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July 2018 Announcements

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Polaris, Jul 1, 2018.

  1. Polaris

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    May 30, 2014
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    July 2018 Announcements

    News in Brief

    • [Staff Change] Welcome @PixelatedGlory to the staff, joining us as a ranger!
    • [Server News] You might have noticed some recurring server issues. We think we've resolved that.
    • [Contest Results] The Power Contest has wrapped up! For those who missed it, there's a new process.
    • [ICC Logs] We had some difficulty with the old way we logged the ICC. We have a new thread, so some links might be broken.
    • [AU Contest] We're running a slight variant of the AU contest, this time focused around a colony ship. (July 1st - 5th)
    • [VR ICC Event] The VR ICC event will be run the weekend after. (July 7th - 8th)
    • [Event] Founders Day (July 10th)
    • [ICC Event] There will be a firework show the weekend to celebrate Founder's Day (July 14th - 15th)
    • [Newspaper] The newest Manta Carlos Print
    • [Spotlights] Congratulations to Ephemral and Lazzy's Dionte Flores for being out spotlight member and character this month!
    Server Issues
    As I'm sure most people noticed, we had some major server issues near the end of July. We think we've resolved this, but if you have any issues, please don't hesitate to report them to the staff!

    Power Contest Wrap-up
    The new power system is now firmly in place. All vouchers should be distributed, so if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask a staff member. If you missed the contest, you can find a sticky here that will allow you to convert any outstanding apps over.

    ICC Logs
    We had some issues with the way we were logging the official ICC. Effectively, the thread got too big and too long too fast, and was preventing people from accessing the thread. We now have a new thread, found here, which links to a separate google drive if you need to check logs.

    AU Contest
    The next AU contest is set on a colony ship in space, but has a slightly different format. We're running it for only two days, and the signup period is much shorter. This will be a mystery focused game.

    You can find all the details here.

    Founders Day and Fireworks
    Founders' Day is one of the important holidays on Manta Carlos, celebrating the beginning of civilization on the uncharted island that so many would one day call home. Culturally unaffiliated, there is no right or wrong way to celebrate Founders' Day. However a few traditions have popped up over the years. The first is a banquet held in City Hall on the 10th of July, which all are welcome to come to. The second is a weekend where the Pier is open to everyone as street food and other vendors take to the street before the nightly Firework Shows that occur each night of the weekend long festivities.

    The newest edition of the Manta Carlos Print is now available!

    Spotlight Winners
    Player: Ephemral
    Give a round of applause for this month’s winner: Ephemral! This “unsleeping beauty” joined the Starlight Academy community a little over 3 months ago but it almost feels as if they have been around longer than that given how active of a player they are. Ephemral nevertheless is deserving of recognition for creating many memorable characters in the short time they have been with us such as the gregarious Malka ready to take your stuff, the childish Seven wielding his mighty hammer, and the master of pennies (1942 Australian half pennies to be exact) Richard “Dick” Max. While a few of their character can be considered “jerks”, Ephemral is an overall great person to have to both chat with and RP with. Here’s looking at you kid! We here at Starlight Academy are happy to have someone like you on board!

    Character: Dionte
    This month’s winner is great demon lord: Dionte! While denizens of hell may know him by the nearly unpronounceable Arghumghaulus, many on the island would know this “bad boi” as Dionte Flores! This goetic “wrath” demon loves nothing more than being… well… a jerk. However that's just secretly part of his scruffy charm! He may be loud and bit arrogant but who wouldn’t be when you can always match your opponents in terms of speed and strength? While currently working as a bodyguard, and occasionally an arena fighter, he is seeking “followers” for the little cult affectionately known as “The Ghummy Squad”. What shenanigans Dionte and his squad are up to has yet to been seen though we can all say that this fist-toting demon livens up island with his presence.

    You can find next months nominations over here.​
  2. Polaris

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    May 30, 2014
    July 2018 Mid-Month Announcements

    News in Brief

    • [Survey] SA is running it's big yearly survey!
    • [Lore Update] We've updated the history of Manta Carlos in order to fix some historical issues. You can find the updated version in detail in the guidebook.
    • [VR Round Two] We're rerunning both the earlier AU Contest and the VR ICC event (July 22nd-26th and 28th-29th).
    • [Spotlights] Spotlight Voting has now opened.
    Yearly Survey
    As mentioned in the anniversary post, we're running our yearly survey now! This survey aims to get an idea of how players feel about different subjects. In particular, this survey is focusing on the Starter Guide, In-Character Announcements (Newspaper), the new Abilities system, contests in general, and events in general. To participate, fill out the survey here.

    Lore Update
    For a while now, Starlight Academy has had a bit of issue with our lore. Specifically, the dates didn't quite line up. Originally the pirates of Manta Carlos retired from piracy before piracy was really a thing. We've adjusted the dates and clarified things a bit, but we don't expect anyone should have any major clashes with the new lore. You can find the updated version here.

    AU Contest & Virtual Reality
    Our first space colony event was a huge success, and we want to thank everyone who participated! We're working on refining things a bit in response to player feedback. The next AU will run from the 22nd-26th, and then the VR event will run that weekend on the 28th-29th. The next event will have a new cast of characters (no repeats from the last one), and a new story based on your feedback! We'll release a bit more information about the adjustments when the AU contest begins later this month.

    Spotlight Voting
    Thanks for your nominations! A new round of spotlight voting is now up, so get your votes in now.​

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