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Jul 15, 2019
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Too Short to Paint (City Life)
Live a Little (Student Life)
The Intense Fight for Second Last (Education)
Pasta Making Shouldn't Be This Hard (Education)
A Night in the Woods (The Woods)
Flowers and Powers (The City)

Green with Envy (Academy Grounds): Carmin learns that he needs friends and finds someone who could potentially become one

Fighting Like Children (Academy Grounds): A run in with two students' auras leaves Carmin reflecting and learning new things.

Who Ya Gonna Call? (Academy Grounds): Struggling with a bad rumor, Carmin enlists the help of a mystery solver.

Lost in Translation (The Woods): Finding himself lost in the woods, Carmin is saved by a fateful encounter.

An Interesting Thought (Education): Another student's ability leads to Carmin making a friend.

I Want Deetails (Social Media): Carmin has a text conversation with Madeline, concerning the rumour surrounding him.

Why Is This So Heavy? (Power Classes & Gym)

Oh My Gosh A Dragon!? (The Lake): Alby meets and befriends an incredible dragon

Puzzling Problems (The Dorms): While struggling with a video game, Alby summons a friend and learns about the island.

Got Your Back (The Woods): Recklessly wandering through the woods results in a near death experience for the rather weak young man.

The Violet Pentagon (City Life): Alby tries to return a pin to a man who had shaken him up recently, only to find that the event may not have been so simple.
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