Private Is It Okay To Meet A Person In The Woods?

Lich King

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Jul 24, 2016
"I feel that, if I did something illegal nowadays the monks would probably make a big deal of it and put my nose to the grindstone with training." He squirmed at the thought of them punishing him with training. It usually included things he hated doing. "I guess it's a good thing we both have caring parental figures. I know some kids here have it rough in that department and then get pushed into doing dumb stuff." He knew a few from personal experience.

Back when delinquency was his day to day agenda Vlad would usually find himself hanging in the wrong sorts of crowd and dancing with what could've been life-crippling events. The monks were the ones that kept him on the straight and narrow now. His face would somewhat drift into daydreaming wondering what might have been before blinking himself back to reality. "Though I do have to say I never would've expected the Yakuza to be a front for something more...considerate?"



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Apr 16, 2019
"Caring is an understatement. Mom is so over-protective she'd probably works a thousand ways to beat a demon physically or legally, and for a human of her caliber she's pretty damn skilled and strong.", and from how she sounded, Bastet experienced that first-hand, "But yes, we are lucky, basically goes to show how deeply they care for our well being."

As for the Yakuza... "I never heard the full story behind Oni Odori, but heard a few rumors behind our group, one of which being that they were originally from well before Tokugawa Shogunate, as a small group of roaming exorcists who voluntarily worked by keeping yokais away from villages, but because no one paid them they started to commit some crimes in the shadows to financially maintain themselves, using Oni masks to hide their faces."

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