Noel Sinterklaas

Noel Sinterklaas

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Apr 8, 2018
The Frozen Wastelands of the North
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Name: Noel Sinterklaas

Age: unknown.

Birthday: Birthday December 6

Gender: he, him, it

Species: God – God of the Winter Solstice (Known by some as Yule)

Category: Staff/ Teacher

Class: Middle School

Subject/Work: Ancient Mythology

Appearance Description:

· Blue eyes
· Long white hair and beard
· Tall and lanky
· Old, but spry

FC claim is Aiden Shaw (Goes by modeeling name, Aiden Brady)

Personality Description:

· Patient and understanding (normally)
· Very knowledgeable and wise
· A very good intuition
· Great sense of humour
· Helpful
· Can be very opinionated
· Somewhat gullible – believes even bad people have goodness in them
· Very stubborn at times
· For some reason around Christmas, he has no sense of fashion... all his elegant clothes go out the door to be replaced with Christmas sweaters, and red or green corduroy trousers.
· Sometimes embarrasses others without meaning to

Active Abilities:

Note: As he is the God of the Winter Solstice his powers and intensity are directly linked to the Christmas season where they are the strongest – and for some reason, probably due to the Moon and Seasons, as it’s all related, his abilities/magic is also heightened (for 48 hour period) around the other 3 solstices.

· Can fix (with and without magic) any inanimate object, toys mostly, that has been broken. He can usually only do a few toys a day if he uses his magic, and one toy at a day if he doesn’t. Has a passion for fixing broken toys and making them like new – he loves to see people happy. This magic is strongest between December 21st and January 6th, during that period he can fix as many toys as he wants.

· Can suddenly make it snow wherever he is. The snow will fall in about a 100m radius around him enough to make snowmen and have snowball fights. The snow will magically last for one day and one night. This ability is strongest around Christmas time, from December 21st to January 6th, and in this period the snow can last for days.

· Can magically turn ordinary food near him into something festive and delicious. This magic is also strongest around Christmas time – and this magic, during this period only, can triple itself. Example, one simple apple pie can become three wonderful apple cinnamon strudels.

Passive Abilities:

Same as above, the power and intensity of his magic is related directly to the Christmas season…etc…

· People normally feel somewhat happy and that things are okay when they are around him or in the same room as him – let’s say 30 foot radius or so. And as the month of December approaches this feeling he inspires becomes stronger in those immediately around him and reaches out to a radius of – at the height of the season between December 21st and January 6th – 150 foot radius.

· Can sometimes tell what a person most desires, if that desire is pure and true, when he touches them. Often wears leather gloves, especially at Christmas because this sensation intensifies to the point that it irritates him because he can feel both the bad and good desires at times.

· On December 24/25, Noel can hear and understand animals as well as see and communicate with the dead.


· Will and can gain weight easily – especially around the Christmas season.
· Loves peppermint and gingerbread flavours… almost to the point that he needs to have either, preferably both, every day or he’s unhappy and feels grumpy.
- Around Christmas feels compelled to hum - almost annoyingly - Christmas songs.

Common Magical Items: None.


· Noel appeared from the nowhere like many gods do. He has no recollection of how he became the God of the Winter Solstice, he just knows that he is.
· He enjoys making people happy. Happiness would be his end goal if he had a goal in life. And so, when his magic is the strongest, he tries to make people feel as happy as possible.
- Noel has been married many times. He is happiest when there is a Mrs. around to shares his vision of the world. At the moment, he is single - but always looking for the special one to share his eternity with.
· He decided to become a teacher simply because he was bored, and sort of fed up with the nonsense that mortals believed about the gods.
· Ended up on Manta Carlos sometime in the early 1800s, he was searching for the Goddess of Summer, who had decided to take a prolonged vacation that may have resulted in the Year without a Summer in 1816. It was a disaster that affected the Northern hemisphere severely. During his visit, he fell in love with the island and decided to stay.
- His first wife, Aslog, who he adored, committed suicide just a short while after they were married.

Resources: Noel has a toy shop as well as a tiny home with a garden.

Additional Information: Is there anything else to take note of?
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