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Sep 18, 2016
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Name: Iesha Farhat
Age: 13
Birthday: September 29
Gender: Female
Species: Lamia
Class: Middle School
Grade: 8th Grade
College Major: N/A

Appearance Description:

Art by Pallas, myself
  • Eye Color: Lylic
  • Skin Color: Olive
  • Body Scale Color: Deep Purple, almost Black
  • Belly Scale Color: Greyish purple, much lighter than her body scales.
  • Hair Color: Raven Black
  • Hair Style: Hair generally straight and reaches to her chin level. Has several braids within her hair.
  • Height: Generally 4 feet 10 inches (148 centimeters)
  • Length: 21 feet (6.4 meters) from head to tail
  • Weight: 853 pounds (387 kilograms), most of her weight is in her tail
  • 4 faint scars on her back that look to be the work of flogging
  • Freckles on her face, especially her nose and cheeks
  • Has a thick fork tongue like a snake that is light purple in coloration.

Personality Description:

  • Cowardly: Is terrified of getting hurt and will attempt to slither away should conflict arises.
  • Shy: Iesha is notoriously shy around people but has been trying to overcome her crippling shyness since moving to Manta Carlos
  • Awkward: Struggles to hold conversations with others that don’t involve her interests and is easily embarrassed by any slip-up she makes.
  • Friendly: Many people find the snake girl to be quite nice once she opens up to them.
  • Curious: Has an inquisitive mind and is always likes learning new things
  • Contentious: Iesha always careful with what she says and do to avoid having others getting mad at her.
  • Chaste: Dislikes being touched by others even when its affectionate
  • Quite: Generally has little say unless people nudge her into a conversation. She herself prefers to listens rather to speak.
  • Lazy: Tends to put minimal effort into things as a way to conserve energy.
  • Deflective: When discussing subjects she finds uncomfortable she will attempt to change the subject without trying to draw too much attention to it.

Active Abilities:

  • Jaw-Dislocation: Can dislocate her jaw to fit larger pieces of food into her mouth. Or to really creep out her friends. Can relocate her jaw at will.

Passive Abilities:

  • Tail: Her long python-like tail can be used to rend steel and crush the bodies of normal humans should she constrict herself upon one.
  • Night Vison: Can see well in the dark, useful for late night reading!
  • Scales: Her scaly hide provides her modest protection should she be attacked.
  • Longevity: Compared to humans, Lamia’s have an extended lifespan and Iesha is expected to live for a long time should nothing happen to her.
  • Enhance Healing: Can recover from injury in half the time a normal human would.
  • Enhanced Swimming: Can use her powerful tail to swim underwater with ease.
  • Enhanced Hold Breath: Can hold her breath for 15 minutes.

  • Cold-Blooded:Being mostly reptilian, Iesha is unable to regulate her internal body temperature and requires external sources to regulate her temperature.
  • Sensitive Tail: Like many Lamias, the end of Iesha’s tail is considered a sensitive area that will cause the girl to squirm.
  • Shedding: Iesha is required to shed her snake skin occasionally, something which she prefers to be alone for as its generally considered embarrassing to have others watching you shed.

Common Magical Items:

Human Shape Charm


Iesha spent much of her life living within a dry rocky cave that she was born in. Iesha never knew who her father was but it was something that never cared about since her mother Mona and her older sister Nesreen where all of the company that she needed. For the first 8 years of life were largely uneventful as she would remain in the cave reading the same familiar stories from the books her mother would occasionally gift to her. All of this lack of activity never really bothered herself or her mother. Her older sister however constantly complained about how there was nothing to do. It was kind of peaceful really, even if her mom and sister argued over about how they were never allowed to leave the safety of their cave. But once the arguing stopped and Nesreen would go away from the cave for a while to vent, she would always come to apologize to Mona for being too demanding. Mona would then apologize for being overprotective and the two of them would hug it out. Then sometimes Iesha would join in the hugging too so that they both knew that she was still her. Then one day, they got into an another argument. When Nesreen left the cave, she didn’t come back.

The first couple of hours, neither Iesha nor Mona were alarmed as it wasn’t that unusual for Nesreen to disappear for long hours after an argument. But when night approached, Mona grew anxious and instructed Iesha to remain in the cave while she goes out to look for Nesreen. Iesha did just that, stayed in the cave reading her favorite stories from “One Thousand and One Nights” for the next two days. While she was concerned for her sister’s safety, Iesha assumed her mother would find Nesreen and bring her back home once they forgave each other. On the third day her both her mom and sister returned, Iesha being originally overjoyed until she saw the extent of her mother’s injury from gunfire. After apologizing non-stop to their mother, Nesreen later explained to Iesha that while she was out a group of humans had ambushed her, overpowered her, and forced her into a cage. Thankfully their mom found her in their campsite during the night and released Nesreen but was injured when they opened fire on her. Upon losing them, they made their way to back to the cave. While their mom was in dire condition, Iesha was hopeful that the worst had passed and that once their mom recovered things will go back to normal. Next morning their mother died.

Nesreen became hysterical, blaming herself for all that had happened while Iesha could only cry on her mother’s cold corpse when it finally sunk in that she was really dead. Fate was most unkind to them as they barely had time to grieve before the men who had captured Nesreen earlier had found their way to their home. Nesreen in her rage attacked the band of humans with a fury that Iesha never imagined from her sister. Nesreen had knocked several of the men and coiled herself around one of them, a distinct snapping of bones echoed from the cave as the man chocked. Yet for all of Nesreen’s strength, it only took one bullet to spatter Nesreen’s brain matter on the rocky walls of the cave. Iesha recalls slithering herself over to her sister’s corpse, crying out her name but was seized by several of the men before she could reach out to her. The smell of blood and dirt perfumed her home, the men celebrated their victory with laughter, a few of them posed for a picture with her dead sister while the rest tended to the wounded or forced Iesha into a cage.

The day after she was capture, the man that Nesreen crushed with her body died of his wounds so in retaliation they forced her to watched her mom and sister being skinned and butchered. They even had the fancy vacuum plastic baggies to pack their flesh in to be store neatly in into the coolers. For the remainder of the trip, she was treated little more than cargo that had to be occasionally fed, an arrangement that she was perfectly content with since that meant they rarely had to interact with her. Iesha recalled the journey taking two weeks until they arrived to the desolate warehouse. From there, she was confined to a cell with nothing but a heat lamp for company and newspaper (which she suspects was supposed to be her bedding) for entertainment. There were other mythological species like herself in the surrounding cells but they were either crying wrecks or as quite as she was.

16 months she spent living in those sup-par holding cells. In those 16 years she had learned English from her captors. Or rather learning commands and orders in English with lots of finger pointing and a cattle prod. With a simple foundation, she learned more of the elementary English basics from her one and only friend Armen who was moved to the cell next to her’s. Armen wasn’t like the other captives, not because he was the only cyclops but also because he was the most talkative. In exchange for some lessons in English (which was to mostly to better understand her captors and their motive), she would in turn read to the cyclops stories from the newspaper. Being quite passive, she was occasionally allowed out of her cell to preform menial tasks for her captors. While verbally abused and regularly threatened with physical punishment, such punishments were rarely realized since she was generally submissive and was considered valuable merchandise. Armen decided to use this apparent trust against their captures and convinced Iesha that they could both escape if she could somehow sneak off with a set of keys to their cells. It was to be grand escape, just like in all of the stories she grew up with! Shame such stories rarely pan out as they do in real life.

Iesha barely had the key in Armen’s lock before they were caught by one of the guards. Upon interrogation and several lashings Iesha revealed the entire plot to have been Armen’s idea. Afterwards she was returned to her cell while her only friend was taken away and to this day she never knew of what happened to him. Less than a week later, Iesha was hauled off to the back of cargo truck. According to what she overheard from her captors, she was being sold off to buyer who was paying a king’s ransom for a “submissive young virgin female lamia” and she happened to fit all of the criteria. For the next couple of days, Iesha contemplated her fate as she laid all coiled up in a cramped cage. On the third day she was trying to tell herself that life of slavery wouldn’t be so bad so long as she behaved when the truck was suddenly came to halt. It was followed by shouting, then gunfire, then silence… followed by talking… but with voices she was unaccustomed to.
(If your curious about what happened but don't want to know the details, just know that Iesha was captured and held captive for 16 months after losing her family)

When her rescuers discovered her in the back, Iesha was convinced that it was trick to test her resolve and refused to come out until the minotaur with them convinced her that she was now free. From what she gathered, they were ragtag group of individuals whose goal seemed to be the trafficking of supernatural creatures, components, and artifacts. They were kinda like all of the freedom-fighter eques heroes she would read about in her stories. Iesha told them all she knew about the humans who had held her captive and as many details as she could recall about the compound they had established themselves in. In return, Iesha was allowed to stay at one of their outpost points for a few months until they later had her transferred to Mantra Carlos with the promises that she can start a new life with other supernatural creatures like herself and a proper education.

After spending some time in dorm at Starlight Academy, Iesha was later adopted by Narraine Arore and is currently living with her. Iesha appears to setting in her new home of Mantra Carlos as she continues to get closer with her foster mother and is even making friends though her shy nature and tragic past continues to hold her back.


Currently lives with Roldan Drakenhart in fancy manor and is given a modest allowance for hanging out with friends or getting food.

Additional Information:

  • Loves stories and works of fiction.
  • Generally carnivorous, loves camel meat.
  • Dislikes talking about her past and pretends that nothing ever happened.
  • Understands Arabic, Tamasheq (Berber), and English.
  • Hails from the country of Lybia, particularly the southern areas that are sparsely populated.
  • Father is currently unknown.
  • Both her mom and her had reddish scales while Iesha has more dark purple/black scale color.
  • Is a nightowl, which mostly stems from the fact that she was prominently nocturnal before moving to Mantra Carlos.
  • Her nocturnal habits also makes her seem sleepy during daylight hours
  • As an orphan, Iesha is currently in need of foster family who can provide her with a loving home~
  • While she may have forked tongue, Iesha can't use it to smell with it as she lacks the critical Jacob's organ of snakes that would allow her pick up and decipher scents.
  • Iesha also likes to draw and doodle in her free time. Much of her art consist of pencil drawings of Islamic patterns and simple characters from stories she has read or made up in her head.
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Sep 18, 2016
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Name: Iesha Farhat
Apparent Age: 13
Gender: Female
Species: Lamia
Height: Generally sticks to 5 feet
Length: 17 feet

Art by Pallas, myself

Build: Human part appears skinny but her snake part thick, muscular and powerful.

Notable Features: Instead of legs a long snake like tail. Some scales on her cheeks and has long purple elf like ears. Lilac eyes have slits like snakes. Appears of middle-eastern decent.

Physical Quirks: Fidgets her body a lot. Tends to hide behind behind objects or people she knows for protection. Freaks out or becomes distressed when touched or grabbed. Speaks with stutter and draws out her 's's while speaking. Has a Libyan accent.

Power Summary: None, only her snake-like physiology.

Reputation: Known for her timidness and most people give her some space. Known to be part of the "Monster Squad" group of friends.

Misc Information: Refuses to talk about her past in great length. Most people figure she suffered from traumatic event before her arrival to the school.

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