Promise nothing and deliver less
Sep 16, 2018
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Euphemia Dvorak
A former member of a religious order of monster hunters, created by experiments using black magic, giving her the ability to eat magic by being around it. Sent to Manta Carlos to have a normal childhood and hopefully learn how to be a proper human while she's at it.

Evie Everson
A superpowered runaway, raised by carnies, used her gravity powers to perform in a circus and rob people on the side. Attending school to avoid going to mundane jail.

Natalie Kurono
A Nekomata journalist, formerly a murderous monster, now living on the island and writing for the papers to both indulge her own curiosity and to cause controversy.


One of the last members of a witch clan, sent to the island to learn how to break the curse that claimed the rest of her family.

Angus Audron
A bear shifting jock, snatched away from his ideal life in the narrow reality only to end up stewing over his increasingly obvious mediocrity in supernatural society. Brother of Jazz and Charlie.​
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