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Apr 8, 2018
The Frozen Wastelands of the North
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Now, you may be asking yourself, who exactly is Owen? Well, that's one of the great mysteries behind this centuries-old establishment. Nobody knows or remembers who Owen was. However, his delicious carnivore and insectivore inspired pastries have been a staple to islanders since 1895 when he opened his first "meatery" near the harbour and started selling his famous Kraken sweet bread, sandworm larvae scones, and island pony tartlets.

Today's menu, which incorporates age-old classics and much-beloved favorites, are all lovingly made with Owen's special blends of bone, insect and shell flours:

  • Beetle Bombs - Airy beetle bites dusted with powdered silkworm
  • Burgundy Beauties - A treat made with the irony goodness of freshly tapped blood.
  • Desert Dainties - Squares made with a combination of snake, scorpion and camel meat.
  • Femur Fancies - Bone-shaped cookies made with real bone chips
  • Fire Ant Cookies – A spicy treat, great when you need a pick me up
  • French Beignets - Handmade doughnuts filled with a generous dollop of salamander pate.
  • Gummy Bear Claws - A gooey bearpaw shaped pastry made with ethically sourced bear meat.
  • Island Pony Tartlets - Delicious pony and horse meat filled pastries.
  • Islander Fudge Bites - Flavors include Vannal Swirl, Bone Cookies & Cream, Heart Apple, Tiger Crush
  • Kraken Sweet Bread - A tasty cuttlefish and oyster shell flour bread.
  • Owen’s Folly – Strudel type pastry filled with one of the following – reptile, human, or seasonal larvae
  • Mariner's Delights - Delicate shellfish flour wafers sprinkled with pearl dust.
  • Saltwater Taffy - Seaweed ‘n Squid, Moose, Emu, Aged Alligator, Toasted Raven, Honey Snake, Blood, Peanut and Bone, Peppered Scorpion
  • Sand’n Sea Biscuits - A sandworm larve filled scone made with shark fat.
  • Stinger Scones - Delightfully spicy scones made with Japanese Wasp larvae and dried Manowar.
  • Sweeter Than Meat Buns - A savory-sweet bun made ethically sourced human brains, lungs, and pancreas.
  • The Triple Delight – Cannoli like dessert made with toasted and shaved bone chips, whipped tallow and sun-dried bee larvae.

Owen's Meatery is always looking to fill positions including:

Night Wait Staff:
Night Baker:
Day Wait Staff:
Day Baker:

Anyone interested in one of the positions mentioned above, please connect Zora.
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