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Mr. David Sun

Discussion in 'Archived Characters' started by Zero The Balloon, Nov 19, 2018.

  1. Zero The Balloon
    Zero The Balloon

    Active Member

    Nov 15, 2018
    #1 Zero The Balloon, Nov 19, 2018
    Last edited: Nov 20, 2018
    Name: David Sun
    Age: Mentally: 92
    Physically: 29
    Birthday: January 1st
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human (Avatar)
    Category: Staff
    Class: Middle School/High School
    Subject/Work: Math/Geometry/Trigonometry

    Appearance Description:

    - This is how David is normally dressed for school.
    - Stands at 5’11 and 165 lbs. currently.
    - Is always seen with his glasses on, his hair is a very dark/dirty blonde color.

    Personality Description:
    - Law-Abidding
    - Loyal
    - Friendly
    - Forgiving
    - Strict
    - Spiteful
    - Open-Minded
    - Honorable
    - Observant
    - Compassionate
    - Courageous
    - Reserved

    Active Abilities:
    God’s Will: Decree/ Twice per a Day, David can make a decree, anyone that hears him must follow it. Decrees are limited to a seven word limit. Decrees, also have a time limit of effect up to one hour.

    Fury of the Sun God/ If judgement must be passed and they are held to one spot. David may use his abilities to bring down a pillar of flames from the heavens upon, do so does not hurt those that David doesn’t wish to hurt or inanimate objects, but it will strike at a target’s soul burning it away from chaos. This ability can also be used to purify a person’s soul of a curse, but causes them no harm.

    Restraint of Disorder/ David can have shackles made of light and grow in strength the closer someone is to chaos than order, though they do have a maximum reach of 60 ft. from his current position.

    Passive Abilities:
    Reincarnation/ Granted by completing the Trail of Law and becoming the Avatar of Order. He ages normally to a point, but can only be killed by unnatural means, in which his soul moves on to a new body and is born again.

    Soul of Law/ David has resistance to anything that would curse or influence his soul in a harmful way, making him able to evade such effects much better.

    Heavenly Wings/ Not actually wings, but a manifestation of light around him, that allows David to fly and traverse air at high speeds. He can almost traverse to that of 300 mph mid-flight. This way of travel however is only possible while the sun is present, and can’t be maintained in shadows, direct sight of the sun must be obtained.

    Eyes of The Seeker/ While he can never tell what rule they have broken, David can see all people that have recently caused Discord, as they are shown with a red aura around them if it has been less than a hour since the incident.

    Paradoxical Outcome/ While challenged by Rule of Law twice, David May choose which Law to follow, though it must still abide to the Rule.

    Rule of Law/ David is restrained in any decision that he makes to follow the way of other, and this means to uphold the law above all else. And though he is an Avatar, he does run into conflict with this at times, where he disagrees or doesn’t uphold it. In those times, after an action against law is taken, David will lose all of his abilities except reincarnation for a week, this week must be one that he also follows the laws and rules that he is aware of. Duly noted, that if David breaks a rule without even knowing he broke it, this ability is ignored, but he cannot break that rule once he is made aware.

    Common Magical Items: N/A

    Past Life/
    - Born in New York
    - Undertook the Trial of Order and gave him unique abilities.
    - Joined Manta Carlos
    - Joined Manta Carlos Police Academy
    - Completed the Trial, Became an Avatar of Order
    - Completed Police Academy Training
    - Defended the Island for 30+ years
    - Died due to an attack on Demonkind And he reported in.

    New Life
    - Born in New York (again)
    - Slowly regained all of his memories as he grew up.
    - After graduating, went on to get a teaching degree
    - Returned to Manta Carlos
    - Inheirited his own fortune, bought a number of properties with the money.
    - Joined Starlight Academy as a Math teacher for middle school and high school
    - Regained access to all police reports and files, based on his own death and forward.
    - Present Day

    - Houses on the island
    - Fortune Inherrited by himself
    - access to Manta Carlos Police files

    Additional Information: N/A

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