they had told him. He rushed to the hiding place, which was a tunnel under the floorboards that led to a small, secret underground basement. There Pon waited for his parents to come and say everything was clear. And he waited. And waited. After hours Pon finally couldn't wait anymore, and he crawled to check the house. But he only found ransacked, empty house. And the scents of his parents and the men were old.

Pon, young, confused and afraid, did what his parents had told him. He ran. He ran, and hid. Pon began living on the streets, surviving at first with the money his parents had hidden in the basement. And after that ran out he began raiding dumpsters, begging and even stealing. Pon was fast, and stealing soon became his main source of food.
From time to time scary, strange people(mostly men) found him and tried to capture him. But Pon was good at fighting and running, and after every incident he skipped town. This was his routine for many years, and he built a reputation for himself along the way. A reputation Academy scouts caught up on eventually.

When Pon was approaching the age of 12 he was yet again cornered by strange people. But only these people didn't attack him. Instead they told Pon they were from a place called Manta Carlos, and that they could take Pon there and he could be safe. Pon didn't believe it for a second, and he fought back so fiercely that he had to be knocked out. Pon woke up in the hospital, and yet again began fighting back in panic. Pon had to be taken to the islets, where he spent about 5 months, learning about the island and going to school. He got out recently, and now lives in the school dorms.

Supported by the academy, lives in the dorms
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Mar 24, 2018
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Name: Pon Durrett
Apparent Age: Around 14
Gender: Male
Species: Wyvern
Height: 160cm; 5'3"
Build: Thin but muscular, looks malnourished

Notable Features:
-Light grey messy hair
-Eyes are like a diamond that's illuminated by light
-Big burn scar around left eye and thin slice scar under right eye, small scars here and there

Physical Quirks:
-Avoids physical contact
-Eyes look like they're constantly glaring

Abilities Summary:
-Can shift into a lion-sized wyvern
-Can shoot his scales as fast as bullets
-Can breathe golden mist that hardens on whatever it touches
-Can grant almost any wish once in his life, and it either kills him permanently or brings him very close to death
-Immortal, if he dies a perfect copy of him will be born without any of his memories
-Strong, fast and has good senses
-Every part of his body is valuable in some way
-Has an aura that tell anyone within 10ft that he is important in some way, and beings connected with nature(elementals, fae, nymphs etc.) and draconic creatures know how and why he is valuable
-Is infertile
-Has a weak scale, and if that is pulled out will die instantly

Reputation: Was in the islets for being aggressive when brought to MC, talk about that is probably circulating in the remedial grade. Otherwise just a new student

Misc Information: ICC image from a dollmaker
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