Ovanessa Monastery

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Jul 24, 2016
ORGANIZATION NAME: Ovanessa Monastery

Organization Synopsis: Ovanessa is a large and sporadic school of monks who have dedicated their lives to enlightenment and becoming one with the greater presence that is Existence. Existence, as many Ovanessian monks recognize it, is a label for all things that could be considered as physically or spiritually existing. Whether it is different planes, beings, or universes the monks of Ovanessa recognize and appreciate the inherent beauty of their presence and seek to further ingrain themselves in the flow of existence. This process is done through the form of both spiritual and physical growth as the monks spend years meditating and practicing the martial forms that make up the school. One of the very end goals for many of the monastery's highest-ranking members is to seek out and remove threats to existence.

Scope and Influence: The teachings of Ovanessa are spread throughout many planes, planets, and universes. The branch of Manta Carlos does not have many established sister monasteries to rely on and therefore only really exert influence on the island and space station.

Goals: The main goal of MC branch is to enlighten the people of Manta Carlos and open the minds of the myriads of beings that flow through the island. Along with this, the monastery holds a more dire goal which is to increase the number of monks they have within the monastery. As time has gone by many members have left to achieve their own goals whether they be self-serving or charitable.

Headquarters: The Manta Carlos temple is located in the forest with a magic portal connecting them to a stretch of farmland on the east coast of the island. The temple can house up to 400 students but is currently only housing 50 students.

Key Members: There are a total of six leading monks in the MC branch. The face of the branch is Lady Flower, a monk who's been with the school for centuries and has spoken in many of the cities charities and events.

Enemies: All beings that threaten existence are seen as enemies to be removed. Special monks known as the Aravani are constantly sent out into the greater reach of existence to remove these threats with many being gone for years or eons in their experience.

Assets: The temple does rather well for itself thanks to the hard work of its members and the support of their neighbors on the eastern part of the island. Through the selling of their special spirits and crops, the temple remains afloat and the organization is capable of hosting and sponsoring many charities.

Membership Requirements: All beings are allowed to join as long as they hold the mental and physical capability to enlighten themselves. Members who are deemed to hold only ill intentions with the knowledge they gain will be removed. The temple works on a rank system with those of higher rank garnering respect from lower rank members. While many can reach a specific rank without having to join the monastery those who wish to delve deeper into the mantra of Ovanessa dedicate their lives and become monks.

Details: The school of Ovanessa is an amalgamation of many different monk schools that have come together to further better themselves and in some cases just survive as a school. Due to this, there are a total number of 18 martial arts taught in the school which a student will choose to learn. The branch of MC is only capable of teaching up to 8 as that is all they can teach with the masters available. The most sacred martial form within the MC Branch is Katakai, a sword style that is only taught to people believed capable, worthy, and likely to uphold the spiritual mindset of the temple.

Values: The temple holds many values in high regard but they wish to impart certain ones on all who travel through their halls. Cooperation, much of the training done in the temples take place in groupings and the monastery are sure to impart challenges on students which they know will not be easy to overcome without assistance. Dedication, following the first value the monastery, looks to instill a dedication to one's task as a shaky mind leads to a shaky spirit. Lastly is self-control, the most nuanced of the three values this takes different shapes for different people. While a hot head may be taught to be calmer a saddened individual may be taught to draw upon the good of their life and life itself. The third value is why many people see the monks as "unnervingly nice" or in some cases emotionless.
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