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Alma Malivani
Alma is a politically motivated vampire who is a daughter of Asmodeus. She is extremely driven to the point that if her supernatural nature didn't negate her need to sleep, she'd be sleep deprived anyway for all the things she wants to get done. Consent is the most important thing to her and she's a huge busybody. She is a teratophile and has some unspoken dislike for a number of other sin demons (those she feels are nothing but slaves to their nature).

Basilio Genovese
Basilio is a man of focus, commitment, and sheer will. He was a super powered mob boss back in Halcyon City, but was more than anyone ever knew. Here on the island, he's got a dragon stuffed inside his soul and he's slowly rebuilding what he once had. Fortunately so far he seems to be going the straight and narrow. But time will tell.

Caissa Drago
A Goetic Demon highschooler, Caissa is supernaturally smart and a walking library of magical lore. Unfortunately, she is also in a situation where she accidentally gets summoned to answer questions for wizards in her father's stead. This frustrates her to no end and has left her wild, a little jaded, and with a bit of a chip on her shoulder for anyone who waves a wand around.

Dalia Tor
Adolescent Hearth Goddess, Dalia is basically the living embodiment of I Fight for My Friends. She's aggressive and snarky, but not actively mean most of the time. She craves affection from her friends and family and has an almost unhealthy obsession with testing her limits. She used to love fighting, but since her abilities have come into their own she finds that it's really hard to enjoy it anymore.

Delta Fifteen
A magitech golem left adrift and found by a crew aboard the Starlight Observation Station. Kind of a blank slate, without much personality of its own. Currently a student at the Satellite Academy. Can be controlled by one of several specific coins currently floating about.

Eilwony Rice
Eilonwy is a perfectly normal girl cursed by a Fae Lord to not be seen by anyone after she denied his advances. She tries to be upbeat and she's a big fan of fantasy in general.

Godfrey Broen
Whew lad. Former supervillain mercenary turned personal bodyguard, Broen is the rich white kid who grew up hanging out with his black inner city friends. He's super recently come out of having his more decent emotions suppressed, as well as a whole shit storm of stuff happening around him involving an organized crime syndicate and losing his super powers. So he's feeling pretty raw right now.

Hella Magnusson
Hella is the oldest living member of the Magnusson family of Norway: proud necromancers steeped in the old ways and old worship. She made a deal with Fae to be seen as a girl, which has really done nothing but cause her misfortune since. She dropped out of school and works as a waitress to take care of her three younger sisters, all victims of the Fae Hella scorned.

Malara Tor
Goddess of lust and battle. CEO of Theia Modeling Agency and Muse Fashion. Mother of Dalia Tor. General shit disturber. Definitely crazy.

Masami Itou
Once a powerful, catastrophic weapon forged by the gods for the gods, Masami grew tired of the constant senseless bloodshed. So he left; abandoned his post and dishonored himself. Now he's a washout; a loser. Working a minimum wage job and drinking himself into a stupor every night. But he still has the heart of a warrior beating somewhere deep down. He just needs the right motivation to use it.

Robert Blakesley
Robert is a werewolf turned and adopted into House Blake at a young age when he was found transforming into a Wendigo. He is a musician and a music teacher; a refined gentleman. He has remnants of his Wendigo transformation, notably how monstrous and grotesque his wolf form is. He hides a deep rooted sadism as best as he can but has it come out from time to time as he feels the pull of the new moon.

Roldan Drakenhardt
The runt of the fire branch of the Drakenhardt clan. Roldan is a police officer and currently not quite single father. He's taking care of a sweet Naga girl named Iesha and trying to move forward with his career and navigate a romance with one Celeste Forestier, who has kids of her own. He loves video games and used to play semi-professionally. He can have a pretty hot temper when he's on the job and dealing with criminal behavior.

Sam is a human bound to the festival of Samhain as a sort of god of that time of year. He's had some trouble in his life, a fair bit of which he caused for himself. He's always making some kind of mischief and drags his friends along with him for the fun. Careful you're not in the wrong place at the wrong time or you might get roped in too.

Zoe Strega
A Rougarou from the Strega family, Zoe is a gear head who knows her way around a butcher shop. She's wheelchair-bound but tries her best not to let it get her down. It does sometimes still though. She loves building things and taking things apart and listening to heavy music while she works. Zoe also has a mean swing with a pipe wrench.​
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