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Name: Marluxa
Age: Unknown (Physically similar in age to a 12 year old human child)
Birthday: Unknown
Gender: Hermaphrodite
Species: Gleed
Category: Student
Class: Middle School
Grade: 7th Grade

Appearance Description:


Marluxa’s appearance is truly alien. They are a thinly built, 6 limbed, feline-like creature that stands 4 feet and 7 inches (140 centimeters). Their skin is grey and smooth with large purple boils growing on their body. Each of their limbs thin but lean with bulbous fingers used to adhere on to nearly any surface. On the sides of her torso are gill-like slits that Marluxa uses to breath. Her tail is as nearly as long as the rest of her body and splits off into 5 separate prehensile tails that Marluxa uses as an additional hand.

Personality Description:

Animalistic – While Marluxa has been civilized, they have trouble with some social settings and fall back on animalistic behaviors such as walking on all six or snarling to express displeasure. They also great enjoy pets and doesn’t understand why people think pets are weird.

Playful – Enjoys games and yearns for amusement. Good natured but their fun-seeking ways may lead to them creating mischief.

Clingy – Once Marluxa has found someone they like they are hard to pull off… literally. Those whom find themselves friends with Marluxa will find they will hold onto their friends as if letting good would mean that they be gone forever.

Inquisitive – Endless curiosity, this creature likes to learn everything she can about something. Once they have however, they tend to grow bored and move on.

Socially Oblivious – Has trouble picking up on the subtle social ques and fails to recognize when they are bothering someone unless that person is being blunt.

Active Abilities:

Acid Spit – Can regurgitate a projectile of concentrated perchloric acid from their stomach up to 15 feet (3 meters). On Marluxa’s home planet this acid spit was defense mechanism used by Gleed to try to distract or impair predators. While only a minor annoyance to the Gleeds natural predators, off-world this acid is extremely corrosive to metals and quickly eats away at the flesh of most organic lifeforms. Because a Gleed’s stomach can only so much acid, Marluxa can only use this ability five times a day before exhausting their reserves.

Passive Abilities:

Plastic Muncher – Marluxa’s species is capable of digesting various organochloride polymers and plastics as a source of food as well as being able to consume hydrochloric acid safely. They can also eat normal terrestrial foods though it will not be as nutritious to Marluxa and may lead to an upset stomach.

Echolocation – Akin to a bat, Marluxa primary uses echolocation to orientate themselves and “see” the world around them up to 500 feet (150 meters). Anything beyond that range is too fuzzy for Marluxa to make out. Tends to make clicking noises when while using their echolocation.

Chemosensory – Much like snake, Marluxa flicks their five-pronged tongue to “taste” their surroundings. This highly developed organ helps used to navigate their environment, identify organisms, and track prey for several miles like bloodhound.

Chlorinated Biology – Having evolved on a planet with so much free chlorine has led to a creature highly adaptable organism. While they are carbon-based life forms, the Gleed evolved tough organochloride polymers and toughened cell walls that make them extremely resistant to chemical attacks. Thus poisons have little effect on Gleed, heavy metals are cause no harm, and can shrug off all but the most potent of superacids.

Acidic Blood – Marluxa’s blood consist of mixture of water and hydrochloric acid that, though weakly acidic, is considered a chemical hazard that will cause chemical burns on human skin.

Hardened Bones – The bones of Gleed are as light as human bones yet twice as strong as they are reinforced by organochloride polymers into what is high density plastics.

Deadly Bite – The titanium enamel coating on Marluxa’s teeth gives them cutting power and Marluxa’s strong jaws have a bit bite force of 1100 PSI, about the same as a hyena.

Wall Climber – Thanks to adhesive pads on each of their digits, Marluxa can climb on nearly any surface in similar manner to gecko.

Nimble – The Gleed’s light build and adaptations to arboreal life makes them extraordinary quick and acrobatic. Marluxa is able to leap up to 40 feet (12 meters) and can expertly transverse over terrain comfortably at speeds of 25 miles per hour (40 kilometers per hour) for long distance. They can reach to speeds to nearly 65 miles per hour (105 kilometers per hour) but only in short bursts lasting a few minutes.

Prehensile Tail – A long tail that makes up a little more than half of their body length, it remarkably flexible and powerful enough to be able to lifting 450 pounds


Blind – Lacks eyes and is unable to see. While their other senses more than make up for this deficiency, they have no understanding of colors and is unable to read anything that isn’t written in braille.

Light Headed – While capable of breathing in Earth’s atmosphere, the planets air often leaves Marluxa light headed due to the lack of chlorine and chlorine compounds in the air. To combat this, Marluxa has spent an hour of their day breathing though a chlorine gas tank to prevent themselves from feeling woozy.

Slow Healer – For all of their strengths, Gleed are slow to recover from their injuries. Due to their complex biological make up it usually takes three times longer for a Gleed to recover from an injury compared to a human.

Basic Bane – Because of the Gleed’s naturally high acidity, they are more vulnerable to even the weakest of bases. Ingesting a weak base such as baking soda can cause Marluxa to become extremely ill while stronger bases like bleach can outright kill the Gleed if ingested or poured onto them. Even as simple cleaning detergents and soap can cause painful blisters upon contact with their flesh.

Common Magical Items:


The Gleed are a primitive race, creating small family bands of stone age hunter-gathers in the jungles of Glaaglex-618b. These creatures knew nothing of the world beyond the stars, at least until their world was visited by space pirates hiding out on the fringes of galatic civilization. As space pirates began to establish a base of operations on Glaaglex-618b, they began to capture young Gleed to sell as exotic wildlife on the black market. This was the fate eventually came to a young Gleed eventually named Marluxa whom was captured as young child.

The pirates treated the Gleed as wild animals and trained them to became obedient hunter-killers loyal to their buyers. Marluxa, despite being a runt, proved to be an able hunter and receptive to commands though they noted that this Gleed was unusually curious. Once Marluxa was judge to be ready for market, the Gleed was then sold to an eager assassin whom was quick to bring Marluxa along for their missions. Marluxa proved to be a useful tool for assassin as they could pick out a target from the faintest scent and was an exceptional infiltrator. Marluxa however, only saw these hunts as fun little games of chase and kill. The assassin treated with Marluxa with affection, giving them pets and rewarding them with sweet treats. Right up until a botched assassination attempt on Earth and the assassin in haste to escape left Marluxa behind. The distraught Marluxa was soon discovered by scouts upon learning of the situation.

Not knowing what sort of creature Marluxa was, they were sent to Dark Crystal Academy as it was initially believed had some psionic potential. While this psionic potential was proven to be false, it was realized that Marluxa was indeed sentient but conditioned to think like an obedient killing machine. Marluxa was enrolled in special remedial classes to help socialize Marluxa, establish empathy with other beings, teach them to have a sense of identity, and break the conditioning placed early in their life. Despite Marluxa’s initial hostilities, Marluxa soon blossomed into friendly if socially awkward person whom greatly enjoys outdoor activities. While this fascination with the art of murder never quite went away, they seem to tone it down in favor of playing games, searching garbage cans, and a budding interest in potion making.

When Marluxa was in 7th grade, the world suddenly changed as a result of the “big freeze”. One day as they were making their way to class, the once clean halls suddenly became overgrown and decrepit. Then the authorities suddenly showed up and explained how everyone at Dark Crystal was frozen for the past 12 years and their existence forgotten until now. While saddened by the lose of the school they grew up with, they are hopeful for the friends they could make at Starlight and curious of how the world has changed since their life was put on pause.

Currently lives at the dorms at Starlight Academy and is allowed a basic allowance.

Additional Information:

Marluxa’s English is understandable though a bit broken at times.

Marluxa flicks their tongue often in order to “taste” everything around them.

Marluxa often gets commented how they apparently sound like some movie monster called “The Predator” when making clicking noises for echolocation.

Gleed blood is verdant green in color.

Orbiting around a typical G-type main sequence star is the green world of Glaaglex-618b, a rare example of life bearing of chlorine world and homeworld of the Gleed speieces though few know this save for the pirates that operate in that region of space.

Gleed have garnered an unsavory reputation among most space-faring extraterrestrials. This is largely due to most Gleed being used as companions to unsavory types such as outlaws, assassins, or bounty hunters. Their rarity also makes owning a Gleed a matter of prestige and thus favored as pets by power-hungry dictators or tyrant kings of the cosmos whom show off their Gleed as symbols of their power.

Ownership of Gleed is illegal in most star systems due to their strong association with criminal elements.
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