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June 2018 Announcements

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Polaris, May 31, 2018.

  1. Polaris

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    May 30, 2014
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    June 2018 Announcements

    News in Brief
    • [Update] The new system for powers is here!
    • [Contest] We're running a contest all month long to encourage players to update their apps for it.
    • [Event] In order to prevent the March Virus from reoccurring, a vaccine has been developed and is being spread through the island.
    • [Request] If you spot any mistakes left over, please let a mod know!
    • [ICC Rule Change] Limitation on official (police, emt) intervention now applies per-player, not per-character.
    • [Spotlights] Congratulations to our Spotlight Member @WuffyWuff, and our Spotlight Character Lucas Suradre, played by @Ballerina! Nominate for June here.
    • [Newspaper] Check out the newspaper for in character information!
    New Power System
    It's here at last! The mods have been hard at work over the last month getting things ready to go, and we've got a whole bunch of changes that go with this. We're retiring the old system, so out with the old and in with the new! We have a second announcement with all the details that you can find over here, just to avoid crowding out anything else that comes with it.

    Power Update Contest
    To encourage people to update their applications, we're running a month long contest similar in nature to AIM, but with much more significant rewards. This contest is not all or nothing, so even if you only have a few characters to update, that's fine! You can get all the details over here.

    March Virus V2: Holme's Last Laugh
    Any player (or character) who kept up with last months news is well aware: The March Virus was on the verge of a second outbreak. With several people quarantined in an attempt to curb it's spread, the Manta Carlos government has taken steps to prevent a second outbreak. A vaccine has been developed that should completely stamp the last remains of the virus out. The vaccine will be spread aerially, with several large canisters being visible throughout the island during the month of June. Starlight Academy is also cooperating in order to ensure the spread of the vaccine.

    The vaccine is expected to have no negative symptoms for the majority of citizens. However, some (especially those previously effected by the March Virus) might find their powers changing in strange ways. This is not expected to be a severe change, and no serious side effects are forecasted.
    Read here for more information and possible updates.

    Keep An Eye Out!
    We've made a lot of major changes with this update. Power Bracelets are now Nullification Bracelets. Powers are now Abilities. Species abilities and subpowers are defunct. While we've done our best to update all official materials (FAQ, success guide, etc), we're sure we've got some left over. If you spot something that's out of date, please let a mod know so we can make sure everything's up to date.

    ICC Rule Change
    We've seen an increased official presence (police getting called, EMTs being pulled in) in the community center, and while we implemented a rule last month to try and account for this, we haven't seen a significant change. Players should not be aiming to have their characters be arrested, need serious medical attention, etc. Similarly, we've seen an increase in characters being brought in specifically to advance plots in ways that should really be played out in threads. To try and handle this, we've adjusted the previously implemented rule:​

    The community center is a public space, intended for the use of all citizens of the island. Any player whose character has the police called on them twice in a two week period is banned from the community center for a two week period. This also extends to health issues, or other official intervention.
    We'll continue keeping an eye on the amount of official intervention in the ICC and adjust accordingly.

    Spotlight Winners
    Congratulations to our new spotlight winners:
    Congratulations to @WuffyWuff for this month's Member Spotlight! One of the newer members on-site, Wuffy has developed quite an interesting cast, from sarcastic robots to temperance-themed angel. They are quite active in both the ICC and Main Chat CBoxes as well, maintaining a friendly demeanor, and are so fun to thread with. We can't wait to see what they'll come up with next! Well done!
    @Ballerina's Lucas Surcadre is an adorable character (with a chicken named Cluckers) who is deeper than he appears at first glance. Both a werewolf and a Reaper, his home life is a little complicated and he's got so many layers to him as a character that are just impossible to find without threading with him.

    June nominations can be found here.​

    Manta Carlos Print
    The new edition of the newspaper is out. Read it HERE.​
  2. Polaris

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    May 30, 2014
    June Mid-Month 2018 Announcements

    News in Brief

    • [Contest] Our new power system is active, and our contest is ongoing for anyone who is not yet finished (June 1st - 30th)
    • [Event] Downtown Manta Carlos is hosting Family Weekend festivities in the ICC (June 15th - 17th)
    • [Lore] The Academy wiki page has been updated to include the school schedule and usual grade levels
    • [Spotlights] Voting for spotlights is now up
    Power Update Contest
    We've seen a great turnout in response to this contest! Of the 481 eligible characters, about 215 have been updated and approved in the first half of the month. For anyone who hasn't yet finished (or hasn't yet started), there's still time! We've got the entire second half of the month to go through and update your apps. Just remember to post over here. We'll be giving out vouchers at the end of the month. If you need to make any changes after you've already been approved, just PM the mod who approved it to update.

    Family Weekend
    Family Weekend is a time when family is celebrated among Manta Carlos. Whether your family is blood-related, or a group of close friends whom you consider to be your family, all are welcome Downtown where a fair is held in honor of 'family.'

    With a small admissions fee, people are free to enjoy arcade games, food stalls, rides, and an open outdoor movie showing. There are even a few water-based rides and a small fountain area for people to play in.

    This is an ICC event taking place from June 15th to the 17th Downtown. The exact ICC location will be the arcade/eating area.

    Academy Wiki update
    The academy wiki page has been updated! It now has both the school schedule and expected age ranges for different grades. Both pieces of information have previously been included in the site's FAQs, but this makes the information a bit easier to find.

    Spotlight Voting
    We've got a new round of spotlights to vote on. You can check them out here.​

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