No Rest for Weary Souls


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Aug 7, 2015
He, him
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Of course this weekend was going too well to end on a high note. That said, Iggy didn't expect the low note to be this. He'd parted ways with his partners, and headed to his home. He wasn't really fond of the place, considering how noticeably distant his parents were to him. There was a faint scent coming from the front door as he entered. Cooper, his raccoon also seemed notably tense. He could smell it clearly now. “I'm back,” he called. No response, his home was normally fairly quiet minus the sound of the television or someone milling about. But there was nothing. The scent led him into the kitchen, that scent of a recent death. He tried to deny it with every step, but there they were at the dinner table.

He doubled back fumbling his cell to call the police.

Hours later he was in custody, getting grilled thoroughly by the police regarding his whereabouts during the point that his parents died. It was about a day before there were any solid answers. During this time he'd managed to contact Alma to take Cooper for the time being while he spent his time in isolation on the islets. Autopsy revealed that they were both under extreme stress, magic based analysis revealed that it was all thanks to his aura. Not in the sense that as it was it had killed them, but whatever happened when the aura first activated was the cause.

Being left under constant surveillance with the voices of his dead parents berating and taunting him was a hell unto itself. They had to make sure he understood that this was all his fault. The next few days were spent questioning Iggy in regards to his species and having the information he'd given verified. Most of his knowledge came from sheer instinct, much in the same way salmon knew where to migrate. There wasn't a great deal of information, but one thing stuck out. This was something that occurred with all members of this elusive race. That, and one other rather horrific detail...

It had been around three days since he'd been taken into custody. Iggy's condition had noticeably worsened, he was eating less and less food. He clearly wasn't himself. The few gravetenders that previously resided on the island were all adults. Only a couple of them actually came forward to share the information that was found. It was verified yet again in an old scout document as the reason another was brought to the island. Fresh graves had been set up for him to dig up in a local cemetery. Police remained out of sight, but ready in case he attempted to flee. The teen approached the graves, shifting into his monstrous form before letting out a shrill cry and digging. His aura was pouring out at its fullest strength. Anyone not immune to its effects would feel compelled not to go anywhere near him. First corpse had been dug up, his father. He tore into the limp cadaver as if it were live prey, tearing it apart, and eating every last scrap of him, even licking at the ground the corpse was on. Iggy's mother was next, and consumed in a similar fashion. There was an eerie quiet after the deed was done. Iggy let out another shrill, but more mournful cry. The deed was done

He spent that Saturday having tests run, physically speaking things had seemed to stabilize. His aura wasn't reading as strongly as it had in the past. Arrangements were made to release him into the custody of the school that Sunday afternoon. He'd be required to attend power training courses for the semester. Similarly he was to attend weekly therapy sessions to help him along. All he'd asked for was a room to himself, siting his aura as the reason. Truthfully, he wasn't sure if he was up for much interaction with anyone. Maybe he'd put in a request later, but not now for certain. His things had been moved from his home, neatly boxed and sitting in his new dorm. For now he'd just sit on his bed, trying to make heads or tails out of this.


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