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Sep 16, 2018
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Leo sat at the back of the classroom, sitting attentively even as his mind wandered. His ability to learn fast meant he absorbed the content quickly, which usually left him bored and with plenty of time to think before the classes ended.

His thoughts were usually a jumbled mess, the culture shock of the island still hadn't worn off, not to mention his struggles to relate to his newer peers. The other NEK0 and KEM0 like him on the island helped alleviate that somewhat, but most that he'd met usually left him more confused than anything else.

The fact he shared a few classes with one of the aforementioned KEM0 didn't exactly help.

He found himself glancing over at the small girl a few times while he counted down the minutes he could leave. His first meeting with Michi had left an impression on him that continued to bother him even now. Once the teacher wrapped up and said they could leave he'd planned to head straight to the library to read up on the island more, but instead ended up lingering outside the classroom, waiting until she had started to leave as well before approaching her.

It was gonna keep bothering him until he tried talking to her again, it was worth a shot at least.

"Hello, uh...again." He murmured, awkwardly, once he had a chance.



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Mar 20, 2014
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Michi was as still as a statue and dead silent throughout the class--only speaking up is asked to. Like the other KEM0 and NEK0, Michi did not need to take notes, so her hands remained still on her desk, fingers interlaced.

Once class was over, Michi was quick to gather up her things. She had some YA books in her room that she was eager to get to. To her surprise though, she was approached by Leo outside of the classroom. The first time Michi had approached other KEM0 and NEK0, it hadn't exactly...gone smoothly. The others, including Leo, seemed put off by her. It did bother her a little bit, even if she did not expect to stay on the island for long.

"Hello Leo," she replied with a smile.


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