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Larath "Black Knight" Odawn

Discussion in 'Archived Characters' started by Hyperion, Sep 12, 2018.

  1. Hyperion

    Well-Known Member

    Apr 18, 2014
    Name: Larath Odawn
    Age: 31
    Birthday: May 2nd
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Category: Citizen

    Appearance Description:





    A large black armoured man with white trim A red cloak usually covers him or follows behind him. With a sword with a gold pommel, grip and guard. The rest made of an undying silver that cannot loose it sharpness or gleam.


    He's a blonde haired man. wearing black and gold trimmed clothing. He's a man who enjoys speaking

    Personality Description:

    A very "by the books" sort of man. He's never been know to speak in contractions. Most people have a hard time trying to find him out since in his armour he's a cold distant person. Known only the thrill of combat. But with out his armour he's a man who enjoys diplomacy.

    Active Abilities:

    Armour of Octain (see armoured form);

    "To my future son, He who has delved General Mountain's trials. With strength of with and of the world. I grant you this armour. The Armour of Octain. Hand created by my brother. The Grey Knight and Justicar ____"

    Some of the words are gone due to time.

    The armour is bound to the wearer. It is sentient in that if the wearer is in danger it will appear onto the owner, but ONLY if the danger is physical. Since due to the armour and the maker. Most magic that is BENEFICIAL to him will go through, but if anything harms him it will appear and make the magic or weapon bounce.

    There's a ring that is bound to his ring finger. To show his future for the Sentinels.

    Passive Abilities:

    Aurum's Blade.

    Larath has a sword. It's made by magic almost akin to the legend of Excalbur. He can use it to fight magical entities and deflect magic. Even use his will to make a ranged attack. The sword is just an imitation of a sword his past father's used. But he is yet to unlock the blades full powers. Since he's only half Psyker.

    Magical Strength; While he has his sword and armour; he has abnormal strength. He can pick up boulders and even tanks with out trying. (as long as he wears the armour.)

    Armour weakness; Divine

    His armour can deflect mundane and weak magic weapons. As if they were plastic. If they have major magic; He can be wounded. If he is attacked by divine magic. He can be felled.

    So long as he can be caught with out his armour and sword. He's a normal human. Wearing regal clothes. Yet the armour keeps him strong and keeps the difference.


    After a handful of years of the death of Octain. Larath was born. His father Aurum, The Grey Knight and favored friend of the dead magician. Though Aurum did not die himseld he passed Larath onto some one else. To attempt to save them from the daemons of his past.

    He grew up fighting. Punches and everything. Knowing that his parents were not who they were. They were aunts and uncles and moved a lot due to his will to fight and survive. He itched to fight those who wronged someone else. He was the only son of Aurum.

    Once his 16th birthday come to him he was giving a set of armour from his father and his uncle. It fitted to him magically. He was laughing as he fought them both. Almost won till his father's eyes went blue and his uncle said "GENERAL MOUNTAIN" When that happened a large blue hole appeared.

    "SON" his father stated. It was too late.

    When it happened he found himself himself in a new world. A Dystopian era. Hearing..


    He stared at the person.

    "Fine. My father shall give me strength." He got up and moved to the arena. Looking around his armour showed up.

    He then fought a large Dragon. Using his arm to block. Laughing before cutting it's head off.

    He spent years. Fighting every day. Only being known as the "Black Knight". Before finishing off something. He spent a whole day fighting. Stabbing his sword into the ground and panting.

    "I'm doing being a Gladiator." He stated.

    Someone from the Sentient's came to him. Pulling Larath up.

    "Follow me." The person stated. Giving him a paper. Larath signed. Thus he became a Sentinel. He gave his vows and stared at his rings.

    "Father and Grand father give me strength."

    Additional Information:

    For now; He's the Bastard child of Aurum he's a future past.

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