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Aug 24, 2020
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Name: Jane Grey
Age: Visibly 28, age 461
Birthday: January 5th
Gender: Female, she/her
Species: Vampire (human turned)
Category: Staff
Class: High School
Subject/Work: Computer science
Career: Pro-bono web designer

Appearance Description:
Jane is very fair, with large, green eyes, an angular face, and typical pointy fangs. She has soft black curls reaching midway down her back and delicately shaped eyebrows. She wears light make-up (blush, nude lipsticks, and nude eyeshadows) to help liven up her ashen face. Without it she looks a bit ill.

Jane is 5'8" and stick thin (and unable to change her weight; she's stuck with the body she had when she was turned) so she wears loose blouses with baggy, oversized sweaters or cardigans. She sticks with darker tones, though has no preference for colors.

Susanna Evenwod, 1580

Picrew by @K_pupu

Jane Grey, 2020

Picrew by @DJARN

Personality Description:
Jane is reserved and cool to the point where she might be seen as standoffish. She feels that as a vampire, she is loathed as undead, and loathes herself a bit, too. But to those she trusts and befriends, she is snarky, affectionate, and fiercely protective. Despite her age, she gets stressed easily and is prone to overthinking minute details. When she's anxious, she smokes regularly.

She rarely blows up or gets angry with anyone, but she goes through moods of a vague sadness, as if she's mourning something long dead but doesn't remember.

Though she doesn't need to eat, she loves to do so, and swings between enjoying the finer things in life and cheaper meals.

As a teacher, she fumbles frequently and sometimes has too high of expectations for the intro courses she teaches. She's passionate for her students and genuinely wants them to succeed, so she never gets angry or terse with them, even "problem" students. Her students are the only thing she has patience for.

Passive Abilites:

Vampiric Physiology

  • Strength - Jane can easily break bones and flip vehicles. She can't throw giant boulders, but she rarely comes across something in everyday life she can't move.
  • Speed - Jane can move several times faster than a human. At her highest speed, she runs as a blur the speed of a racecar (about 200mph).
  • Heightened Senses - Jane has a heightened sense of smell, sight, and hearing. She can easily see exactly what anyone is doing in the same room and hear the quietest whisper. She can't see perfectly in the dark, but can manuever quietly around a room if she goes slow.
  • Immortality - Jane is immortal and will not age or show signs of aging. There are only a few ways she can be killed or scarred that are listed under Vampire Vulnerabilities in weaknesses.
  • Fangs - Jane has fangs that are pointed and can tear through soft materials, such as fabrics, flesh, or leather.
  • Healing + Immunity - Jane heals at twice the rate of humans. She doesn't catch the average human-borne illnesses like the cold or flu, but consuming the blood of a human suffering the illness will give her the symptoms for a day or two.
  • Pain resistance - Except for instances listed under Weaknesses - Immortality, Jane does not feel physical pain.
  • Cold resistance - Jane isn't affected by cold temperatures or freezing weather. However, at extreme cold she can completely freeze solid.

  • Sunlight - Being in direct sunlight is slightly painful to Jane. She becomes dizzy, weak, and lethargic. A simple umbrella or large hat fixes this.
  • Garlic - Jane is allergic to garlic. She will break out in rashes on eating it.
  • Entry to homes - To enter personal homes, Jane must be invited in. This does not include private businesses, public buildings, or hotels.
  • Holy symbols and Holy words
    • Being in the presence of holy symbols is discomforting to Jane. She'll feel a bit on edge, ranging from slight annoyance at a small rosary or extreme agitation at being in a regularly-used church.
    • Biblical verses, sermons, or general Holy language will be grating to Jane's ears. In Latin, they become debilitating and her vampiric nature will push her to flee or attack.
  • Heat sensitivity - Jane is sensitive to heat. The hotter it gets, the more lethargic and tired she is.
  • Need for Blood - The longer Jane goes without feeding, the weaker her passive abilities become, and the more delicious humans will look.
  • Tainted Blood - If Jane drinks the blood of a human afflicted with a poison or disease, she will get symptoms of that affliction for a day or two. It won't kill her, but she will be very, very uncomfortable.
  • Vampiric Vulnerability - These are wounds that take Jane much longer to heal: She heals from these wounds slower than the avergae humans.
    • Stakes - A stake made of any material piercing the heart of Jane will kill her.
    • Holy water - Jane will be scarred by holy water touching her. It will burn her like acid, and enough of it will kill her (much like acid would to a human).
    • Silver - Silver will burn Jane's skin as if it was heated metal and weaken her for several hours.


BEFORE 2020:

  • Born Susanna Evenwod in 1556 to English Catholic parents, one younger brother born three years later
  • Her parents supported Queen Mary as the true heir to the throne
    • Yet, living in England, this left them with a political target on their back
    • Extra problematic, their eldest child Jane cannot bear children
  • In 1584, both parents die under mysterious circumstances, family is internally feuding
    • Jane is in a chaotic marriage, as she is unable to bear children
  • Jane's younger brother helps her, the heir, escape from the turmoil
  • Surprise! He sold her out, she's on a boat to the Americas
  • Roanoke Colony, 1584
  • Eerie, something is wrong here
  • Makes a deal with a pale man to escape from the island
  • Surprise! It's a vampire, she's bitten and after a painful process, is converted
  • Journeys across the east coast with her new vampire mentor
    • During the American revolution, they preyed on English troops
    • After the revolution, they hid in Appalachia and remained there until the Civil War
  • Jane parts with her mentor after a disagreement: she wanted to fight for the Union and they wanted to stay out of conflict
    • Jane very aggressively attacks slave hunters and chain gangs
    • Draws the attention of a vampire hunter, as immortal as she
  • Jane spends the next 100 years on the run or hiding from the hunter
    • Jane took the name Jane Grey to further distance herself from the hunter
  • Finally finds a hiding place in Seattle, WA, where the weather suits her
    • Works odd night shift jobs to pay for a small apartment
  • After years of preying on humans, Jane discovers a small coven of vampires in the city
    • Through this network, Jane is able to source blood without killing, through hospitals
    • Jane harbors huge guilt about potentially drinking blood that could save a human, so she donates copious amounts to local hospitals
  • During the internet boom, Jane dedicates all of her time and resources into learning all she can about computer programming, website development, hardware, and software
    • Through freelancing (and not needing to pay for silly human things like food) she saved enough to get a college degree
    • Her work snowballs, and she quickly joins the corporate world and is able to pay for further degrees and start saving large amounts
    • She joins a large online shopping website based in Seattle as a developer in the 2000s
    • She made lots of money but her new insight into modern day capitalism left her deeply unhappy

At the beginning of 2020, a member of the Seattle Vampire Coven was murdered with a holy silver stake through the heart. There was a group of vampire hunters who had infiltrated the group and were starting to hunt them down one by one, starting with the loners. One of these was the very same hunter who had tracked Jane for so long.
Fueled by her fear of the hunters, her hatred for her old nemesis, and her disgust at modern capitalism, Jane fled to an island she'd heard whispers about from her coven. Determined to not support corporations anymore, she applied to be a teacher at Starlight Academy and made advertisements to do free website work for Manta Carlos businesses, to try and "give back" all she had taken.

Resources: Jane has a very large savings account from her corporate job and several investments to ensure she never runs out of cash. This allowed her to purchase a small home outside of Manta Carlos city and afford to keep her AC very, very cold.

Additional Information: Occasionally, in the privacy of her own home, Jane will indulge in an entire loaf of garlic bread and suffer the terrible rashes.

Jane's favorite food is sushi and sashimi because she loves eating raw food and they're socially acceptable to eat raw.

Jane smokes when she's stressed. After working with humans for years before smoking was banned in the workplace, she associated cigarettes with stress. She isn't affected physically, but knows breathing in smoke can be harmful, so she only smokes in large, open spaces away from others or in her own home.
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