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Mallory Willshire

Discussion in 'Archived Characters' started by Schrodinger's Cat, Jun 21, 2018.

  1. Schrodinger's Cat
    Schrodinger's Cat

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    Jun 20, 2017
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    #1 Schrodinger's Cat, Jun 21, 2018
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    Name: Mallory Willshire
    Age: Physically 14 roughly 1700
    Birthday: March 10
    Gender: Female
    Species: Vampire
    Category: Staff
    Class: Elementary
    Subject/Work: History
    Sexuality: Homosexual (Has to be older than 20, preferably immortal like her)

    Appearance Description:
    Grey Skin
    Hazel Eyes
    Black Hair is worn in a ponytail.
    Preppy, young Clothing style (keeps up with the trends)

    Personality Description:
    she appears to always be in deep thought but is really actually absent-minded. Has no problem with acting childish, but is serious with her students. Can be rather cold to others, knowing she will outlive most, and everyone else is too old for her. Likes having people's attention, and will pretend to actually be a young teen when it suits her purposes.

    Active Abilities:
    Bat form
    Mallory can shift into a bat temporarily, being able to move at 14.4 km/h (mph). She can only carry up to 6 kilos, else she can't lift it off the ground. On a good day, she has enough stamina to fly for two hours.

    Passive Abilities:
    Hypnosis (Essentially a truth aura)
    Staring directly into her eyes can cause organic beings to fall into a trance for either one blinks or until they lose contact. During this state, the being remains still, and cannot lie. Strongwilled Character can easily break this.

    bright lights burn, and direct sunlight can kill her.
    Cannot enter a building without permission from the owner.
    Weakened in presence of cut garlic (she has to be able to smell it)

    Common Magical Items:
    Nullification Bracelet
    Also wears an Aura Warning Bracelet for Her Truth Aura (Hypnosis- Passive Ability)

    Born a Human peasant in the English countryside, Mallory played when and where she wasn't meant to often, and while it got her in trouble all the time, it was nothing compared to how she managed to anger an Elder vampire at a young age.

    Seeking to kill the young girl, he drained her of all her blood. Purely by accident, however, he left just enough to keep her alive until she turned. Now a creature of the night, she was forced to leave her family, moving until she reached France. She got by as an "orphan" for several years until she realized she couldn't age. That presented a new problem, as being a young girl in the medieval age always had its problems. It had no shortage of victims to drain, though.

    By the 1500s, she had more or less found peace with her permanent state of being, and used it to her advantage, stowing away on ships, and leaving before they find her in the morning.

    One night, however, She was on a Chinese pirate ship, she felt strangely inclined to stay until they reached land. That was how she came to Manta Carlos.

    Resources: Small cottage near the forest full of semi-valuable antiques, such as a sizable collection of Shiny Rocks, some of which are really precious gems.

    Additional Information: Don't call her a Child. IF she's in a good mood, she'll play along.
  2. Romi

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    Jun 18, 2015
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