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From a dollmaker by GONGJA

Magdalene G. Porter; Abab

20; Stopped counting after one million

May 1st; No clue

Female; Masculine

Human; Demon lord




College Major:

-183cm; 6'0"
-Wide shoulders, kind of lanky, swimmer's body, doesn't have many curves. Her entire Abab possessed left arm is very dark grey and has black and red markings and looks wrinkly and bit thinner than her other arm.
-Blue eyes, wide mouth with plump lips, big forehead.
-Ginger hair, reaches upper back, kind of wavy and messy, even when combed has a bedhead look
-Wears comfortable clothes, like sweaters or hoodies, prefers to wear either skirts or leggins. Is partial to running shoes.

Loud - Magdalene is loud in many ways. Yes, she has a loud voice and, but she also isn't afraid to use it and does so a lot. Magdalene expresses her opinion if she has one, and she does with clear voice and mind. Magdalene never talks out of her ass, and every word she says has a meaning and a purpose.

Social - Magdalene likes people and being around them and although her social skills are a bit rusty she loves a good, meaningful conversation. But Magdalene doesn't really like useless blabbing and empty words, and lying is what she hates the most. Magdalene is good at spotting bullshit and will call it out without hesitation. Abab has given her a lot of practice with getting fooled and Magdalene won't fall for any scam or lie that easily.
Magdalene tries to be easy approach, and when she does befriend someone Magdalene has that person's back.

Responsible - Magdalene is a good person to put in charge of things, because when she is responsible for something she sees it to the end and takes no crap. Magdalene has a strong sense of justice and follows the morals she has set for herself, and she borders on being chaotic good.

Rowdy - Magdalene works hard and plays hard. She sets out to do every task she's given with determination and gusto, and after a hard day's work she knows just how to reward herself. Magdalene isn't overly flashy and doesn't purposefully seek attention, but she always seems to draw it with her attitude that screams that she enjoys life to the fullest. This can either make her alluring or very annoying.

Rebellious - Call it Abab's influence or just her nature, but Magdalene often gets the urge to go against rules or restrictions. Maybe she wants to test just how far she can go, or prove herself, who knows. But Magdalene also knows when some rules should not be broken, no matter how much she wants to.

Willful - Magdalene is an independent individual with a strong will and mind. She is hard to make waver, and Magdalene is often the rock when shit hits the fan. She stands her ground and stays cool no matter the situation, and can keep a clear head in crisis no problem.

Assertive - Magdalene likes to be in charge and on top of things, and she doesn't like it when someone else tries to have control over her or what she does. So Magdalene always makes sure to appear strong and confident, which she definitely is, and if someone tries to boss her around for no good grounds or reason Magdalene will show them just how the cookie crumbles.

Cool - Magdalene is hard to surprise and even when she is surprised or impressed she doesn't show it on her face. All in all Magdalene doesn't really show her emotions on her face unless it really matters, and usually she only has a small confident smile. But Magdalene's voice is very expressive so she usually doesn't really have to show her emotions outside anyway.

Smart - Magdalene is smart, both academically and street smart. Abab has told Magdalene a lot about the dark side, and combining that knowledge with her hardy amount of common sense and looking at the bright side Magdalene has a healthy and realistic way of looking at the world.

Cunning - Abab always had hidden motives about everything, and all he says and does is meant to drive his agenda in some way. He trusts no one and no one shoud trust him.

Loudmouth - Abab likes to talk big and loud and profanity is as common for him as breathing. Thankfully Abab doesn't get to talk that often, but when he does oh boy, it's hard to shut him up.

Vile - Abab is the textbook definition of an evil demon lord and it shows in his desires and impulses. His thoughts all are in some way in line with all the deadly sins and he is filled with dark desires to the brim.

Possession: Abab is able to temporarily possess objects, if Magdalene touches the object with the arm he houses. When possessing an object Abab can project his voice through it as long as he is touching it, and he can leave a small piece of his soul inside an object and temporarily control it remotely. Abab can remotely control up to 5 objects at a time, and that weakens him considerably.

Curse Undone: Magdalene has the power to both power up and undo curses. She can both worsen their effect or completely erase them. If Magdalene breaks a curse it requires great concentration and weakens her considerably, leaving her unable to use this ability for a few days.
Magdalene breaks a curse by touching the one cursed with her non-possessed arm and concentrating immensely. This may take anything from 20 minutes to hours, depending on how strong the curse is.
To make the curse worse Magdalene has to touch the arm Abab is possessing to the one cursed and do the same thing as when breaking a curse.

Soul Talk: Magdalene and Abab are bonded partly by their souls as well, and they can send each other telepathic messages whenever they want. Both of them can also block messages from each other, although if enough willpower and determination is used one can force a message through the other's mental barrier.

Sealing Bracelet: Magdalene usually wears a specially constructed sealing bracelet on her left wrist. This bracelet makes it, so the demon Abab in Magdalene's left arm can't have control over the arm anymore. It doesn't limit or seal any other abilities Abab or Magdalene has, just makes it so Magdalene can have control over the arm whenever she wears the bracelet.
Immortality: Abab is immortal, and because she's being partially possessed by Abab Magdalene is immortal too. She will stop aging when she hits her physical peak, and won't be able to die due to aging or sickness. If she is killed Magdalene will die for good, and Abab will dissipate and disappear from existence.

-Symbiosis: Magdalene and Abab are bonded together in both body and soul, and they cannot be separated without causing serious and possibly lethal damage. This bond grants Magdalene some boons, and gives Abab a partial vessel to act through. Also Abab has control over Magdalene's left arm, but when close to holy objects she gets the control back, or she can concentrate immensely and temporarily fight the control back from Abab.
-Heightened Sight: Magdalene can see in the dark, and when she is in the dark Magdalene's eyes shine red.
-Strong Arm: The arm Abab is possessing has superhuman strength and it can lift a ton.

Holy Blessing: Magdalene has inherited some holy power from her ancestor, that was blessed by one of the angels that directly served God.
-Magdalene is immune to any magic, auras and powers that are demonic or otherwise malevolent or evil in energy or purpose. Curses do not have any effect on Magdalene either.
-Magdalene can sense, if someone is demonic of origin or otherwise inherently evil or malevolent in nature and she can sense if someone is cursed. She can't distinguish precisely what the curse does.
Holy Objects: Magdalene herself isn't inherently weak towards holy objects, but Abab is and due to their bonds it also affects Magdalene. Whenever they get closer than 2 meters to a holy object the arm that Abab possesses starts aching, and the rest of Magdalene's body feels uncomfortable. And if her left arm touches a holy object it receives two to three degree burns. If the holy object touches somewhere else on Magdalene's body her left arm will feel like it's burning all over and she will get a splitting headache.

Hijacking: What is keeping Abab from taking over Magdalene completely is her own willpower and the holy blessing that she has inherited. But despite both of those Abab is still constantly trying to take Magdalene over, and if she lets her guard down due to emotional shock or she gets mentally weak or exhausted Abab can and will try to take over her entire soul and body.

Abab's story begins loooooong time ago, and it's pretty standard and doesn't have to be touched upon too deeply. He was created in hell, and was a pretty exemplary demon. He liked sinning, torturing and killing other both physically and mentally and was a general dick. Abab became a pretty big shot, and almost everyone knew and either respected or feared him. And this was how he lived for most of his life, just having fun and doing whatever demons do. Like mentioned, it's not important.
The important part started, when Abab met his match in a human priest, that had been blessed by one of the angels that served the big G face-to-face. Abab was no match for this priests holy power, and so sometime around the start of the Middle Ages Abab was stripped of his physical form and his soul and all his concentrated power and evil force was sealed within a blessed vessel, which in this case was pint made from metal.

After being trapped inside this vessel Abab was locked away inside a wooden trunk which in turn was put inside another trunk and then those trunks were put in the cellar of the church the priest ran. And that priest and his family would keep guarding Abab, changing his prison after every few hundred years when Abab's evil started to seep through and corrupt the object Abab was trapped in. This went on for over 1500 years. And then during the early 2000s, the young Magdalene enters our story.

Magdalene was born in Germany into a family that ran a church. Or more like her priest father Solomon ran it. Magdalene's mother Deborah owned a bakery just down the street from the church, and together the two and their establishments were the cornerstone of their community. Magdalene, ever since she was a kiddie, was proud of her parents and how people seemed to gather around them. And she was no different, with her endearing attitude, fearlessness and spunky personality Magdalene also acted as the "leader" of the kids on the block. But unlike her parents Magdalene didn't possess the fear of God, and rather challenged Him and His beliefs. Same came to her parents, and Magdalene always made a point of doing exactly what they didn't want her to do. And that same applied to her father telling her to never, EVER go to the basement.

It was a rainy day, and Magdalene's father was busy holding a sermon and her mother was away in her bakery, so she was free to go and sneak into the basement. Magdalene was 9, and at the height of her curiosity and rebellion. Solomon was scary when angered, but Magdalene would just sneak a little peek and nothing else. He would never know that Magdalene had been in the basement. Or so she told herself as she opened the old, creaky hatch and saw the long, dark steps. Magdalene was fearless, but the sight made her swallow.
Magdalene sneaked the steps down, and there was...nothing. Just a lot of dust and an old trunk in the corner of the room. Magdalene was disappointed, but decided to go and check out the trunk anyway. Maybe there was something cool inside. But she couldn't get it open, no matter how hard she tried, and after few minutes she was bored and going back up. That was when she heard a voice in her head.
"It's about time you got down here, kid."

Abab and Magdalene started chatting from that rainy day on. She occasionally went down to the basement to just listen to Abab's stories, and Abab welcomed the company. Solomon didn't talk back to him and was absolutely impossible to entice. But he thought Magdalene would be easy to talk into opening the trunks and getting her to touch his vessel even a bit. Then he'd be able to possess the girl. But unfortunately Magdalene wasn't stupid, and even though Abab tried to tell her otherwise she was pretty sure he was a demon. So after few years Abab had pretty much given up on making Magdalene give up her body, and just talked to the girl. She was an interesting one, free and open-minded unlike those two stuffy ones she called parents.

Magdalene and Abab kept chatting until she was around 13. And that was when she did a fatal mistake. The two were having a normal discussion, like they always did. But this time the trunk Abab's current vessel was in wasn't locked, because Magdalene's father was planning to transfer the demon to a new prison. Abab knew this, and he was able to talk Magdalene into cracking the trunk open a bit and peeking in. And using some of his powers Abab made the trunk jump a bit just when Magdalene was leaning on it, making the girl fall forward and accidentally touch her left hand to the plate. Immediately Abab transferred himself into Magdalene and tried to take over, and normally would've succeeded within seconds. But Magdalene's will was strong and she had inherited some of the holy powers that had been bestowed upon her ancestor, that had beat Abab. So Magdalene had time to yell at the top of her lungs, and it took Abab several minutes to get a hold of Magdalene's soul. And after that he began slowly spreading up her arm, taking over her body.

When Abab was freed Magdalene's father could feel it, and heard his daughter's yells. So Solomon ran into the basement, carrying holy relics and a large amount of holy water. He could see Magdalene writhing on the ground, and could guess what was happening. Solomon immediately poured a bucketful of holy water on Magdalene and placed a blessed cross on her, muttering a prayer. This stopped Abab's possession, but he had already claimed Magdalene's left arm and a small part of her soul.

After that point Magdalene's arm was soiled black and brown, and it wasn't in her control anymore. Magdalene had become Abab's new vessel and prison. Abab was happy with this, now he had plenty of chances to take Magdalene over, but Magdalene and her family were far from happy. But after few failed attempts to separate the two it was clear it would kill Magdalene and possibly Abab as well. So Magdalene had to merely live with this now.
Magdalene stopped going to school, and she was hid away and couldn't see her friends anymore. Her parents told everyone Magdalene had been sent to a boarding school, and they homeschooled her in secret. Magdalene got sick of being cooped up very quickly, and partly thanks to Abab's insistent whining she sneaked out at night and walked around the city, showing Abab what the world had become. And perhaps to sate the strange urge to know about the darker side of the world and human nature.

These days of being inside and nights of walking around went on for many years, all the way until Magdalene was 18 and had just "finished" high school. Magdalene begged for her parents to let her go to college, but naturally they declined. Magdalene would stay home, and become a priest and continue guarding Abab like all her ancestors had done before her. Magdalene absolutely didn't want this to happen, and to vent her anger she went out and got herself drunk one day. And that resulted in Abab trying to take over the rest of Magdalene when she was at a weakened state. Magdalene was still strong willed in her state, and proceeded to have a loud fight with her left arm in a public place, calling Abab all kinds of names. Abab, always a prideful one, was angered and showed off his powers in public, trying to throw a trashcan on Magdalene. This scene was caught on camera, and the video went viral. Although in the eyes of the general public the video was deemed a hoax the academy caught on this incident, and immediately scouts were dispatched to Germany to go and investigate.

The scouts knocked on the church door one morning, and Solomon opened the door. And when they explained what they were doing there he slammed the door on their face, refusing to listen. But thankfully Magdalene had been listening, and sneaked out right after her father had refused the scouts. She found them, and explained her situation to them in detail, letting Abab explain his part in the happenings as well. And after many months of pleading and asking and threatening Solomon and Deborah let their daughter go to Manta Carlos on one condition. She'd get to go only after she turned 20. So Magdalene waited, and left immediately after she turned 20, and was enrolled into the college, where she began studying demonology due to Abab's influence and to look for ways to fix their situation.

Lives in the dorms, her parents send her money
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Name: Magdalene G. Porter
Apparent Age: 20
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Height: 6'0"; 183cm
Build: Wide shoulders, has a swimmer's build and not much curves

Notable Features:
-Long, unruly ginger hair
-Bright blue eyes
-Left arm is dark grey and has black and red markings and is kinda wrinkly and thinner than the other arm

Physical Quirks:
-Has kind of a loud voice
-Usually doesn't have control of her left arm, it's possessed by a demon lord named Abab
-Sometimes her left arm has a hand puppet on it that talks

Abilities Summary:
-The demon lord in Magdalene's left arm can possess objects temporarily and talk through them and control them
-Magdalene can break curses, and also make them worse
-Magdalene and Abab can use telepathy
-Magdalene's left arm is hella strong
-Magdalene can see in the dark and when she is in the dark her eyes shine red
-Immune to all demonic or otherwise evil magic and curses, can sense when someone is demonic or otherwise evil in origin, can sense when someone is cursed

Reputation: Is pretty new on the island, not much reputation yet. Some older demons, like, those that existed before middle ages, might know about Abab since he was kind of a big shot before he got captured

Misc Information: -
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