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New Member Questions...

Discussion in 'Help Desk & Suggestions' started by Jelly Cake, Mar 25, 2019.

  1. Jelly Cake
    Jelly Cake


    1) How are Power Classes roleplayed? Do we have to request special roleplays, are we supposed to have them with special members, or what? Would there be a Power Class for (vampire) blood lust?

    2) Can we base off our vampire characters from a fandom? As in, my vampire character isn't canon from Vampire Diaries, but the type of vampire (protected from sunlight by ring; compulsion powers; holy water is drinkable, etc) is taken/based of on Vampire Diaries?

    3) So, students are called to Starlight Academy on full scholarship - but if they want to go buy something (say, synthetic blood - from where can we buy it, anyway? How?), from where are they supposed to get money from? Are they supposed to have a job for earning money?

    4) Is there any SA school magazine/newspaper team?

    5) So, one gets tired from everyday RP. I know events are there, but are there any other kind of afterschool activities for students?

    6) Is there any (rp) orientation for new students? Are we supposed to request one?

    7) Can we create student class schedules for our student characters, then roleplay according to it?

    (I'm already halfway through starter guide and wiki...)
  2. Kait

    Less Bien
    Moderator Donator

    Nov 22, 2014
    Posting Status:
    Hey Jelly! Before I start: while we're happy to answer your questions here, our discord is also a great resource for questions like this. You can find an embedded version of our discord chat at the bottom of every page, and you should be able to get a discord invite from there, if you use discord. It's also a good place to meet the other members and get a better sense of how we run things here.

    To answer your questions, now:

    Power classes can be run almost however you want, as long as it's safe and sane, and it makes sense for the teacher to do what they're doing to help students control their powers better. A power class for vampire bloodlust could make sense, I'd say! Maybe it could involve meditation or breathing exercises or something like that, or you could have an older vampire come in to talk to the young'ns about what's probably happening to them, and coping strategies.

    But those ideas I mentioned are just ideas. Be creative~!

    Sure. That all seems like some standard public domain stuff. Even a magic ring that protects you from sunlight. As long as you don't start throwing around terminology that only shows up in the vampire diaries, we're gucci.

    Younger vampire students without an income / a family to support them would have their needs provided for by the school and/or the city government. human flesh and blood, as well as synthetic flesh and blood, are all kept affordable thanks to aggressive government subsidies and welfare programs to make sure nobody has to starve to death. There's also an app that exists in-universe called "Bleedr" which some characters would know about. It's like a hookup app, but for vampires who want to drink blood directly from the source (and nonvampires who don't mind being that source)

    Students who want jobs can get them. You could always be a waiter at a cafe or restaurant or something. Maybe even get a paid internship. If you want your character to intern at a player-character-run business you should talk to the player whose character runs it. Otherwise, feel free to make up a restaurant, business, or even an entire fantasy job. As long as its not obviously unethical (or if it is unethical/illegal, one hopes the characters involved are clever enough not to get caught.


    Yeah. there's clubs for the students and things like that. There's free public transport between the school and the rest of the island, including the city - your character could hang out at the mall or do whatever else you might imagine. They could even be ne'er do wells and make bad decisions if you're into that.

    I would note, though, that it's fairly rare for people to actually RP out classes or everyday activities. What people tend to do is assume that the routine, everyday stuff is happening in the background, and use threads to focus on the unusual or interesting things.

    I'm not entirely sure what you mean by that, but:

    you can assume a student will have an orientation of some sort, usually offscreen, where they will be brought up to speed about basic facts for their new situation (where to go for xyz daily needs, being told magic and stuff is real, being told some basic stuff about the school and city). Plus they'd probably get set up with someone to help them find their room, get them some placement exams to find out what classes to put them in, get them therapy if they obviously need that, that sort of thing.

    If you want to roleplay something out where another character shows yours around the school, you could ask around for that if you want, and any other player who's willing to throw their character into that can do so. It's not really a common practice at this time.

    Most people don't go so in-depth that they figure out their students' daily schedules, but if you want to take that step, sure, go ahead. We even have basic schedules on our wiki for what a student's day (or night) will tend to look like, which could help you out there. We even have night schedules for characters that can only come out at night.
  3. Rosily Dead
    Rosily Dead


    I have a question too!

    What kind of gangs (if any) are there at Manta Carlos? Anything about going to SA for spying or something? Maybe there are some revolting gangs or sth. Could you please name a few?
  4. Lotharingia

    Promise nothing and deliver less

    Sep 16, 2018
    Character Hub:
    Posting Status:
    There's been a few in the past, though at the moment there aren't that many active ones. Players are of course allowed to make their own either as NPCs (I'm actually doing a small plot with another user with one right now that involve an illegal organ trafficking gang that hasn't quite been fleshed out yet) or as part of their characters, like the Volkov Mafia.

    Generally speaking, most gangs on Manta Carlos are more about organised crime rather than violent street crime, since the high population of supernatural creatures means that getting into random fights is riskier than it would be in the real world. Criminals are usually the more subtle kind as a result.

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