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Romi Lawrence Syre

Discussion in 'Character Applications' started by Lawrence Syre, Apr 17, 2019 at 7:58 AM.

  1. Lawrence Syre
    Lawrence Syre

    The Induring

    Apr 4, 2019
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    #1 Lawrence Syre, Apr 17, 2019 at 7:58 AM
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    Name: Lawrence Syre.
    Age: Unknown.
    Birthday: Unknown
    Gender: Male.
    Species: Incomprehensible
    Category: Student
    Class: High School-Eleventh Grade

    Appearance Description:
    eye color: jet black.
    skin color: fair
    clothing: Can always be found wearing an old, black cloak, with normal old attire underneath.
    hair: Never combs, always a mess.
    height: 175 centimeters
    weight: 70 kilograms
    Worth noticing that Lawrence looks like a typical seventeen year old.
    Appearence: Syre, is for all practical purposes, a human.
    His mannerisms have been heavily influenced from the bygone eras. He carries
    with himself a rather peculiar pocket watch to keep track of time dilation. He also has been carrying an ancient tobacco pipe made of ebony. Although he doesn't smoke, he can be found blowing bubbles into the pipe.
    This pocket watch is not unique or magical. It's just an antique.
    His physique is slender and swift.
    He carries a scar under his left eye, a souvenir from a century old battle. His face is rugged with a light stubble of beard that never seems to grow at all.
    On his back he keeps his weapons holstered away. He uses nothing but a hefty one-handed blade, coupled with a heavy revolver.

    Personality Description:

    Withdrawn: Three centuries worth of wisdom has taught him not to let himself stray in small talk. He prefers to converse when his opinion is needed, and believes in observing from a distance.
    Intelligence: Boasting a modest IQ of a hundred and twenty five, his intelligence works particular wonders with his second active ability.
    Humorist: He just pretends to have a good sense of humor : ( His jokes aren't that good.
    Kind: Having suffered the worst the world could dish out to him, Lawrence can relate to other's suffering. As such during his quest for the truth of his orgins, he had roamed the world and saved towns from bandits, pests and other unnatural inconveniences.
    Blunt: That is not to say that he is *not* secretive. He is. Perhaps more than anyone. But he finds, that speaking the truth saves him a lot of time and unnecessary explanations.
    Childish: Despite being three hundred years old, he prefers to stay in touch with his childish demeanor. This side of him however is only revealed to those who are close to his heart. Mere acquaintances perceive him as an isolated, calculating and veiled persona.
    Loving: Blegh. Do I have to explain this?
    Underconfident: Yes. Even immortals suffer from this plague. He rarely avails an opportunity for a potentially rewarding relationship, for fear that he may underperform.
    Stubborn: Strong Willed and Stubborn are two different things. While his stubbornness may grant him an eerie determination in a fight, Lawrence often fails to realize when to give up which can and has led to rather awkward situations.
    Overthinking: Prefering cold, logic over emotions, he tends to overanalyze his circumstances, which can be useful at times, but it only leads him to untrue deductions.

    [Note] Socially inept around women. And is immensely annoyed by the scratchy sound of those pesky velcro straps.

    Active Abilities:

    The Cogs and Gears: Using intense focus and concentration Lawrence can dismantle and rearrange the atoms around him into any complex structure he wishes. Oddly enough, he only seems to possess control over inorganic materials.
    Having memorized several diverse and complicated mechanisms, he can create machines and weapons of unfathomable complexity in the heat of battle.
    The back draw here is that, while simplistic structures like an axe may not require much focus, the more complex a given creation is, the more focus it requires.
    So naturally, complexity drains his mental vigour and enough of it has even left him unconscious at times.
    No cooldowns.

    A crack in the slab: Perhaps his most costly ability, Lawrence can quite literally bring the entire continuum of time down to its knees.
    He can as such, slow time down or halt it completely.
    During this period, anything he touches is pulled back into the regular flow of time.
    This chips away at his vigour and stamina drastically and is only used as a trump card.
    At most, given his maximum stamina, Lawrence has been experimentally known to drag this ability to a complete hour and a half.
    Again, the time period may vary depending on his remaining stamina.

    Don't Blink: Instant teleportation anywhere within a ten kilometer radius. No cooldown or delays. People or objects that Lawrence is holding will be teleported with him.

    [Note] His abilities can be temporarily disabled with the presence of extremely strong electromagnetic feilds. The reason behind this is unknown.
    The strength of these magnetic fields is comparable to those found inside the LHC. Stray or weak feilds have close to no affect.

    Passive Abilities

    [Main Passive]
    His reflexes with these weapons of steel are uncanny. He can use any blade at his disposal to easily parry several incoming projectiles.
    His aim with a gun can knock a needle off the tail of a cat from 500 meters away.
    Hand him a blade and a gun, and Lawrence can take down the toughest and swiftest of opponents while munching on churros.

    [Secondary Passive(s)]
    He is also immune to death whatsoever. His body puts itself back together even after being disintegrated. Lawrence learnt this after trying to commit suicide by burning himself. This event took place in the first half a century of his life.

    Lawrence himself does not know of his true origins. He woke up a night in 1800s in a dilapidated house in Great Britian, with no recollection of his past whatsoever. He quickly found himself to be immune to death whatsoever.
    He essentially spent the next half a century of his life wandering the streets, as a homeless dud.
    After being caught up in a street fight, others, learnt of his immortality. Word of this peculiarity of his quickly spread throughout town.
    After that every gang in town had him in sights as a potentially immortal ally.
    He subsequently fled from Britian and wandered aimlessly before coming upon a monastary high up in some mountains. He was taken in by the kind monks. It was here that he learnt to come at terms with his troubled and perpetual existence.
    After having mastered his own senses, his other abilities began to surface, wherein he left the monastery and slowly but steadily familiarized himself with his new found and strange powers.
    Simultaneously, he developed a deep affection for weapons of steel, the gun and the blade and honed his hand with them.
    Gathering these mastery of these abilities took him a good century.
    Naturally owing to his above average IQ, Lawrence couldn't help but be drawn towards knowledge. As such, he has honed his skill with numbers by learning informally from the greatest minds of his time. Through time, he has acquinated himself with Leonardo Davinci, Gauss and other notable minds.
    After just a century and a half of conciousness, he began to feel the purposelessness of a continued existence creep in.
    After that came a quest to seek purpose.
    He sought love, but could find none.
    He seeked comradeship, but time would eventually catch up to his friends.
    Considering it his duty, he began aiding others with his skill, but could derive no sense of purpose from it.
    It seemed, that the burning question of his shrouded origins was the only drive he could settle on
    Over the next decades and till now, Lawrence has roamed the earth looking for answers to his past, but has come no closer.
    He recently learns of the Manta Carlos, a sanctuary of sorts for other fellow super beings.
    He decides to continue his search there, since running into another fellow immortal could yield answers to the time before he had ever woken up.
    He joins the school "Starlight Academy" since he'd never been afforded the opportunity to be properly educated.
    Since he has already learnt how to read and write, he need not need remedial classes, but instead decides to join directly from Grade Eleven. He is already aware of several diverse subjects but was never formally educated.

    Resources: Being offered a dorm and a stipend by the school.

    Additional Information: He is still single ladies ; )

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