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Mar 24, 2018
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From a dollmaker by GONGJA


Hwum Roch'Der


August 2nd


Earth dragon



-155cm; 5'1"
-Sturdy, curvaceous, has wide hips and shoulders. Surprisingly muscular, but not overly ripped. Has big feet and small hands.
-Round cheeks and strong jawline, small nose and narrow mouth with plump lips. Big, black hooded eyes and thick brows.
-Shoulder length, thick and curly dark brown hair, looks messy most of the time.
-Wears simple and practical clothes, can't see colours so they're usually random colours, like violet with green and blue with beige and so on. Likes flannel and ripped jeans, wears shoes with thin soles in order to "see" better, doesn't wear shoes whenever she can. Wears dark blue glasses.


Monster Hunter(Official Art)
-24ft high, 47ft long
-Has sturdy, turtle like body with small head and eyes, thick neck and short, stubby legs with huge claws that can crush rock. Has a wide, sharp chin that is used for digging and large tusks, that extend from her lower jaw. Has bone blades sticking from her back from her neck to almost the end of her tail.
-Grey, tough skin that resembles rock from its texture and hardness.
-Doesn't have wings.

Patient - You probably won't be able to make Hwum lose her patience. She has all the time in the world and high tolerance for bullshit. But when she does lose her patience it will be like an earthquake, starts gradually but is destructive and lasts long.

Stubborn - Hwum is, funnily enough, stubborn as a rock. She won't back down from something she has started, and once Hwum sets her mind to something she doesn't give up. But due to this Hwum is a bit opinionated, and tends to be too set in her views.

Positive - Hwum likes to say she is a positive realist, but she is completely an optimist. Everything has a bright side to her, and she is always trying to lift everyone else's spirits.

Easily Impressed - Everything new is amazing and wondrous for Hwum in this new world she has discovered. You don't need to do a lot to impress her, and she will stay impressed for a long time.

Naive - Hwum is too trusting and naive, and doesn't really understand that some people are just bad and cannot be changed that easily. Hwum cannot be easily talked into stuff she truly doesn't want to do or is bad, but she refuses to believe one person can be just evil and she believes lies too easily.

Klutz - Hwum is clumsy and she knows it. She's always slipping, bumping into things or accidentally dropping things, and she knows how to laugh about it.

Blabber - Hwum talks, a lot. She always has something to say and wants to get as much out as possible. This leads to Hwum occasionally blurting out something that should've stayed in her head.

Sunny - Despite only being able to see in the darkness Hwum is one of the sunniest people you'll meet. She's kind, bright, always complimenting others and always laughing or smiling.

Bad Joker - Hwum tries her best, but most of her jokes just don't land. She gets and laughs at most jokes, but when she tries to make them it always seems to fail, be cringy or just somehow funny. But Hwum knows this, and has learned to laugh at it.

Dense - Just as Hwum is stubborn as a rock she is also dense as a rock, when it comes to sarcasm, hidden meanings or just feelings. If you say something to her outright Hwum will understand and react accordingly, but it will take a while or forever if you leave it to her to pick up on subtle signals on her own.

Peacemaker - In arguments Hwum likes to act as the bridge between the two sides, and won't take sides. She's always working ahead so arguments won't come to be in the first place, and during an argument she will always remain calm and smile and try to steer out of the situation with a peaceful outcome.

Planner - Hwum doesn't like jumping into things willy nilly and always tries to think things through as thoroughly as possible before making a decision. Hwum thinks about a lot of things to an excessive extent, and when in the middle of a complicated thought process Hwum becomes unable to function.

Loyal - If you earn Hwum's respect and trust she will always have your back, and Hwum will never betray her loved ones and friends.

Lonesome - Hwum is definitely a people person, and prefers to be in company rather than alone. This also leads to her getting lonely quite easily, although Hwum usually toughs it out.

Independent - Hwum needs other people's help to live, but she wants to live as independently as possible. Hwum doesn't like making other people go out of their way just for her, so she always tries to come up with compromises, and tries to act as normally as possible even when inconvenienced. Hwum has been coddled all her life, and now she wants to prove she can make it on her own.

Touchy Feely - Hwum likes skinship, stuff like holding hands and hugging. And she needs to do a lot of that, since Hwum is blind most of the time and requires assistance once in a while.

Honest - Hwum doesn't like lying and doesn't let herself do it even accidentally. She does sugarcoat things, but everything that comes out of her mouth is the truth and only the truth. In the same vein Hwum doesn't like hiding her feelings, and she shows them and expresses them openly. Unless they are feelings she is ashamed of, those she strictly hides.

Shifting: Hwum has a dragon form and she is able to shift between her human and dragon form at will.

Terrakinesis: Hwum has the ability to manipulate and control earth, minerals and their capabilities, such as density, hardness etc. Hwum can turn granite into sand if she wills it. All earth within 10 meters of Hwum is within her control, she doesn't need to see it to control it. When Hwum feels the tremors that travel within the earth she can control it even if she can't see it. The maximum amount of earth Hwum can control at once can only weigh around 500kg.

Tremor Lord: Hwum can amplify the tremors she herself creates by growling from deep within her chest and channeling those sound waves to the ground. This won't work if Hwum herself isn't connected to the ground. Using this ability temporarily raises Hwum's tremor sense's range to 15 metres in human form and 30 in dragon form, and it allows her to "see" any objects with mass in the air around her, 3 meters in human form and 6 in dragon.
With this ability, by roaring as loud as she can, Hwum can create small earthquakes in her surrounding area in dragon form. 5 meters around her the ground will crack and shake violently, even affecting herself, and the next 5 meters from there will rumble and shake bit more weakly. The earthquake will continue as long as Hwum continues roaring, and thus far she's been able to keep a small earthquake going on for about 4 consecutive minutes before her air runs out and throat gives in.
Practical Immortality: Hwum is incapable of dying from aging and she will stop aging when her body hits its physical peak.

-Strength: Hwum is extremely strong and she can lift 750kg in human form and three tons in dragon form. Her top speed in human form is 30mph and in dragon form 45mph.
-Heightened Senses: Hwum's senses are on par with nature's greatest predators.
-Thick Skin: Hwum has an abnormally resilient and resistant skin and it's enough to block a slice from a knife and lessen the impact of a bullet by 60%.
-Tremor Sense: Hwum can sense the vibrations emanating from other people and objects around her and that way see their shape and size. Hwum can't see details, such as facial features or clothing, and lighter the person or object worse she can "see" them. The range of this sense is about 10 meters in human form, 20 in dragon, and it works the best if Hwum is in direct skin contact with the ground. The thicker the sole in her shoe, or any material that is keeping her apart from the ground, worse Hwum can sense vibrations.
This sense is sensitive enough, that if Hwum is within two meters of a person and she and they are both in direct skin contact with the ground Hwum can sense their muscle contractions and even heartbeat. But Hwum is also sensitive to strong vibrations and being in a large crowd or near a busy road is very disorienting for her.
-Low Fertility: Hwum can only ever have one offspring during her life, and she herself can choose when she has it. Hwum cannot get pregnant unless she herself chooses it and after being impregnated once she cannot become pregnant ever again.
Day Blindness: Hwum is day blind and in broad daylight she cannot see anything but white. The less light is within her field of vision better she can see, so if Hwum stands in a shadow during the day she can more or less see the things inside the shadow but just white outside it. Whenever Hwum's eyes are exposed to direct light of any kind her vision gets worse. This process is slow, but if Hwum's eyes were continuously exposed to direct light for 3-4 months she would become completely blind.

Air Element: Hwum is weak against air based attacks and magic.

Pain Sensitive: Hwum has sensitive pain reseptors and she feels pain twice as easily compared to a human.

Colour Blind: Hwum cannot see colours and she sees everything in shades of black and white.

Hwum was born to a small clan of earth dragons, that live in an Alpine dragon community of Akt'Anir. She was the first female born into her community in a long time and also the youngest. The only other female in her clan was the leader, who was ancient.
Hwum's mother was an ice dragon, and the other clan members also had wives outside their own clan. But it was very rare for a child to inherit earth dragon abilities and appearance, since they were recessive. And you couldn't be part of the Roch'Den clan if you weren't an earth dragon.
Hwum was born day blind and any source of light worsened her sight. But her tremor sense, which many members of the clan shared, was strong and since her clan lived underground Hwum could function normally. The few times Hwum went to the surface to tend to the crops she could survive with her other senses.

Hwum was very liked among the members of her clan, and she was deemed a very strong candidate to take over the leader's position since matriarchy was a tradition within the clan. Hwum was aware and accepted this, as she was close to the leader of the clan and wanted to do her part. This lead to her developing the idea of leaving the community and trying out her (metaphorical) wings in the outside world. Hwum's clan was against it, since they had been against opening up the community in the first place, but Hwum was firm in her decision and half fought her way out of the community and onto Manta Carlos at the beginning of the year 2019.

Lives in the Rukt'In mansion and gets supported by them for now
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Mar 24, 2018
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Name: Hwum Roch'Der
Apparent Age: 18
Gender: Female
Species: Earth dragon
Height: 155cm; 5'1"
Build: Sturdy, curvy, fairly muscular

Notable Features:
-Wavy dark hair
-Dark skin
-Black eyes
-Always wears blue eyeglasses
-Sometimes wears pretty crazy colour combinations

Physical Quirks:
-Can't see in the light, so won't probably look straight at you
-Won't recognize colours
-Doesn't wear shoes inside

Abilities Summary:
-Can turn into a dragon
-Can control earth
-Can create vibrations and small earthquakes
-Practical immortality
-Very strong and decently fast, thick skin and high senses
-Can sense vibrations, that travel along the ground

Reputation: Absolutely none. Those close with the Rukt'Ins may know her as the newest resident of their manor

Misc Information: Lives nocturnally
ICC pic from a dollmaker by GONGJA
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