June 2020 Announcements


Aug 9, 2016
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June 2020 Announcements

News in Brief

  • [Claims Reminder] Business claims are being updated
  • [Challenges] A new batch of [Challenges] is hot off the presses
  • [Rangers] A thank you to our rangers, old and new
  • [New Location] We have a new location on the forum for role playing: Mertown
Business Claims
There's been some confusion over the business and job listing, and we're going to be cleaning it up shortly. There are three kinds of listings: those who are self-employed, those who work at a business with a business listing, and those who work at a non-listed 'background' business. If you want your character to be a barista at moonbucks, but don't want to make a moonbucks listing, that's fine! They'll just be listed as Coffee Shop: Character Name (Barista) rather than having a full listing.

If you have a business that doesn't have a business post, you only have a few days to set one up, and otherwise any related characters will be automatically converted to unlisted.

There's also some disparity on people who are listed on the claims but don't have jobs listed on their app. When we clean things out, we'll be PMing people individually for updates to make sure the claims are up to date.

Monthly Challenges
There's a new set of challenges posted. You can find the post here.

We wanted to thank our rangers, both old and new, who really stepped up to the plate. We were extremely short staffed in May, but the new help has eased things out significantly.

Our current event rangers are Goblin, Max!!, Zora, and Kathinja, who have been running all the events you see around the site. Our current lore rangers are EmiRose, ArcanaFate, Kathinja (again), Nameless, and Pallas, who've been contributing to the newspaper articles you've seen popping up.

A special shout out to Zora, who's been handling both advertising and being our welcoming committee, and ArcanaFate, who's been helping with applications.

New Location
We have a new subforum in the Elsewhere forum under the Pacific: Mertown. This underwater bubble town just off the coast of Manta Carlos City is a brand new location for all your water dwelling needs. You can take a look at the subforum and its description here.​


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Mar 30, 2018
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Additional June 2020 Announcements

News in Brief

  • [Want Ads] A few minor changes to want ads
  • [Art Use] All art used on the site must be credited properly

Want Ads
To keep things fresh and user-friendly we are making some minor adjustments to how we handle want ads and also clarifying the process for bumping, marking the ad as fulfilled and when an ad will become archived. Want ads that have been fulfilled should be marked by the thread owner as such by giving them the 'fulfilled' prefix so we can archive them and keep things in the want ad subforum up to date. We generally do not have more than a single page of want ads at a time so bumping is not especially needed. Going forward a bump post should only be done when the thread has received added or new information to it or when the thread is nearing archival at the 1 month expiration time. In addition we are now asking that members limit their active want ads to a maximum of 3 so that others can have their plots seen too.

Art Use

We as a site are big on making sure artists are properly credited for their work. As such we would like to remind everyone that any and all artwork used on the site should be properly credited. Not just the art used in a character app. If you have questions on how to credit something feel free to contact a staff member for clarification.​


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