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Kada Kurome Kuroko

Discussion in 'Students' started by BlancBlack, Jul 11, 2019 at 3:42 PM.

  1. BlancBlack


    Oct 11, 2018
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    #1 BlancBlack, Jul 11, 2019 at 3:42 PM
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    Name: Kurome Kuroko
    Age: Barghest - 670 / Humanoid - 19
    Birthday: 17th of January
    Gender: Female
    Species: Black Dog
    Category: Student
    Class: College
    Grade: 1st Year
    College Major: Athletics
    Appearance Description:
    [​IMG] Model created using "Koikatsu Party" (nsfw warning / steam age-gate)
    Kuu exists primarily in a humanoid form which takes on the appearance similar to a regular human with certain extra features, notably animal ears (which completely replace human ears, one of them even being pierced), tail and fur covering a portion of all four limbs. Her palms and soles even possess soft pink pads found on her fellow canine friends. Having darker, caramel-colored skin with dark freckles, the girl also has rich black hair with a single white stripe at the front and similarly white ends which are also present on her fur. Much like the described in the legends about Barghests, her eyes are of a fiery color with pupils more akin to a slit rather than a circle.
    Aside from this humanoid appearance, Kuu can also freely return to her more ethereal Barghest form, in which she assumed the appearance of a large wolf-like being nearing almost 40 inches tall. Not undergoing any drastic changes in her palette, her fur will remain near pitch-black with white ends dotted here and there. However, her fiery eyes will actually leave a small trail of ghostly fire behind as she moves around.

    Personality Description: In her humanoid form, Kuu mostly acts as a somewhat typical and mischievous school girl that likes exploring everything that strikes her fancy. And much like most teenagers, she often follows her own rules and thinks herself to be of a higher purpose than most. Paired with her being quite stubborn, some might find her to be a very difficult person to work with on anything, especially if they themselves are more of an assertive and dominant figure.
    One could also reasonably call her a bit of a bully, as she seems to have trouble restraining herself whenever someone dares to criticize her harshly. Not to mention that she quite likes teasing those who shock a clear lack of self-confidence around her. However, despite her assertive and hot-headed nature, she is willing to respect anyone who does not directly oppose and irritate her and shows at least some level of confidence and ability. Especially those with superior physical abilities tend to be far more welcome by the girl than others.
    When she transforms into her true Barghest self, most of these character traits are completely replaced by very different ones. Consumed by her instincts as the beast that signals death, she becomes considerably calmer and rarely will engage anyone or anything until they or it stand directly in her way. Others will probably find it quite difficult to approach her in such a state.

    Active Abilities:
    The Beast: Despite no longer being bound by her bestial form, Kuu can actually return to it at will whenever she pleases. Activating the power will swiftly cover the girl's entire body in black fur and ethereal flame before her actual form becomes much more similar to that of a hound or a wolf rather than a human. None of her passive traits change in any way when assuming this form, it merely makes Kuu look like a true Barghest again.

    Ghostly presence: As a Barghest, Kuu has the ability to turn her body completely invisible. However, this is no ability that could be used for easy theft. When moving around while invisible, Kuu will emit one single sound and that sound only - chains rattling. And so this power is more meant to add the black dog even more of an opportunity to appear as a terror to those who bear no special abilities themselves.

    Passive Abilities:
    Inhuman aspects: Having a number of animalistic features, it is only natural that they will provide some advantage to the girl. Instead of regular fingernails and toenails, Kuu possesses ones that are more akin to actual claws, sharp and difficult to break. Her senses are enhanced, primarily smell, hearing, and sight. The tail emerging from her lower back is also a showcase of a somewhat adjusted skeletal structure that allows the girl to remain balanced much more easily, though it is also home to a great number of nerve endings, making it quite sensitive to touch and other stimulations.
    The fur that covers her limbs is the only unique feature that seems to be more of a hindrance. Despite providing additional warmth during cold weathers, the fur arguably just gets in the way and is quite flammable, promising a great deal of pain if set ablaze.

    Supernatural strength: Even in her humanoid form, Kuu possess a power that is well out of the standard range. With the stamina of a professional marathon runner and power equal to the best of human bodybuilders, she can be considered almost an unstoppable machine unless going up against other supernatural beings. Besides raw physical power, her body can also withstand a beating that would kill regular humans and regenerate normally lethal wounds in a matter of days.

    Omen of Death: Barghests come when the time of the end is nigh. Obtaining her humanoid form severed her ties to this condition for her to enter the mortal realm. However, the ability to sense the arrival of death has persisted. As if it were a sixth sense, Kuu will always be drawn to those who have little time left in their lives, her sudden presence signaling for the inevitable to soon pass. She cannot resist this and will always seek those with little time left, even if she consciously tries not to.

    consecrated ground: Similar to other races that are associated with death and dark, the Barghest cannot walk on certain hallowed grounds. Though in the case of the black dog, this seems to be strongest with running bodies of water. As such, Kuu is absolutely unable to cross rivers without a reliable bridge.

    Common Magical Items: None

    Biography: Barghests are born to visit the mortal realm and signal the coming of death. Kuu was no different and had been born during the time when her kind was at the largest, during the time when Black Death seized Europe. With so much death concentrated in one area, entire parades of black dogs marched through the land and howled in the honor of the deceased. Such is the girl's very first memory of her ghastly existence.
    And as anyone could expect, her role did not change. Moving from village to village, from town to town, she and her brethren were drawn to the inviting thresholds of homes owned by those who were soon to perish. The older she became, the greater of a parade she would lead. The more she would be drawn to the stench of those dying. And in some places, her distinct black fur with white spots would even earn her some reputation as the great beast that brought death along with it.
    There were even those who tried to slay her. But she would slip away every single time, just like the specter she was. Until hundreds of years later, roughly at the start of the 20th century, the modern age taking hold and people no longer paying as much attention to the supernatural, thinking it fake, she would start slowly losing her strength. Until one day she appeared to be nothing more than a wandering black dog. And yet, there were those who recognized what she really was. Travelers from the East, practitioners of strange magic-like feats. Capturing her and taking her as a grand prize, it was the very first time that she had seen beyond the borders of the continent she was born on.
    What followed were experiments. And while many of them proved painful, the Barghest could not care. She was nothing more than a servant of death, a warning. What did death mean to her? But that was not what awaited her. Instead, she awoke one day only to find her body different. Changed and transmuted in the likeness of those who captured her. And with her body, a new mind. One that was severed from the absolute duty she was meant to carry until the bitter end. And yet, she was still trapped in a cage.
    But not for long. Someone else came someone who she did not recognize. A man who soon sent her to the mysterious island of Manta Carlos. With proper care there, she was able to grow from an infantile child to who she is now. A strange existence, one that is still a Barghest, but also something new. Regardless, the islands have become her new home and the academy there a chance at a life devoid of the duty that fate itself tried to force unto her.

    Resources: Small savings from a part-time job as a waitress in an oriental-styled restaurant

    Additional Information: Nothing~
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