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Jan 21, 2020
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A humble stall at the big farmer's market in the farmlands and open only on the weekends is Perfumes By Myrrh. The stand boasts several wooden boxes that serve as both a carry case and display for Myrrh's many original perfumes. Each bottle comes with his custom label and sports variety of sizes and prices.

The sign set up next to his stall proudly boasts that all ingredients were either grown and sourced by Myrrh himself, or from local sources and ethically gathered. On the rare occasion you'll see one of his parents helping him man the stall.

Perfume batches, across all collections, are made seasonally and make use of seasonal flowers as the nose of the scent. Leftover perfumes from the last season's batch are discounted 25% - 50% depending. Friends of Myrrh may receive a 30-40% discount. Samples in 2ml bottles are available upon request. Refunds available up to two weeks after purchase.

The Everyday Basics
simple fragrances, light to minimal scent and one note
crafted with flower essential oils, alcohol and water

50ml bottle - $32
30ml bottle - $20
15ml bottle - $10

I'm Worth It Collection
complex fragrances, medium to heavy scents, multiple notes
crafted with flower essential oils, ambergris, alcohol and water

50ml bottle - $60
30ml bottle - $40

Platinum Scents
complex, multi-layered fragrances, long-lasting and high quality
crafted with flower essential oils, ambergris, alcohol and water
aged in oak casks for five months, limited quantity

30ml bottle - $80
15ml bottle - $40

Custom Scents
Custom ordered scents are available upon request.

Price: Varies by amount and complexity
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