Human/Animal Hybrid Lab Experiments Wanted


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Jul 3, 2016
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Heyo SA.

So my spider character Ragno was created in an experiment that was creating human/animal hybrids to use as weapons. While they were going to be mainly assassins there are numerous other functions they could fill as long as they had abilities that can somewhat work as weapons.

So I'm looking to see if anyone is interested in making fellow lab experiments. The large laboratory that made then had different branches, with each branch focusing on a different kind of animal. Obviously Ragno was created in the arachnid branch, generally predatory animals were used but if you can make an argument for a non predator being used I'm up for it. The lab definitely had wings dedicated to bat, shark and snake hybrids if any of those interest you.

Age wise they'd either be around the same age as Ragno or younger, as it was around the time Ragno wss created when the creation of hybrids started working. The lab was shut down a while back via a scout raid, with the experiments either dying, escaping into the wild or being taken to the island.

So if interested please post below, PM me or hit me up on discord.
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