January 2020 Announcements - The Big Comeback Announcement!!


Aug 9, 2016
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Hey everyone, we're back online!!!

We want to thank you all immensely for your patience and sticking with us through this trying time for our community. We know it's been difficult, but things are back on track now and the site should be back up. There's a few things we need to do as we get back to our regularly scheduled programming. First, on top of the gratitude for your patience we would like to apologise for the general lack of updates during the process of getting the site back up. This process was largely out of even Fletcher's hands as much of it was just waiting for things to unlock, compile, etc. We will be discussing plans to implement in the event that anything like this occurs again, though fingers crossed that it won't.

Second, while we know you are all excited to get back in with new character ideas that you've had over the course of the downtime, we do ask you to remember that there are only four senior members of staff. We will handle character applications in a timely manner, but if there are too many all at once it may still take us a while. If you'd like to help with this process and make things go more smoothly for everyone, we are still taking App Ranger applications.

We'll also be extending the timers on the subscription packages purchased by members during December. If you bought or got gifted a subscription during December using vouchers or money, your time will be extended by a month to make up the time that you lost.

Finally, we want to thank our Sys Admin, Fletcher, for all the work he's done during the downtime to get us back up and running.
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Jun 18, 2015
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Mature Content Rule Change
As a result of multiple instances where members have expressed concern or discomfort with the use of underaged, or nearly underaged, characters in explicit content we have decided to adjust how we handle mature threads.

Starting in February only characters aged 18+ physically and mentally will be able to be role played in explicit content such as sexual encounters. The actual age of consent on MC remains 16 but those characters aged 16/17 will need to have their threads "fade to black" rather than actually describe such activities.

Any currently existing threads that would now violate that rule will not be deleted and any ongoing threads of that nature must be finished by February.

As always the safety and comfort of our community members is our highest concern. If you have questions please reach out to one of the mods privately due to the nature of this subject matter.
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