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Apr 8, 2018
The Frozen Wastelands of the North
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Immortal Brews 'n Spirits is a new swanky brewery slash distillery situated near the wharf. Immortal is dedicated not only to brewing craft lagers, stouts, and ales but also to distilling specialty spirits such as whiskeys and gins from said brews.

The most popular brews are - Undying - an English Pale ale, Eternal - an American IPA, and Perpetual - an Irish stout. Their signature spirits are Sempiternal -a whiskey, and Omega, a gin, each has been distilled from one of the brews crafted especially for the purpose.

Immortal boasts a very modern, and industrial style with an area where patrons can sit down and enjoy one of the many selections of beers on tap. There is also a stop in-store where customers can purchase individual bottles or six-packs of Immortal Brews. Spirits can be purchased in 750 ml bottles.

Immortal is a front for the organization known as the Black Wings. The Black Wings deal in extortion and confidence tricks.
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