Ichor Beverage Company

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Jul 24, 2016
Image Source: Made by me using Designevo.com with large edits done by @Mint and color choices by @Keen

  • Business Name: Ichor
  • Headquarters: Downtown
  • Asset Locations: Off-World, Manta Carlos Islets, Manta Carlos City
  • Operations: Vampiric Meal Replacement Drinks

: The head office is located in the downtown area of Manta Carlos where its large skyscraper projects a large blood drop into the sky. From here the officers of the company manage and control the flow of supply from the factories to the shelves and ensure their customers will never go hungry as long as they are around. A caveat of its location is that the company has been located there since it started decades ago.

Dealings and Goals: Ichor started from the simple need of the ever-rising Vampire population of Manta Carlos to feed. While donations and charity helped keep the vampires of the island alive the genius founder of Ichor sought to not only survive but thrive in this new land. Ichor seeks to, and adequately, provides a meal replacement option for life force drinking individuals with the added bonus of variety. Using a mixture of science and magic Ichor comes in numerous flavors and has a plethora of different ingredients to be as inclusive of everyone's taste as possible.

Example of Ichor Flavors
  • Ichor Sprite ( Fairy Blood)
  • Ichor Succ ( Succubus Blood) (Alcoholic)
  • Ichor [O, A, B,+,-, AB] (Human Blood )
  • Ichor Breath (Dragon Blood)
  • Ichor Rainbow (Unicorn Blood)
  • Ichor Luna (Werewolf Blood)
  • Ichor Green ( Lifeforce of a Nature Creature)
  • Ichor Fresh (Blood substitute derived from plants)
Sphere of influence: Ichor was started on Manta Carlos and is the place in which most of its presence can be felt as every vending machine or store will offer some form of Ichor product to keep the blood-hungry populace of the island sated with some extra flavor. Aside from that their products are also reaching other planes and planets ever so slowly as the new opportunities arise.

Amara Aralli (Volunteer)

OOC: I like the world of Manta Carlos to feel as alive as possible so here is another addition of a homegrown commercial item to fill the shelves. What this company is meant to do is open up a food option for people that need blood to live or just enjoy the taste. It also opens up opportunities for people who may want a blue-collar job or white-collar job.
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