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Jun 15, 2019
I'm always looking for cool interactions for my characters. I'm open to any ideas you might have, and have written down some of my own ideas for each of them as well, under their summaries!

Allen is an Irish ginger, a happy-go-lucky, slightly dumb guy, he likes messing with people, partying, sports, food, anything fun. He is known as a trouble maker and a jokester. He hates studying and authority.

  • Friends! Allen is always looking for people to chill with, or girls to flirt with. Maybe a room mate in the school?
    • Specific idea: Musicians or anyone who would be interested in a jamming session or any other music related interaction, which could potentially lead to the epic idea to start a band?? That would be fun.
  • Nerds, or anyone vulnerable, that Allen could tease or prank.
    • Specific idea: For Allen, it will all be in good fun, but he accidentally takes it too far by continuously tormenting and teasing this victim and hurts them (mentally and/or physically), which would lead to some interesting problems.
  • Trouble? Maybe someone holds a grudge and starts a fight or maybe he pushes an authority figure too far. Anyone that can ensure that his actions have actual consequences (surprised pikachu face). I'd also love some sort of rivalry develop.

Lorelei on the other hand is a shy and insecure girl, with a tendency to over-apologize or hide from reality in her daydreams, as she does not handle stress well. Lorelei has a very romantic nature and is looking for her prince charming, making her vulnerable to people with bad intentions. Lorelei is a changeling child (fae) although she does not know this yet.

  • Trouble. Anyone with some sort of ill intentions or egotistical plans who would like to meet a shy push-over. Anything can happen here, depending on the specifics of the character.
    • Specific idea: Someone to evoke the 'beast' in her as one of Lorelei's abilities causes her nails to grow into ghastly claws etc when she is attacked or very stressed. They could attack her or otherwise try to harm her.
  • Friends. Lorelei latches on very quickly, so if someone is nice to her, she will very quickly consider them friends (or maybe even more). Lorelei could also use a room mate at SA if anyone is interested. Warning: Potential insecurity/jealousy issues
  • Someone who could find out her non-human nature. Lorelei's reaction would greatly depend on what this person does with that information.

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