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Event Open Murder and Mayhem on the Orient Express

Discussion in 'Starlight Observation Station' started by Zora, Jul 19, 2018.

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  1. Boop

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    Nov 30, 2016
    she, etc.
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    Briefly distracted by the entry of two women in flowery hats who appeared to be friends, Maarab didn't answer right away, though the woman who spoke seemed to be the only person who was attentive to his attempt at a greeting. Perhaps they were all having trouble getting into character as well.

    It had certainly been a lot easier playing the other virtual reality AU, but then again had it really been playing to have the memories the game gave? Still he wished he'd thought to look things up beforehand. It was a shame they didn't give some description on the cards. At least everyone else was probably feeling similar.

    Maarab looked down at the small dark-haired woman with a grin, resisting the urge to bombard her with questions. She was certainly easy on the eyes. The half-demon enjoyed the short ones - they tended to be fun to play with, either because they were as fragile as they looked or because they were surprisingly tough.

    Deciding it would be easier to play this game if he stuck to what he knew, he replied. "Yes, this is my first time. I have been much too busy to enjoy a ride before now. Though I do enjoy a good party. And how about you, Miss? You seem to have made yourself comfortable already."
  2. Zora

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    Apr 8, 2018
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    "First time on the Orient Express?" Zora remarked in surprise, getting into the flirty starlet mode,"My word, a gentleman of your apparent stature, a war hero, perhaps," gesturing to his uniform, "definitely deserves a tour of this remarkable train then..." Zora remarked, cocking her head a little to the side, smiling, and just trying not to laugh at her own silliness, but also offering to show him around if he wanted.

    "I'm Miss. Woods... " she said politely offering him her hand, in a more normal, less outrageous way than before, using the English version of her last name.


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