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Kada Jackal's Big Upgrade

Discussion in 'Completed Ability Upgrades' started by Romi, Jul 31, 2019.

  1. Romi

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    Jun 18, 2015
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    Good luck.

    Jackal's powers are changing... again.

    Sense Soul (Passive): Lost
    Soul Repair (Active): Lost
    Zoom Zoom (Active): Lost
    Karya's Spear (Active): Lost

    Adaptation is getting a downgrade, and now only effects non-combat situations.

    Adaptation: When confronted with a non-combat physical situation that he can't manage, his body will adapt over the course of a minute to be able to handle it. If the room he's in is on fire, he'll adapt to be fireproof. If he struggles to lift something, after a minute he'll be able to. Five minutes after it stops being relevant, the effect fades and he returns to normal.

    He's regaining most of his old power set, with some updated Wordings. Both Punish the Wicked and Punishment of the Innocent have been updated to be more clear that they're only talking about combat situations.


    Sense Murderer: Jackal has an extra sense which allows him to identity whether or not someone is a murderer. This is a primarily visual sense, displaying as a white or black tinted aura. For murderers, the aura's size changes based on the number of murders committed. In situations where Jackal can't see, he can still tell roughly where people are, and their innocent or guilt, but won't have any idea of the scale he's dealing with.

    Jackal's sense only counts true murders. Accidental murders do not count, nor do cases of true self defense (or defense of others) where there was no other option but killing the assailant. In the case of ordered murder, the guilt falls on both the killer and the person who ordered the killing. Murders committed outside of the killers control (possessed, berserk, etc) generally do not count, assuming that they could not have reasonably prevented it.

    In the event of reincarnation, memories are what counts. Someone who does not remember their past lives would not have the murders count against them, while someone with partial memories would.

    Jackal can only read the auras of sapient life, and only the murder of sapient life counts. Whether or not someone is alive or undead does not count, but when it comes to immortals, it's what happens after they die that counts. Killing someone who regenerates does not count as murder, while killing someone (like him) who respawns in the afterlife would count as murder.

    Punish the Wicked: Jackal is nearly omnipotent against murderers. His abilities adapt with the intention of overcoming the abilities of the guilty, allowing Jackal to more effectively torment them. Mental invasions, auras, and similar effects by the guilty do not work on Jackal, leaving him oblivious to any such attempts.

    Any point that Jackal is in combat with someone (whether an attack has started, he's been surprise attacked, or he's just about to attack someone), he will develop new abilities in order to defeat them. The scale of his abilities will change depending on how guilty they are. Against someone who has killed only a single person, Jackal will have to put effort into winning, and it will be a struggle, if a lopsided one. Against someone who has killed millions or even billions, Jackal will be an all-powerful god, capable of doing almost anything so long as it torments his target. While Jackal has no actual control over what abilities he develops, he does have a clear understanding of how they work. His abilities tend to develop in a way to humiliate his opponents. Against someone with fire powers, he wouldn't likely get water powers--instead he'd get even stronger fire powers, allowing him to beat them at their own game.

    Jackal loses all advantages he gains thirty seconds after he stops fighting his opponent, stopping any effects he might have put into place. When fighting multiple opponents, the powers only remain as long as he is focused on that single person.

    Jackal cannot harm the innocent. He will never gain an ability that would cause collateral damage. In the event his opponent takes an innocent hostage, Jackal's abilities would adjust to accommodate for that, allowing him to fight without harming them.


    Jackal is capable of absolving people of the sin of murder, with some restrictions. In order to be redeemed, the person must be repentant and have taken actions to absolve each sin they wish to clear. However, this redemption cannot be tricked. Even if Jackal believes they are being truthful, the redemption won't work if the one being redeemed is not truly repentant.


    Punishment of the Innocent:
    As strong as Jackal is against the guilty, against the innocent he's powerless. The punch from an innocent person will send him flying. Abilities used against him will hurt far more. The moment an innocent person chooses to fight Jackal, he's already lost.

    Intention matters, however. A playful smack on the back won't throw him around, but a sucker punch definitely will. Toddlers and babies tend to be extremely dangerous to Jackal, as they aren't trying to hold themselves back from hurting him.

    And an entirely new ability:

    New Active:

    A gold-and-silver sword with the motif of a falcon on the handle, attacks with Saqr are treated as if they are being inflicted by an enemies weakness. For demons, it might be a holy weapon. For werewolves, silver. When not being wielded, Saqr appears as a falcon tattoo on Jackal's forearm,allowing him to summon and desummon the sword at will.
  2. Polaris

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    May 30, 2014
    Lost Abilities: -20
    Adaptation downgrade: -5
    Murder Sense: +5
    Murder Murderers: +10
    Redemption: +5
    Child-safe Cap: -5
    Sord: +10

    Honestly? I had thought about just eyeballing it, but it maths out anyway. Go ahead and make it so.

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