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Private Only The Warmest Welcomes At Starlight Academy

Discussion in 'Courtyard' started by Lotharingia, Jan 14, 2019 at 5:22 AM.

  1. Lotharingia

    Promise nothing and deliver less

    Sep 16, 2018
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    The last few weeks had been a little rough for Evie.

    The holiday season came and went, and with it came a slew of bad memories and sour moods, culminating in a very awkward display towards one of her acquaintances. Evie didn't like how it made her feel; stressed, anxious, small. So, she decided it was time to put all that behind her. It was a new year! She had to make sure she started it off right, and she could think of no better way to reassert her confidence than with her typical shenanigans. After all, she was starting to build something of a reputation as a troublemaker, she had to make sure she lived up to it now.

    It was well into the evening once Evie strolled into the courtyard, not exactly bedtime for the campus, but late enough for the sun to have long since disappeared over the horizon. In her hands she carried a medium sized metal bucket that swung in her hands with every step. The container was filled to the brim with light green, viscous, sticky Nickelodian-esque green slime. It sloshed around audibly within as she approached one of the buildings.

    It was an older, maybe cliché kind of prank, sure. But Evie had a respect for the classics.

    Humming to herself, she strolled up to the main building, planted her feet against the wall, and seamlessly shifted her gravity to allow her to walk right up it, until she was standing a couple meters above the entrance. She stuck her hand inside the bucket, letting her powers seep into the slime as well as the metal container, and once she felt it was ready, placed the bucket against the wall, letting it stick to the side with its opening facing the ground. The slime, its gravity sufficiently reduced, sat inside, ready to fall down towards whoever was unfortunate enough to walk outside.

    The trap set, Evie hopped back down to solid ground, and quickly ran off to hide behind the fountain, peering over the stone and giggling to herself. Now she just had to wait, wait until someone opened the door and walked outside. Once they did, the gravity affecting the slime would return to normal, and the entire payload would pour down on her unsuspecting victim.

    She watched the door with rapt attention, waiting to see who it would be and how they would react.

  2. Su.

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    Nov 14, 2018
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    Luna absolutely despised sundown. It was as if the world around her had descended into darkness and she left behind to rot in it. However, conquering her fear of the dark had been on the top of her list for a while now and today was the day she acted upon it. Stepping out of the dorm, she let herself wander away from the confinements of safety and into unknown territory. Streetlamps and other small light sources were nowhere near enough to grant her sight, hence at this time, she was almost blind. Straying deeper and deeper into the abyss like a clueless, lost child her hand hovered just above the hilt of her sword, prepared to defend at any second. With each step she took, Luna felt a rising tension slowly build up within her, lashing at her prior calm state of mind.

    After crossing what felt like endless, barren land, she eventually came across an empty doorframe which marked the entrance to a building. Sparring a glance upward, she could only see darkness beyond a meter of brick wall. Stepping forward in hopes that she had arrived back of the dorms, a foreign substance was instantly poured all over Luna from above. Resisting the urge to scream, she let out an audible gasp as she drew her her sword and made a blind swing upwards. Her instincts snapped into action, guiding her into a battle stance: the elbow of her sword hand raised to head level while the tip of her sword threateningly pointed forward, ready to strike while her knees were kept half bent, lowering her center of gravity and steadying herself.

    At that moment, a million thoughts swarmed her mind simultaneously. The main concern being whether she had accidentally wandered out of school grounds and trespassed into personal property. If left with no other option than to fight, would she be able to hold her ground under such disadvantages conditions? Taking a moment to compose herself, she then broke the silence, her voice masking most of her fear and her tone barely edging on threatening.

    "Who's there."

    When you think about it, Luna looks very stupid.

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