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Jun 23, 2015
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Name: Mina
Age: Unknown
Birthday: Unknown
Gender: Female
Category: Staff(Art Skills Tutor), Villain?.

Appearance Description:
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Skin Color: Pale Tan
Clothing Style: Suave
Hair: Short, Raven black
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 150ish lbs

Personality Description:.
-Kind of Cruel
-Slightly Monotonous

Arbiter Physiology: Mina is an arbiter and as such she has a few things that set her apart from human.

~Object Manipulation: Most arbiters have some form of defense mechanism that allows them to defend against their more rambunctious guests. This ability comes in many forms, wires, bubbles, or in Mina's case, paper and ink. Outside her realm she can only effect small portions of it at a time, about five sheets worth or so, but in her realm she has free reign of the ability almost without limitations.

~Life's Record: Mina can requisition the collective stored memories of the entirety of living creatures with a phone call. She doesn't have the ability to gather anything more then a random memory from a living subject, but should the subject be dead it is possible to get a summery of their life once lived. Since she isn't really supposed to be in the mortal world, should Mina use this ability too often she may begin to have 'complications' show up.

~Selective Immortality: As an Arbiter, Mina isn't allowed to experience death, as doing so would taint her judgement. Because of this anything that she could possibly live through, she will. However, if she experiences something 'worse then death' her body will collapse into a pile of manikin parts as her soul is cast into the void.

~Arbiter Understanding: As an Arbiter, Mina was deemed to 'not have a need for' human emotions. While they are not entirely beyond her, She has trouble processing. She has some ability to feel them herself, making her an anomaly, as well as quite often confused by her feelings.

Arbiter's Space: Mina has brought her extradimensional bar "Jasmina" with her to the human world. While it doesn't quite work as strongly as it did in the arbiter space, Mina still holds an amount of mental control over the bar. She can reveal hidden rooms, extend her senses throughout the space, and have curtain things produced from seemingly nowhere, simply appearing out from the floor or walls from some hidden area. The bar is always stocked with a selection of decent 'arbiter' alcohols and snacks, but Mina can still order mortal world varieties.

Mina must spend time in her space to recuperate her energy, usually by passing a judgement on some poor souls. If she is unable to return to her space within 3 days, (or up to one week if given time to prepare.) Mina will die.

Not much is known about arbiters in the mortal world, just select snippets of people remembering "past lives" or remembering something before they were born. The arbiters are the judges of souls, deciding ultimately whether or not someone is kind enough to be allowed reincarnation, or if the soul has been darkened too much and cast into the void.

these are the rules the Arbiters' must follow.
1. Arbiters cannot quit making judgements, for that is the reason why they exist.
2. Arbiters cannot experience death, for that would bring them too close to being human.
3. Arbiters cannot feel emotion, for they are dummies.

Mina is a special case to these rules. For whatever reason she has escaped from the arbiters and has made her home among the Manta Carlos Isles. Well, 'escaped' may be misleading. In truth they know she is there, as if they didn't she wouldn't have survived long, or continued to have access to her abilities. It is something of a mystery why she is allowed to remain, perhaps she is something of an experiment.

Additional Information:
In Jasmina, Mina can produce any of the bar games that she uses in her judgements. Though if they are not being used for a judgement, they are just regular games.

Mina often acts as an art Tutor for the school, but she can only pass on skills as she rarely understands the emotion behind a piece.
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