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Aug 7, 2015
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At some point Theo is going to realize that the line between his human and eldritch forms have finally stabilized. Similar to animal evolution he's lost the unnecessary traits in his human form in favor of something more streamlined to his needs. In other words he cannot manifest any of his additional limbs, however when he tries he winds up manifesting the chains that make up his full eldritch form instead. He still retains his full eldritch form and the its abilities as it is in his profile. These changes will effectively move those abilities to his human form. I also intend to give him species weaknesses that should have been in the profile all along.

-More human: The only real initial sign that Theo's even changed at all is his left eye which is now red with black sclera. Theo now Has the ability to sprout up to six extra arms from his upper body. These arms are stronger than his human arms and extend down to the floor. From his lower back he can also grow up to eight tentacles. These extra limbs if severed simply retract and take up to 24 hours to regenerate. Similar to certain animals they will thrash about involuntarily for a few moments before effectively dying on their own.

Chain body: In losing his flesh limbs Theo has gained full access to the chains of his eldritch form even in his human form. These chains are numerous, iron, and still function as if they were tentacles. If severed they still thrash around as if they were organic limbs that got severed. Severing them also causes Theo pain and it still takes a full day to regenerate them. The chains do bleed when severed. They also feel the pain of fire though being metal, they do not burn, though they can be melted at the right temperatures. They can end in either hooks or weights depending on what Theo needs. This has also caused his body to become heavier than it looks and somewhat more scratch resistant though not bullet proof.

Weaknesses: Theo is susceptible to the elder sign now, the eldritch equivalent to a religious symbol to vampires or demons. The sign comes in many forms but regardless of form he is susceptible to all of them. Therefore it is a natural repellent depending on its use. Under the right rituals it can be used to banish, imprison, or outright destroy him. The meteoric iron also has a similar effect to him that silver does for werewolves. The substance causes him a good deal of pain. If his chains are cut with a blade made of the substance they will not regenerate from that point. Similarly if used on his body the wound will not heal in any way until it is removed. Theo is also more susceptible to electricity due to the chains he manifests iron chains.
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