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Private Non-Introduction

Discussion in 'Student Lounge' started by Bijou, Feb 10, 2019.

  1. Bijou

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    Jul 14, 2005
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    Sweetpea was curled up with one of their textbooks, seeming quite comfortable in the cushy chair they were snuggled into. They were nervous, as always, hanging out in a public space... But in a way they liked it. It was a vast improvement over the dead silence of empty rooms with no escape.

    Their black tail curled around their frame, tail twitching as they tried to absorb as much information as they could. Their attention was fixed on the page, taking no notice of the world around themselves.

  2. EmiRose

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    Mar 24, 2018
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    It was so much fun outside! The window world was big and full of people and no one got mad at Bluebell! Hopefully they'd let Bluebell be here as long as possible before taking them back. But it had been a long time and cigarette smelling people hadn't come, were they lost?
    Bluebell hadn't completely realized yet, that they were here to stay and no one was going to take them back to their room. So Bluebell tried to take everything out of being free to run around. They were a child in an adult body, after all. And though Bluebell had gone to some classes and already learned many things faces after faces got erased, and Bluebell's growth was slow.
    At leas they had learned from Sprinkles what their old work had been and that they shouldn't say the word "play" anymore.

    That why Bluebell was, uh, messing around with a blue ball that was the same shade as their hair and about the size of a volleyball. It was Bluebell's current favourite toy, they liked how it bounced everywhere. Bluebell giggled as they rolled the ball down the hall, and they earned many weirded out looks from the other students. But Bluebell was blissfully clueless, and bounced the ball so it bounced off an open door and inside the student lounge. Bluebell laughed and skipped into the room. But the ball had stopped right by the door, and Bluebell didn't see it and stepped on it. They let out a small "Eep" sound before flashily falling down and ending up draped across the lap of someone sitting on one of the chairs. But instead of getting back right away like a normal person Bluebell giggled to themselves and turned to happily smile at the person.
    "My ball tripped me!"

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