James Lawsen

James Lawsen

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Sep 29, 2019
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Name: James Lawsen
Age: Your characters age. 15
Birthday: July 29th
Gender: Male (He/Him)
Species: Human
Category: Student
Class: High School
Grade: 9/Freshman

Appearance Description: Stands six foot one, muscular build. Has short, spiky, reddish orange hair that almost makes his head look like it’s on fire. Normally wears a faded red hoodie over a black t-shirt, jeans, and an old pair of sneakers. The hoodie has slight burn marks on the sleeves.

Personality Description:

  • Somewhat reserved, but is friendly if you get to know him.
  • Reckless, acts and speaks without thinking, can be blunt.
  • Wants to learn more about his powers, and how to use them.
  • Known to have a temper.

Active Abilities:

Fire Manipulation: Able to produce flames, fireballs (Can be thrown upto 20 yards) and shoot a beam of fire from his hands (Up to 10 yards in front of him). In addition, he can manipulate fire that isn’t generated by him. Though this is limited to manipulating the location and area the fire covers. He can’t make it stronger or weaker, nor can he give it new properties.

Body temperature control: Able to increase his body temperature to make his flames stronger, for every two degrees that he increases his body temperature, the flames increase in temperature by one degree, and the range of his ability is increased by one foot. However, the more he increases his body temperature, the harder the flames get to control, and he can sometimes lose control, causing damage to whatever happens to be around him. However, this ability is capped at 109 degrees. Any increase beyond this will have no effect.

Rise from ash: Able to use ashes to generate objects, such as tools, keys, etc. However, he can only generate these objects for a short time, and each item will dissolve back to ash after a single use. The item created is relative to the amount of ash available.

Passive Abilities:

Fire Resistance: Fire has no effect on his body. However other things, such as clothing, are not covered by this effect.


Brand of the Flame: His powers have left him weak, and he gets injured much easier than a normal person. In addition, he heals from these injuries much slower, often taking weeks to heal from injuries that anyone else could heal in a day.

Born and raised in the desert state of Arizona, fire runs in his blood.

James Lawsen was born into a long line of firefighters dating back to the late 1800s, Both his parents were fire-fighters as well, and it seemed almost a foregone conclusion. Indeed, as a child he showed the bravery that his family was known for, often getting himself into dangerous situations, yet always coming out unscaved. In addition, at about 8 years old he began to develop an interest in fire and pyrotechnics. Not so much how to fight them like his parents, but how they worked. Why fire burns, what allows object to resist fire, and other things along this vein. His parents openly encouraged this exploration, hoping that one day he might become a firefighter one day and join them.

However, that day would never come to pass. Both his parents were killed while trying to fight a wildfire, and he ended up getting placed with his Aunt and Uncle, who didn’t approve of his interests in fire. But, this only interested him more, and led to him experimenting with fire behind his Uncle and Aunts back, and this nearly came back to bite him when he had a firework explode on him, yet it didn’t hurt him. In fact, while it burned his clothes, he only felt a slight tingling feeling, and didn’t seem to suffer any adverse effects.

As time went on, he began to explore his new found powers more and more, soon learning that not only was he immune to fire, he could also create, and manipulate, small flames. At first he could only make flames on the tips of his fingers, though as he learned the extent of his powers, they grew more powerful. He also took an interest in others who had powers like his, eventually he received a letter inviting to some kind of “Academy” for his freshman year of High School, while he had never been a very good student, doing just enough to get by without failing, he believed that the school might help him learn to better use and control his powers.


$500 USD that he had before coming to the island.

Currently lives in student dorms.
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