Jericho The Fox

Jericho The Fox


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Apr 21, 2015
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Unknown Age | November 27 | Male | Fox Jesus (God of Gifts) | Citizen | Owner of The Fox Hole


Jericho is a tall and slender humanoid red fox. He stands 7 feet and 4 inches tall on his hind legs and so he usually towers over most people. Jericho keeps himself well groomed and his fur soft and fluffy. He has a 4ft long fluffy white-tipped tail and he also keeps his claws filed to a reasonable length.

He is always smiling. In fact, Jericho always looked 100% pleased.

Jericho tends to wear simple clothes, robes, and many other types of loose garments. He dresses respectable enough and it is clear he is probably the type to plan his outfits for the whole week. He doesn’t wear anything too thick since his fur keeps him plenty warm, even during the colder seasons.

Beautiful Jericho art made drawn by the lovely wasabitea


At first Jericho seems like some odd mysterious stranger. Well he is but just more intensified.

Jericho is usually always seen in a pleasant type of mood. He tries to keep the pleasantness up even during situations where one would be tense. It is actually odd for anyone to see him not happy.

He has a way with words and gives out compliments like candy.
Jericho enjoys talking and getting to know people. He is actually genuinely interested in other people’s lives and any “life story” they got. He avoids rushing things and prefers to take his time with people. Jericho wants people to be comfortable with him before he tries to learn everything about them. He is a very curious fox.

But don’t let the charming fox fool you. There is something about him that feels strangely off. It’s like he is secretly planning something.

Jericho does have some issues that he keeps to himself for the betterment of his image.

Active Abilities:

Magic Cancel
With a snap of his finger, Jericho is able to cancel all active powers and magical abilities around him. Anyone in thirty feet of him will not be able to use any form of power other than natural abilities. This can last for as long as ten minutes if he doesn’t cancel the effect himself. He will then have to wait five minutes to be able to do it again.
Jericho can also singularly target people with this power. When he targets someone, he can lock the use of their powers for a long time. At max, a week. However when he targets a single person he won’t be able target anyone else.

Jericho can also completely remove powers from people but only by their request.

Granter of Gifts
Jericho can grant people powers on their request. The powers he give can either be completely random or something the person wants. If a person request a certain power they have to be very detailed with what they want otherwise he can just give them any variation of said requested. Like if some only said they wanted to control fire he could give them the power to only be able to control candle fire.

Getting a specific power is also more of a hassle since Jericho would require the requester to give him an important secret. The secret can be theirs or someone’s else. Or, they can worship and pray to him once a week for a year. (This will be a contract type of thing) If they go back on their word and do not pray or worship the power will be taken back.
Jericho cannot give himself powers.

Nimbus Cloud
Jericho can create a nimbus cloud for transportation with his magic. He can only create one cloud but he is able to make it shrink or expand to fit more than one person on it. At max he can expand it to four feet all around. The nimbus cloud is indestructible and can go as fast as 75mph.

Wish Granting

Similar to a certain jolly fellow, Jericho is able to grant wishes. These wishes are mostly in the form of gifts ranging from a simple toy to fancy magic items/ weapons. Jericho cannot grant wishes that involves another living being without their consent. People also can’t wish up things like living animals as Jericho wishes are purely item based. Jericho can also make wishing tokens that he can give to people which they can use by tossing it into any body of water to make their wish. The gift will emerge from the water in perfect condition with a red ribbon wrapped around it. Jericho can only grant wishes to a single person every few months depending how complex of an item they wished for. This also includes if they used a wishing token to wish as well.

Passive Abilities:

Jericho does not require to sleep, eat, or oxygen. He is an ageless immortal fox who will not permanently stay dead and his body does not suffer from disease. If he is killed, he will just wake up, fully healed, in his home in a few hours.

Jericho is immune to all and any form of power that will alter his mind and emotions. He is resistant to auras, mind reading, and emotion sensing.

Enhanced Senses
Jericho senses are on par with a fox,maybe even better than a normal fox. He is able to track things and people very easily and can distinguish scents of certain types of species. Jericho also has excellent vision at night.

Claws and Fangs
Jericho claws are sharp enough to cut easily cut flesh if he applies a small bit of pressure. The same can be said for his teeth.

God of Magic
Jerichocan identify any form of magic and will have a complete understanding of it. He is able to tell the full capabilities of any spell. Jericho also has a vast understanding in alchemy, can see magical enhancements on weapons and other items, as well as being able to sense the effects and ingredients in a potion (magic fox nose). He can sense curses and the supernatural abilities of other people.
At most, Jericho can tell what their power does at their full capabilities and just a general good understanding of it.

God of Gifts
Jericho is able to always give perfect gifts to someone. He can tell/sense the type of things a person would want as gifts and things that would cheer them up.


Memory Problems

Jericho memory tends to fail him at times and just happens at random. He is often prone to losing his train of thought when doing things or trying to multitask and it’s hard for him to remember simple little tasks. This is mostly due to the fact that his faded once he stopped receiving worship a long time ago. It is just small after effects now.

Jericho tends to feel really compelled to gift or help others get gifts during christmas holidays. He doesn’t mind it but if he doesn’t gift he becomes a sad fox. Jericho can’t also accept gifts if he hasn’t given himself during the holidays.

Jericho is the owner of The Fox Hole


Jericho is a God long forgotten by time. He doesn’t remember his age or true name nor can he recall where he comes from.

Unknown to him he was once a God of Magic, he blessed many people and worlds with gifts and bringing magic to places that did not have it. Though as time passed he stopped receiving worship and as a result his memories began to fade and his powers weakened. He almost completely faded from existence but he managed not to.

Jericho came to the island- well he isn’t exactly sure when he did. It was a long time ago. It doesn’t matter, he is here and has a smoke lounge & bar that he owns.


What does the fox say?
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Apr 21, 2015
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Art Source: Me


Name: Jericho The Fox
Apparent Age: Adult
Gender: Male
Species: Fox Jesus (God of Gifts)
Height: 7’4”
Build: Lean/average, tall.

Notable Features: He’s a tall humanoid fox with a 4ft long fluffy white-tipped tail.

Physical Quirks: Looks like he is planning something.

Power Summary: He can cancel magic and powers around him. Jericho can also give powers. He has super fox senses and sharp claws & fangs, he is immortal, and immune to mind reading, auras, emotion sensing, and any other power that alters his mind or emotions.

Jericho can also create a nimbus cloud.

Reputation: Known for his Smoke lounge & Bar. Probably known for his ability to give powers.
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