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Kahikahi Rk'Tic, aka. Kahi

10, adult by human standards






-19cm;7.5 inch wingspan, about 4cm;1.6 inches on the shoulders
-Lizard-like green, purple and blue main body with a long, thin tail and large pink ridges resembling fins on top of the head. Has small ears like those of a mouse next to them. Has large multicoloured butterfly wings on her back and smaller ones on the sides of her head. Has sharp needle-like thin teeth and long claws, that bend kind of like fingers and are blue on the front legs and bright pink on the back ones.
-Has yellow eyes with a black sclera and narrow pupils.

Vary - Kahi is on her toes pretty much all the time. She is used to living in an environment where a predator can snatch her at any moment, so Kahi stays sharp and suspicious of everything that isn't familiar to her and it requires some effort to earn her trust.

Clever - Kahi is quite smart in many ways and she has learned to use her intelligence for survival. Kahi is creative and crafty and catches on fast. Kahi adapts quickly because she has to and can make use of near everything she can find in her surroundings.

Independent - Kahi is a survivor and is good at doing that both in a group and alone. Kahi is a natural leader and she can and will take care of both herself and others. Though Kahi doesn't like being taken care of she will allow it if her well-being depends on it. Staying alive comes first.

Social - Despite her suspicion towards new people at the end of the day Kahi is a social creature and really enjoys talking to and spending time with people, mostly with those she trusts and cares about. Kahi likes making her loved ones smile and happy and is quite the social butterfly. But Kahi will once in a while take the effort to approach someone new as long as they're not too suspicious or threatening.

Affectionate - Once Kahi warms up to someone she is really big on showing her affection, both through words and gestures. Kahi helps those she loves without a second of hesitation but also isn't afraid to show tough love if needed. She is protective and caring with those she acknowledges.

Helpful - Even though Kahi doesn't trust anyone right away she is still, at the end of the day, a good person, and when someone she deems non-threatening or weak needs help Kahi will help after a debate with herself. If there were an angel and a devil on Kahi's shoulders the angel would probably win most arguments between them.

Instinctive - Kahi is very aware of her instincts and close to her wild side, and though she doesn't act like an animal she can lash out like one when threatened and backed into a corner. Kahi often follows her gut feeling, but tries to follow a clear set of rules and goals she has set for herself.

Poison Gas: Kahi's wings are coated with a thin layer of poison, that remains neutral as long as it is attached to her wings. But Kahi can release this poison and spread it by flapping her wings, in which case it turns into a nerve gas-like substance. The effects of the gas include temporary blindness that lasts around an hour, severe burning sensation on skin and bad rash that can remain for several weeks, and if inhaled the poison has a paralyzing effect and one mouthful is enough to paralyze an adult human male for two hours. The widest area Kahi can spread the gas is one meter all around her, and it doesn't affect her in any way. Once the gas is spread it will last at most a minute and gradually weaken and disperse during that time, being at its most powerful during the first 10 seconds after it has been spread. Once the poison layer on the wings has all been turned to gas it takes few hours for it to completely regenerate.
This poison layer Kahi has on her wings also makes them more durable, and without it they're as fragile as butterfly's wings. When coated with this poison layer Kahi's wings repel water and are about as durable as rubber.

Toxic: Kahi's body contains poison, that circulates through her teeth and claws and is contained is special small poison pouches somewhere beneath her wings on her back. Kahi can choose when she releases this poison when biting or clawing at someone. This poison has a strong paralyzing effect, and one bite or scratch from Kahi is enough to paralyze an elephant for 15 minutes. Each of Kahi's claws and her poison fangs combined store enough poison to do that, and Kahi can choose of she wants to release the whole amount or just a portion of it. Once Kahi has completely emptied one of her claws or her fangs of poison it takes about 30 minutes for them to fill up again. Kahi herself is immune to this poison.

Screech: Kahi can emit a loud screech, that is enough to rupture human's ear drums from a close distance(closer than 1.5 meters) and stun them from medium distance(between 1.5 and 5 meters). She can only keep this screech up for few minutes at a time, and afterwards she can't speak louder than a whisper for few hours.
Longevity: Kahi will live up to 300 years.

-Strength & Speed: Kahi is strong enough to lift up to 100kg, and when flying her top speed is around 40mph.
-Long Tongue: Kal's tongue is like that of a lizard or a frog, and she can shoot it out of her mouth faster than someone can blink and extend it as far as two meters.
-Heightened Senses: Kahi's senses are those on par with nature's greatest predators. She also has a special set of double eyelids that allow her to keep her eyes open for example in smoke, water or sandstorms.
-Poison Immunity: Kahi is immune to most poisons, and only poisons that are stronger than her own can cause her any damage.
-Alluring Scent: Kahi has a naturally sweet scent attracts bugs and other creatures that get their nutrients from flower nectar. Unfortunately Kahi's flesh tastes as good as her scent so it can also attract predators.
-Mucus: When Kahi comes in contact with water her skin produces a thin layer of mucus, that makes all slimy for a couple of hours.
Fragile: As expected from her small size Kahi isn't the most sturdy creature. She has delicate bones even for a creature her size and thin skin that gets hurt easily.

Salt: Kahi's skin is very sensitive to salt, and if she touches pure salt directly it can eat through her skin in just few seconds. Salty foods have the same effect and if Kahi ingests salt or anything salty it can easily prove lethal to her.

Bug Diet: Kahi can mostly only stomach bugs, and gets all the necessary nutrients from them. Kahi has a sensitive stomach and can't eat dairy or anything too sugary or salty, and if Kahi does she can get a severe food poisoning. Mostly, besides bugs, she can eat vegetables and fruits and even those can mess up her stomach.

Kahi was born in the deepest parts of the Congo rainforest, to a species of very small dragons. Kahi's egg upon the moment she hatched was barely as big as the egg of a frog. She grew fast, and when Kahi turned 2 she reached her physical maturity. It was important for her species to grow up fast in the hostile environment they lived in, where the dragons had built quite the cozy civilization. Kahi's species was of high intelligence, but they lived in peace among nature.

Kahi's people lived in coexistence with a small local tribe of natives. The natives received poison from the dragons to better hunt and catch their prey, and the natives helped the dragons defend themselves from predators and built sturdier shelters on the treetops for them. The two tribes lived in harmony, and that harmony had lasted for generations now.

When Kahi reached the age of five something unexpected and tragic happened. An international logging company made its way into the parts of the rainforest where the two tribes lived and began chopping down the trees. Both tribes were devastated, and when the natives tried making peaceful contact with the workers most were shot down by the mercenaries that had been hired by the company. The few people left fled, escaping to other native tribes in the area, and Kahi's people also began perishing when many were accidentally killed as the trees were chopped down and the panicked dragons were easy pickings for the predators.

Kahi's people, or what little was left of them, quickly escaped from the area to a more populated one with more human activity. They tried to build anew, but whenever they thought they would be able to settle down a new group of humans came along and forced them into hiding. The dragons looked like butterflies from afar, so they were able to conceal their existence and not break the Veil for a while. But when a nature photographer took a picture of one of Kahi's cousins close enough to see that there was something suspicious about them the news spread. News about a whole new species of lizard butterfly. But unfortunately before this news could reach the scouts it reached poachers.

A group of creature hunters came to the area where Kahi's cousin was spotted few weeks after the fact, armed with enchanted nets and traps. And with their skills it didn't take long to find Kahi and her remaining family, all huddled together in a hole on a tree. They were easy to catch in a large net, and though as they woke up and spread their poison and screeched the poachers were prepared with gas masks and special ear plugs. Kahi and the rest were captured, and when the scouts came to check the area just few days later they couldn't find anything.

Kahi was separated from her family as soon as the poachers got them to their headquarters, a large warehouse in Southern Europe. She was locked in a cage that barely left her any space to flap her wings, so she wouldn't spread her poison, and a muzzle. The security was strict and Kahi was left to just sit, fed just enough bugs and water so she stayed alive, and given minimum opportunities to escape. Kahi's family were all sold off to different parts of the world and even other dimensions, until Kahi was the last one left. And then she was sold too, to a collector on Manta Carlos.

Kahi was shipped to Manta Carlos, and there she was kept in a storage area that had more lax security than the previous warehouse. Kahi got a much bigger cage, and she was able to stun the guards as they walked past her cage on the second day. Kahi used her long tongue to snatch the key, she opened the cage door and flew out and away as quickly as she could. Kahi didn't know where she was or how she got there, this place was big and noisy and full of strange things and creatures. So Kahi searched out the place that was most familiar to her, and that was the forest. And now she has been in the forest for few days, hunting bugs and avoiding any contact with others until she finds out what on Earth this place is.

Currently has no residence or income, is living and hiding out in the forest

Does not speak or understand English or any other known human language, speaks her own native tongue
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Mar 24, 2018
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Name: Kahikahi "Kahi" Rk'Tic
Apparent Age: ???
Gender: Female
Species: Dragon
Height: 4cm; 1.6 inches on the shoulder, 19cm; 7.5 inch wingspan
Build: Lizard-like body, is smol

Notable Features:
-Colourful butterfly wings
-Green and blue skin
-Yellow eyes with a black sclera

Physical Quirks:
-Has fast, animal-like movements
-Avoids touch

Abilities Summary:
-Can spread poison gas
-Has poison in her nails and fangs
-Can screech very loudly
-Lives for a pretty long time
-Decently strong and fast
-Has a long fast tongue
-Heightened senses
-Immune to most poisons
-Has a scent that attracts bugs and predators
-Becomes all slimy when wet

Reputation: None, though someone who has moved in the forest might've briefly spotted her

Misc Information: -


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