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Jul 3, 2016
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"People say I'm blind, but I see just fine. I see the world around, see things in a way few people do. For there are many ways to see." ~Leandro~

Name: Leandro Erebus
Age: 16
Birthday: February 1st
Gender: Male

Species: Vampire
Category: Student
Class: College
Grade: Sophomore
College Major: Vampire Bloodlines

Art is Nagito Komaeda by Mireryn

He stands at exactly 6 feet tall, he has a athletic muscular build, pale gray eyes, medium length white hair, his clothing normally consists of a T-shirt jeans and maybe a coat all normally green or gray in color.

Leandro comes off as a very calm but friendly person, he's surprisingly open and fun to be around. He doesn't hide that he's blind and he expects no special treatment, in fact treating him differently is one of the quickest ways to annoy or anger him. He just owns being blind, it's a part of who he is, he's confident in himself and his abilities but not to the point of cockiness. He's slow to anger, but if you ever spark that anger you likely deserve the fury that follows. He's got a wisdom about him thats uncommon for someone his age, the things he says often surprise the people around him. Despite all this, he does have his issues, doubts about himself and his place in his clan, causing him to sometimes push himself too hard in trying to earn his keep via training and studying showing that he's not only a warrior but a scholar, this has led him to excel in his studies and enter college early, but he's overly exhausted himself in the past causing some concern from his family. He's known for having strings of one night stands, no one girl seems to be able to hold him down, he does hope to one day find the right girl for him though. He also uses his skill and strong will toward protecting people, via as a vigilante known as Nightstrider. Unknown to most, his playboy persona is used to hide the pain of a lost loved one, his first girlfriend Anna, as well as to hide an inner anger he's done his best to control over the years, anger at himself more than anything else, her murder motivated him to take up vigilantism and find her killers and protect people when he can.

Another Way to See: Leandro went blind at a very young age because of this he developed an alternative way of seeing. While his everyone of his bloodline has enhanced senses his came together to make up for his lack of sight. He can turn these abilities on and off as needed.
-Hearing: Thanks to his hearing he's developed a version of sonar. He picks up sounds around him that allow him to create a mental image of the area around him as he had eyes. Through this he can tell what a person is doing just as well as anyone with their eyesight intact. He can tell what the people are doing and their body structure.
It's limited to a distant of 50 feet.
Cannot sense color nor see writing
He's normally unable to see detail like someone's face, however he can see detail when it's raining, as the drops create a web of sounds allowing him to see the detail.
-Blood Sense: He can sense a person's blood. This allows him to form a mental image of a person's circulatory system and sense how fast their heart is beating.
It's limited to only the immediate ten feet. Cannot use his sonar sense while using this and can only use it on one person at a time.
-Sonar Limit: Because this is based around hearing it leaves him vulnerable to loud noises. High pitch sounds in particular are painful and louder sounds can disrupt the mental picture of his surroundings leaving him confused and disoriented until he can recover.

-Combat: Despite his lack of eyesight he's been able to use his unique sensory perception to train in combat and is in fact very skilled in it. While not a master, his skills in hand to hand and the use of bladed weapons are way above that of what you'd expect from someone his age.

Shadow Magic: he's trained in the use of shadow magic
-Shadow Sense: he's able to sense the location and position of all shadows within 50 feet
-Shadow Teleport: he can teleport via vanishing through shadows and popping out of them, with a range of about a mile.
Limitations: Limited by the number and location of the shadows, and he'll be limited to places within that mile that he knows well, obviously won't work if there are no shadows.
-Shadow Shards: he's able to summon blades made from pure darkness, they cut through flesh easily and can penetrate metal if enough force is given. They can be as small as a dagger or as big as a katana, because of his training he can use them in a number of ways, such as swords or throwing spears.
Limitations: Can summon up to four at a time, can only summon more when all four are gone, requires darkness to summon from, like a shadow.
-Light Based Magic Limit: His shadow magic is vulnerable to light magic can easily dispel it. Won't work if there is no darkness or shadows.

Physically Enhanced
: able to lift 2000 pounds, jump 20 feet, reflexes are enhanced, could catch an arrow if the see it coming, has retractable claws and fangs
Enhanced Senses: all senses are on the level of the best hunting animals, has night vision. Note: because Leandro is blind he doesn't have the night vision.
Healing Factor: wounds heal very quickly, a bullet wound will be gone in 24 hours, blocks most poisons and toxins.
Unaging: will stop aging in their 20s unless turned when older and live forever if not killed
Turning: If he bites an individual they will turn into a vampire of the same bloodline, the change takes around a week, though it can take longer if the person has some healing abilities that don't grant complete immunity.

Overall Limit:
-Holy Items: Whils not physically harmful they can weaken them. A cross within 5 feet causes their strength to be cut in half and being splashed with holy water will shut all powers off until it's dried off.

-Sunlight: sunlight instantly burns them, walking unshielded in sunlight is suicide as they'd burst into flames.
-Blood: like most vampires, they require to drink blood daily in order to survive, but if said blood is tainted via toxins/drugs or a desease it can make them ill. The severity and length of the sicknesses depends on the taint, it's never lethal but can be a dangerous as it weakens them, this acts as a workaround to their healing factor.
-Silver: burns their skin on touch, turns off their healing factor, making injuries for the next 2 hours heal as if human

•Leandro is incredibly wealthy with his family owning numerous businesses, he has access to both an apartment and the family mansion.

-Leandro was born in Rome to a powerful clan of vampires. This clan was dedicated to helping vampires around the world.
-His first six months of his life were normal, or as normal as the life of a vampire could be.
-Then the clan was attacked by vampire hunters and Leandro was kidnapped. The hunters intended to use Leandro as a sacrifice to gain more power.
-During the ceremony, Leandro was briefly exposed to sunlight, burning his eyes.
-Before he could be sacrificed his clan retaliated and he was saved, but he was permanently blind.
-He grew up something of a trouble child, he seemed to suffer from bloodlust more than others.
-He often got into fights, though he rarely started them, he always finished them.
-As he got older, he trained hard in combat. Pushing himself harder than any of the others in his clan, whether it was to prove himself to the others or himself is unknown, bit he pushed himself to the limit.
-His anger continued until his early teens, that's when he met her, Anna. She just seemed to have a way with him, he was calm around them, so they ended up a couple.
-Then the hunters returned, they attacked and Anna was killed. Leandro was wracked with guilt, a feeling that he should of protected her.
-This motivated him to train, to focus on helping people and funding the hunters.
-Now the clan returns to Manta Carlos, having come and gone over the years, it looks like they intend to stay this time.

-Can play the piano but rarely does for people
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Jul 3, 2016
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Name: Leandro Erebus
Apparent Age: 16
Gender: Male
Species: Vampire
Height: 6'
Build: Athletic, carefully trained, good balance of strength and agility

Notable Features: White hair, gray eyes, retractable claws and fangs, somewhat pale skin. Is blind.

Physical Quirks: Tends to use hand and head motions when talking, speaks in a light Italian accent

Power Summary:
Shadow Magic: Can teleport through shadows and create blades from them. Weak to light magic.
Extra Senses: Has enhanced sonar that allows him to create a mental image of everything around him from sounds. Can "see" people's circulatory system.
Species Abilities: Enhanced strength and agility as well as an enhanced sense of smell, has an enhanced healing factor. Weak to sunlight, silver and holy items. Has no scent.

Reputation: Has a reputation of being intelligent (is already in college) and friendly as well as very charming. Loves parties and is sorta the foreign exchange student girls tend to crush on.

Misc Information: Plays piano, only a select few know of this.
Icon is Nagito Komaeda by maesketch
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