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Push through the Darkness, Find the Light
Jul 3, 2016
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He'd arrived in this world in a flash of light, lived among the humans in peace for a time, then killed some in a fit of rage. The scouts found him, brought him here, a second chance they called it. So, he'd spent time in rehabilitation, he did well despite the tendencies toward violence that was raised into him.

Now here he was, sitting quietly, numerous thoughts going through his head. He was going to be released soon, he had the choice of joining the citizens or enrolling in the school, he'd chosen the school.

His nose twitched as it picked up an unfamiliar scent, his predatory eyes instinctively looking in the direction of the source.


Sex & Death Everywhere
Aug 4, 2013
Bat Country
It had been some time since Raum last had a client.

He was satisfied with his mostly administrative responsibilities. Though behavior fascinated him to this day, Raum often found the effects of his aura to be frustrating at times. It was frequently difficult to counsel someone when they were so terrified that they refused to come out from behind the couch he usually kept in his own office.

But he wasn't in his office, and he took the case because he was bored. It was a standard counseling room at the BCI--Raum had never thought of it as Juvie Island--with a comfortable table and chairs that were near impossible to move. Though the place had the sterile look and smell of a hospital or prison, it was not nearly the same.

"Good evening," Raum said, finding the other man already waiting for him when he opened the door and stepped inside. Raum wasted no time. "Let's get the pleasantries out of the way. You may call me Doctor or Raum, or a combination of both. What is it that you would like me to call you for the duration of our time together?"


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