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Jul 15, 2019
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On the lookout for threads, feel free to message me either on here or discord if you think you could use Carmin or Alby in any way. I’m open to any and all suggestions.


Your Local Pathetic Plant Boy
Your classic cursed character who isn't dealing with life as a child-shaped plant all that well. Has a super negative outlook on life and tends to dislike people before they get to know each other. Easily ticked off, but not really a threat in any way, shape or form unless you are allergic to pansies. Jealous, with a woe is me mindset. A huge hypocrite. A lonely person, for pretty obvious reasons. A rule follower who is bothered by other people breaking rules and may actually try to stop them if they are serious ones. A committed student, trying to climb up grades quickly. Still learning to cope with the supernatural. Easily embarrassed. Tries to suppress his feelings but isn't always successful. Deep down, pretty goofy, childish and actually does care about others.

In the Market For
Tutors, friends, maybe a part time job, characters that might slap some sense into him, troublemakers, overly positive characters, characters that see the good in anything, characters to teach him about the supernatural, characters who specialize in transformation.

Current Character Arc
Carmin is desperately trying to find a way to change back to normal and go home. Rather than changing his body, he slowly learns that it might be his outlook that needs changing and that living on the island might not be the worst thing in the world.

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The World's Least Powerful Psychic Fan Boy
A very hopeless psychic who believes he's going to become an all powerful esper one day. He's also a huge fan boy, with an extreme obsession with everything supernatural. He'll perform research on just about anyone he can find and write everything down in his beloved journal. He has a tendency to overstep boundaries and will speak a little too honestly and openly about the things he likes or dislikes about others. He's stubborn as a rock, possibly delusional, and occasionally tries to be manipulative to get what he wants.

In the Market For
A room mate, friends, characters of different species or those with unique abilities, characters looking to train and improve their abilities. Characters who are already over confident, or those on the opposite side of the spectrum who lack confidence.

Current Character Arc
While failing to improve his own ability, Alby realizes that he can get enjoyment out of helping others to improve their abilities instead.

Full Character Sheet

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