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May 21, 2017
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Jack Cragor
17 / Male / Human / Student / Single (Heterosexual)

Quiet, introverted, and kind of hard to talk to. Jack likes reading and playing video games (usually ones that will cause him little stress). He's eager to strengthen his abilities, but not too eager.
A Threat - Although Jack wants to improve his power, he's not too enthusiastic about it. He needs someone that will push him to his absolute limit and show him that he needs to improve.

A Friend - It's likely that Jack won't be the one to approach someone if he wants to talk to them. Someone that'll initiate conversation and put up with his personality would be great.
Zachary Osthaland
17 / Male / Human / Student / Single (Heterosexual)

Zack loves to have fun, and he loves to fight just as much. Fortunately, fighting is almost always fun for him! He wants to face many types of fighters, and hopefully find even greater challenges.
A Challenge - Many fights have been a breeze for Zack. Someone to push him to his limit would help him grow.

Unique Abilities - Abilities that are unconventional, rare, or just downright strange will help Zack to be prepared for different scenarios.
28 / Male / Demigod / Citizen / Single (???)

A pretty cool dude to be around. Rym is nonchalant and aloof, and likes to appreciate nature's beauties. Unfortunately, he has a strong resentment toward humans.
A Persistent Human - Rym's resentment toward humans is apparent, and he'll often make it clear to any human that tries to approach him. A human that tries relentlessly to force interaction upon him would be something new for him.
Amy Martin
33 / Female / Human / Citizen / Single (Heterosexual)

Amy is prideful and occasionally arrogant, though not for nothing. She has a variety of hobbies and is confident in her ability in almost all of them. She loves a good challenge.
Friends - Amy just wants more people to chill with. She's only ever been particularly close to her brother and their best friend.

Allies - Anybody that would be willing to help protect Susan is good in her books.
Twin brother - Richard Martin
Best friend - Susan
Enemy - Glenn Marshall
30 (???) / Female / Alien / Citizen / Single (???)

One of Susan's favorite pastimes is giving, especially giving powers. Along with her childish personality and her lack of assertiveness, she can run into all kinds of trouble.
Friends - Susan is friendly with everybody. Everybody.

People Without Powers - Giving people powers causes a euphoric sensation within Susan. She likes to do it often.
Best friend - Amy Martin
Other best friend - Richard Martin
Enemy - Glenn Marshall
Richard Martin
33 / Male / Human / Citizen / Single (Homosexual)

Most likely the biggest stickler for the rules that you'll ever meet. It can be annoying for some when he interrupts your fun to reinforce the rules. Otherwise, he's pretty chill.
Nothing in particular. Suggestions would be welcome.
Amy Martin - Twin sister
Susan - Best friend
Glenn Marshall - Enemy
Glenn Marshall
19 / Male / Cyborg / Student / Single (Asexual)

A cold, calculating killer that hides behind the guise of a kind, amiable person. Glenn only has one goal in life, and he will go to any means necessary to achieve that goal.
People With Unique Powers - As Glenn combats different opponents, he can learn ways to defeat opponents that are similar to them. Someone that has a unique or obscure power will help to build him up.
Cassandra Lochland
35 / Female / Demigod / Academy Staff / Married (Homosexual)

Getting work done takes precedence. Cassandra is strict and has a no-nonsense attitude, while being as fair as possible.
Students - Preferably ones that don't often mess around. Cassandra teaches about the nuances of powers and how they can be used effectively with others. (Power Synergy)
Rachel Lochland
34 / Female / Demigod / Academy Staff / Married (Bisexual)

Rachel is very charismatic and easy to talk to. She's passionate about discovering new and unique powers, and seeing how they interact with others.
Students - Hopefully ones that are excited for learning about new power combinations. Rachel teaches about the nuances of powers and how they can be used effectively with others. (Power Synergy)
Yalfor "Zoroptakil" Giga
172 / Male / Demon-Cyborg / Citizen / Single (Heterosexual)

An immortal, demon-cyborg hybrid who is very spooky. Yalfor likes to experiment, and will do anything to capture a target, including chasing them to the ends of the earth.
Enemies - Yalfor is a paranoid fellow. Although he knows how to get close to people, he's always worried that someone will be out to get him. They could easily throw a wrench in whatever plans he might have.
Teclen Retimar
27 / Male / Human / Academy Staff / Single (Bisexual)

An upholder of peace and order. Teclen spends his free time roaming the island, making sure that its inhabitants are safe.
Troublemakers - Either people that are just being a nuisance, or people that cause actual danger to others.
Catin Seyir
28 / Male / Human / Citizen / Single (Heterosexual)

An expert in causing trouble. Catin likes to spend his time being a nuisance, as well as studying rocks.
Troublemakers - Self-explanatory.

Apri Gedma
25 / Female / Human / Citizen / Taken (Bisexual)

A genius with a knack for interdimensional travel. Apri puts on a personality for the people around her, but is vastly different when alone with her close friends.
Customers - Apri is an interdimensional tour guide. Anyone willing to pay the fee is free to join her in another dimension.
People From Other Dimensions - Mainly people who can tell her stories of their unique homes.
Friends, Housemates - Teclen Retimar, Catin Seyir, Verum Tista, Listim Bronka
Girlfriend, Housemate - Reyma Orillee

Reyma Orillee
26 / Female / Dragon / Academy Staff / Taken (Homosexual)

A dragon trying to adjust to human society. Reyma already knows that humans are completely different creatures, and that belief is only going to be reaffirmed on this island.
New Experiences - Although Reyma might not necessarily want it, she needs to experience new things to better understand human cultures. Anything helps.
Friends, Housemates - Teclen Retimar, Catin Seyir, Verum Tista, Listim Bronka
Girlfriend, Housemate - Apri Gedma

Verum Tista
7 / Male / Human / Student / Single (Bisexual)

A pure, flaming ball of energy. Literally! Verum's favorite pastimes include anything involving moving around and making friends, and he's really good at both.
Friends - If they're a good person, Verum will be friends with them.
People With Shares Interest - They don't necessarily have to be friends. Just someone that Verum can have a fun time with.

Listim Bronka
48 / Male / Human / Citizen / Married (Heterosexual)

Listim's father, the previous king, was assassinated, leaving Listim to bring together a divided nation. He succeeded, and he does everything in his power to make sure his people live prosperous lives. Doing hard, meaningful work is his pastime.
Royalty - Of any kind, really. Listim wants to meet people of royalty that have different experiences, but an overall relatable life.
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