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Jul 3, 2016
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Heyo SA. A few of my character are in need of some threads. So I'll be listing them here with a few of my ideas for them.

Amaltheia: Alcohol loving love goddess, prostitute.
•Friends: She's been on the island since she was fifteen so she'd know a few people. So I'm looking for those who know her, people who could be her friends.
•Customers: She's a prostitute, and given her looks and her pleasurable touch ability I imagine a decently popular one. She services all genders, so all customer are welcome.

Hakon: Slightly unstable mischief war god.
•Relatives: He's a son of Loki and a grandson of Ares. So he has a lot of relatives running around. So if anyone has an Asgardian or Olympian I'd like to plot with them.
•Friends: He needs friends. He has trust issues but is very lonely. So I'd like to see him get some friends who can help him.

Eein: Fighty winter dragon prince.
•Sparring Partners: He's very fighty, enjoys sparring with people. So some fellow fighters would be nice.
•Scout Mentor: He's going to go into scouting after high school, to become an extraction scout. So if anyone has an extraction scout he can meet and sorta mentor under to ab extent that would be perfect.
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Dec 2, 2019
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I can offer Adelaida. She has a house on the coast all to herself, a big appetite for drinks (whiskey in particular), and would likely have met Amaltheia at some point considering how much she frequented Manta Carlos nightlife in the past. She might have been a customer once at some point too.

She's also really open to things and is very willing to share what she has with people she finds fun or interesting, so I don't think there will be any issues with someone she isn't the closest with living in her house.

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