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Locke Wolfram

Discussion in 'Archived Characters' started by Nameless, Sep 11, 2017.

  1. Nameless

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    Oct 22, 2015
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    #1 Nameless, Sep 11, 2017
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    Name: Locke Wolfram
    Age: 25
    Birthday: August 21
    Gender: Male
    Species: Half-human, quarter-wrath demon, quarter-pride demon
    Category: Citizen
    Career: Bouncer
    Appearance Description:

    [Official art of Gigantis from MU Online; and Armstrong from Full Metal Alchemist]​

    In his demon form, Locke is a 9'6" tall, muscular, reptilian specimen with a prehensile tail capable of lifting as much as his arms would. His skin is thick, leathery and tough, with bony outcrops that act like armor. His eyes are blue with a piercing gaze. He gains a horn that glows blue, its intensity being linked to how much magic he is using. This glow is also present in the cracks on his armor. His demonic voice is also much rough and hoarse, fit for a demonic creature.

    In his human form, Locke is a 9'6" tall, muscular human specimen with a bald head save for the tiny curly tuff of blond hair he has sticking out at the front of his head. His well-kept mustache is also a sight to behold. He has pale skin that's just as tough as his demon form's, except this one is smoother, and may glisten under the right lighting. He retains his piercing blue eyes. His human voice is also much more smoother, fit for a charming gentleman.

    Locke also possesses a glamor in the form of a ring that shrinks his body to a mere 6-foot height when his towering physique becomes a problem. He hates it, not being used to being so short.

    Personality Description: Locke is a gentle giant who will not hesitate to fight back in his own defense or the defense of others. However, he will also not hesitate to fight if someone gets in his way. Basically, he just likes to fight and show off when provoked, however he does try to ease up on the beat-downs, especially when he works as a bouncer since that tended not to go well for him. Well, his career. He is fully capable of taking a punch. Or a dozen.

    He is quite proud of himself as well, and can find it in himself to respect someone he finds as a match in the physical category, whether from a friendly flex-off or a street fight. And while he seems good-natured at first, he has been involved in some shady business in one of his early lives, being the personal bodyguard to the head of a crime family once upon a time.

    Locke has actually had many lives before this one, but just how many, even he forgot. Memories also tend to bleed into each other as he retains some of the memories of every reincarnations.

    Species Abilities:
    • Armored Hide -- His skin on both his human and demon forms are as strong as steel.
    • Supreme Strength -- He is capable of holding up to 200 tons (about the weight of a train engine).
    • Form Shift -- Locke can shift between his human and demon form freely.
    • Demon Armor -- When in his demon form, he automatically summons a suit of armor that consumes any spell that hits it. The armor around the abdominal area has channels that glow brighter the more spells it absorbs. Ambient magic is also drawn towards it.
      • Shockwave -- The armor can release the magic it absorbed into a radial blast, or focus it forward for a more concentrated boom.
    • Summon Axe -- Locke can summon a demonic axe that can channel the stored magic in his armor. This allows it to fire off projectiles as it swings, or focus a shockwave upon impact.

    Biography: Locke isn't easy to kill, but a body can only take so much, and when that limit is reached, he retreats to the darkness in order to recover. However, he cannot simply make a new body, he has to make someone do it for him. And to do that, he must possess someone, usually a male, and when that male impregnates a woman, then he gets to possess the embryo and that becomes his new body.

    His recent life has been routine. He did human stuff, built his body to his desires, and simply did what a normal person would do. Only, he is more involved with gang violence and acts of delinquency. But after 'growing out of that phase' aka, getting bored of it, he began working as a bouncer, using his towering frame of muscles to his advantage. For most of his recent life, Locke lived in Chicago where he met a gang of non-humans. These were the only people who saw his true form and lived. They did some heists together, using their supernatural powers to do their jobs, and then disappear for a while.

    It was during one of these breaks that Locke decided to move on in life and go to Manta Carlos along with his crew and surround himself with people like himself. Picking on the humans was losing its appeal. It was here that he continued working as a bouncer, and if he ever needed some extra cash, he would enter himself in some fighting tournaments, it didn't matter what kind. He'd usually win though thanks to the combined experiences of his past lives. But he's a good sport when he loses. Give the other isn't a sore winner.

    Additional Information:
    -He knows a variety of martial arts and has since mixed everything up. Although when asked what he knows, he'd simply reply with boxing and judo. He was prideful, but he wasn't going to waste anyone's time by listing out every martial art he had learned.

    -His memories aren't actually complete, which is partly the cause of why they bleed into each other.
  2. Bijou

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