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Nov 30, 2016
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Ishvi wished he could smile back, but it was too much effort. At this point he just felt numb. He was pretty sure it wasn't because of the statue. Even if it was, Naisis seemed upset by his pain, so he wasn't going to let go. Still he thought he should make some response. "Queen of Terror? I guess I can see that making parties hard. I'm sure there's some people here that would love to invite you though. "

When she talked about overcoming the evil within, Ishvi winced. He still didn't think it was possible for him to do that for himself, but he didn't want to hurt her accidentally by arguing the point. And he didn't want to say the same things people said to him. Words were so empty sometimes.

"I-" Ishvi's voice broke a bit. He couldn't cry in nightmare form. That was the only reason he wasn't. So he didn't answer the question at first. Though he couldn't stop himself from very adamantly stating, "It's not your fault. If someone else, someone else corrupted you. That's not something you did. But I- the injury I..." his voice dropped to a whisper. "I stabbed myself.."
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